Santa Monica AltFuel Expo Sets up

Plugs and Cars

Spent the day at the press event and setup for the Santa Monica AltFuel Expo, being held in conjunction with the LA Auto Show. The production of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles and electric bicycles is picking up. ZENNs and Miles Motors and scaled down pickups and jeeps from companies I'd never heard of. One can be quite encouraged by the 30 odd alternative fuel cars of all shapes and sizes.

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Bright’s Plug-In Car: Aerodynamics Are Key

Revenge of the Electric Car

To date, the relatively high cost of batteries has kept electric and plug-in vehicles at the fringes of the auto industry. Many of the other executives have years of experience in the auto business. million gallons of gas consumed by those white little trucks trolling your neighborhood. Some manufacturers such as Zenn Motor broke into electric cars with limited speed vehicles that top out at 25 or 35 miles per hour.)

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