Karma presents its electric-car vision to China and vies for partners

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Karma Automotive doesn't have just one vision for its future. The Southern California automaker unveiled a trio of new vehicles at the Shanghai auto show this week, ranging from a near-production look of the next version of the Karma Revero to a fanciful concept called the SC1. Shanghai Auto Show plug-in cars Karma Revero Karma AutomotiveIt has three.

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Karma gets farther from FIsker with 2020 Revero GT, electric car concept

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Chinese-owned, California-based Karma Automotive made clear several years ago that its aspirations go well beyond merely resurrecting production of the car originally known as the Fisker Karma. That car, now called the Karma Revero, is produced in very low volumes in Moreno Valley, California, is the automaker’s only product at present. China Plug-In Hybrids Shanghai Auto Show Karma Revero Karma Automotive

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New Karma in Detroit!

Electric Cars are for Girls

Fisker's Karma is a production-ready plug-in hybrid, - meaning TODAY, not 2010 - and it's coming to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on January 15th

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Pininfarina-kissed Karma GT plug-in hybrid heading to Monterey Car Week

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The new Karma GT by Pininfarina will show off its much sleeker facelift at Monterey Car Week next weekend in California. The GT by Pininfarina, which made its first appearance at the Shanghai auto show in April, is a two-door coupe version of the Karma Revero sedan.

Karma plans to relaunch with three new models at Shanghai auto show

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Karma, the company that started as the new maker of the Fisker plug-in hybrid (and once Tesla-fighter) of the same name—now called Revero—plans a new birth, four years after buying the company out of bankruptcy. At next month's Shanghai auto show, the company plans a product revival led by three cars: an updated Revero, a new model. plug-in cars Karma Revero

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Karma rebirth takes shape with coupe teaser, new design center

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Karma Automotive promised big things with a new model lineup, including a revamped Revero, a new SUV, and a new electric sports coupe. On Wednesday, the company gave a glimpse of its new electric Vision coupe concept that will be unveiled at the 2019 Shanghai auto show next week and announced that it opened a new production facility in California. Shanghai Auto Show Karma Revero

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Aston Martin Rapide E, Karma Revero GT, Tesla battery recycling: Today's Car News

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Aston Martin revealed the production version of its first electric car, the Rapide E, while California startup electric-carmaker Karma rolled out its updated Revero GT and a new Pininfarina GT Coupe in Shanghai. New York Auto Show Shanghai Auto Show Today in Car News Karma Automotive

Karma Automotive’s flagship store now accepts Bitcoin as form of payment

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Karma Automotive, the Southern California-based creator of luxury electric vehicles and high-tech incubator, is using its flagship company-owned store in Newport Beach, Calif., Karma Newport Beach now accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment for new vehicle sales and service performed at the facility. Karma’s flagship store will support our efforts to prove emerging technology and provide the latest VVIP customer treatment offerings by accepting Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

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Karma Revero vs VLF Destino: same shape, different powertrains, radically different missions

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In the beginning was the Fisker Karma. Then came battery cell failures, bankruptcy, a Chinese company, a departing designer, a swaggering auto exec, a big honkin' V-8 engine, and two new companies. plug-in cars VLF Destino Karma ReveroThe result: a pair of cars that look close to identical, but have radically different powertrains—one somewhat green, the other unabashedly based.

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Fisker Karma to be Karma Revero, orders to open later this year

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After it bought the remains of bankrupt carmaker Fisker Automotive, Chinese auto-parts Wanxiang laid out plans to relaunch Fisker's Karma luxury plug-in hybrid. With namesake Henrik Fisker long gone, those plans included a name change to Karma Automotive. DON'T MISS: Fisker Becomes Karma Automotive, To Relaunch In.

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Karma Revero GTS punches up Revero GT performance and price

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Not to be left out of the tempest of EV news surrounding the Los Angeles Auto Show, reincarnated EV hopeful Karma showed off its new high-performance, longer-range Revero GTS last week, with a sticker price of $149,950—less than $15,000 more than the GT.

