DOE awards $25M to improve natural gas operations

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The automobile industry deploys low-cost MPE sensors today to measure tailpipe emissions. This project will develop low-cost, widely deployable methane detection sensors that will allow industry to reduce costs associated with natural gas pipeline monitoring. Methane Mitigator: Development of a Scalable Vent Mitigation Strategy to Simultaneously Reduce Methane Emissions and Fuel Consumption from the Compression Industry. Gas to Carbon Fiber Crystals (G2-CFX).

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Acura provides more technical detail on NSX sports hybrid AWD powertrain, body

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The front floor panels are constructed of carbon fiber core. Instead, engineers have applied an innovative new technology called “ablation” casting, an all-new material application and a world-first in the automobile industry. During the bending process the part is cooled and tempered (quenched) using water jets. Carbon Fiber Core Floor.

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