Destino--The Corvette-Powered Fisker Karma: Detroit Auto Show

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If you've always felt the 20 mpg Fisker Karma is a little bit too green, a new sport sedan based on the Fisker Karma might be just the car you're looking for. The VL Automotive Destino is essentially Henrik Fisker's range-extended electric car, with all the expensive drivetrain components removed and replaced with Chevrolet's LS9 V-8 engine

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Fisker Karma-Based Destino: 2013 Detroit Auto Show Live Photos

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One of the late surprises announced before the Detroit Auto Show was from VL Automotive, and its Fisker Karma-based Destino V-8 sedan. Stripping the 2.0-liter GM engine and electric drivetrain from the Karma might remove its unique selling point, but with the help of Bob Lutz the Karma's appeal has now been extended further for a select few

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Fisker Karma With V-8 Emerges As VLF Destino, Including Henrik Himself

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But now he's once again involved with the Karma luxury sedan. He's joining VL Automotive, which still plans to sell Karmas with V-8 engines in place of their original extended-range electric powertrains. Detroit Auto Show Bob Lutz plug-in cars Henrik Fisker VL Automotive Destino VL AutomotiveHenrik Fisker left his namesake car company in March 2013, shortly before Fisker Automotive itself went bankrupt.

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Which EVs were you most interested in seeing at last week's auto shows? Twitter poll results

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Last week at the Shanghai auto show, Infiniti rolled out its new Qs Inspiration electric sports sedan. Karma launched two new models, including a plug-in hybrid SUV and an electric sports car. New York Auto Show Shanghai Auto Show PollsChinese startup EV-maker Nio, so far known for its SUVs, its supercar, and a race car, followed a similar path with a new fastback sedan. Kia put a plug on.

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Karma using independent dealers and company centers for launch or Revero plug-in hybrid

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Karma Automotive’s planned distribution strategy will use both independent dealers and also company owned brand-experience centers to sell and service the new high-end Revero plug-in hybrid. In addition, Karma is working on the development of its first Orange County Brand Experience Center that will be announced separately. Karma Atlanta. Karma Burr Ridge (greater Chicago). Karma Ft. Karma Miami. Karma Palm Beach. Rusnak Auto Group.

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Electric-car sales slump, Karma's future, Geely Geometry: Today's Car News

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Geely launches a new electric-vehicle brand, and Karma teases more about its future product plans. As we ramp up for auto shows in Shanghai and New York, it's the start of what's bound to be a busy week here at Green Car Reports. And Tesla wasn't the only one with a plug-in vehicle sales slump in the first quarter. Tesla sales dropped in the first. Today in Car News

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Tesla Cybertruck, E-tron safety, Karma’s coupe, greener tires: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

We wrap up coverage from the LA auto show. Bridgestone turns to black to make its tires greener. The E-tron earns another great safety rating. And the Cybertruck has landed. This and more, today at Green Car Reports. The Tesla Cybertruck has been revealed.

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New Owner Wants To Restart Fisker Karma Production, ASAP

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Bankruptcy Court Kevin Gross will rule today on whether the assets from bankrupt Fisker Automotive will be sold to Wanxiang, China''s largest auto-parts maker. If all goes according to schedule, U.S.

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Fisker Karma Finnish Production To Resume Following Fixes, New Model Later

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The new owners of the Fisker luxury car brand will resume production of the Karma range-extended electric sedan initially at a contractor''s factory in Finland--but not until the company has fixed "about 250 bugs" in the vehicle. The news came as executives of Wanxiang, China''s largest auto parts maker and now the owner of both Fisker and its

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Fisker Karma News, 2014 Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid Driven, VW Beetle Hybrid: Today's Car News

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Today, the remains of Fisker Automotive show a hint of life, we drive the 2014 Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid plug-in car, and a Volkswagen Beetle Hybrid prototype appears outside the 2015 New York Auto Show. A recently-released teaser indicates details on the revived Fisker Karma could arrive before the end of.

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Fisker’s first factory-built Karma makes US debut

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Another exciting debut set for Los Angeles next week is the first-factory built Fisker Karma, which makes its very first public appearance in the US. Designed and engineered by Southern California automaker Fisker Automotive, the four-door Karma is claimed to be the ‘first electric vehicle with extended range’. Electric cars California electric Fisker Karma Los Angeles Auto Show range-extended U.S

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New Fisker Karma Based Plug-In Hybrid Set For 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show?

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The last we heard of the Fisker Karma was that the plug-in hybrid luxury sedan was still on track for delivery, either this month or in April, but with an increased starting price of $95,900, up from the original price of $80,000 announced back in 2008.

2011 54

Fisker Karma Assembly Stalled Til Bankrupt Battery Maker A123 Is Sold

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Prodution lines at Fisker Automotive have lain silent for a month, the company revealed yesterday at the LA Auto Show. A123 exclusively provides the battery packs for Fisker's Karma range-extended electric Fisker CEO Tony Pasowatz said that the hold-up is due to bankrupt battery maker A123 Systems, which is currently in the process of being sold.

2012 72

Fisker To Launch Two New Models At Los Angeles Auto Show

Green Car Reports

While new owner Wanxiang looks to restart production of the Fisker Karma extended-range electric sedan, the man who gave his name to the car--Henrik Fisker--seems to have plans of his own. The man after whom the now-defunct Fisker Automotive was named will appear at back-to-back press conferences at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show next week

Fisker Karma: No. 2 Best Selling 4-Door Luxury Car In Netherlands, But.

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After a week involving fires, financial woes and recalls, it looks like things may be looking up for Fisker Automotive: its 2012 Karma plug-in hybrid is the second best-selling 4-door luxury car in the Netherlands. auto companies have been successful As PlugInCars reports, Fisker’s founder Henrik Fisker is ecstatic. “How many U.S.

Fisker Lands Additional $85M for Karma Plug-in

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has entered into definitive agreements to receive an additional $85 million in venture capital funding for the development and manufacturing of its Karma plug-in hybrid automobiles. Early production vehicles of the 2010 Fisker Karma are slated to come off the assembly line late this year. Fisker Automotive, founded in August 2007 by auto design house Fisker Coachbuild, LLC, and clean-powertrain developer Quantum Technologies, is privately owned. Fisker Automotive, Inc.

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2010 Fisker Karma: 67 MPG AND 0-to-62-mph In Under 6 Seconds

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The 2010 Fisker Karma will be the world's first production series hybrid , or extended-range electric vehicle, when it comes off the line late this year. Just prior to the Karma's German debut at next week's Frankfurt Auto Show , the company released emissions figures for the car. Customer deliveries will start next May. It will get

2009 46

Fisker Karma Customer Deliveries: Maybe October, Or November?

Green Car Reports

Startup carmaker Fisker Automotive has probably learned a lot of lessons about the timing of auto launches. Although the car went into production in March, it still hasn't been approved for sale by various U.S. regulatory bodies--including the Environmental Protection Agency--as of this month. Yesterday, Fisker unveiled its Surf five-door

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2011 Frankfurt Auto Show: 2013 Fisker Surf Official Unveiling

Green Car Reports

The 2012 Fisker Karma extended range electric car (plug-in hybrid) may have been sold on its sexy good looks, and sporty performance -- but now the luxury sedan has a more practical sibling -- the Fisker Surf. Unveiled today at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show, the 2013 Fisker Surf is a crossover wagon variant of the luxury sports sedan.

2011 54

Fisker releases Nina sketch tease

Green Cars News

Fisker, the maker of the luxury, range-extended Karma, is expected to reveal its long-awaited second model at the New York Auto Show next month. Fisker Fisker Karma New York International Auto Show range-extendedRevealing a near-useless sketch of what could be the Nina, the car maker is expected to make its second model a more affordable and practical family sedan. The US car maker [.].

Fisker on track to meet production target

Green Cars News

However, if you were expecting the Fisker Karma to be another example of a green car that got away, then it seems you got one wrong. Some 18 months after unveiling the Karma concept at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show, Fisker remains on track to build the first vehicles by the end of the year and deliver to customers starting in May or June next year. The 2010 Fisker Karma will offer 400 horsepower of peak power and has a 0-60mph time of less than six seconds.

2010 Detroit Auto Show: Full Details on the 2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid

Green Car Reports

Sure, there's the Fisker Karma, but that's a limited-production hybrid special. And now it's here, the eagerly awaited 2011 Honda CR-Z hybrid sports coupe. With just two seats and a sporty look, the CR-Z is after new territory for the hybrid realm: excitement. Honda's 2011 CR-Z promises to deliver the goods, and soon--it will be on sale by summer

2010 41

Quantum to provide plug-in hybrid control software to relaunching Fisker

Green Car Congress

has entered into an agreement with Fisker Automotive and Technologies Group LLC pursuant to which Quantum will license its plug-in hybrid control software to Fisker Auto Group and, in return, will receive an initial payment of $2.0 Quantum had been the supplier of key components and control systems for the Q-Drive powertrain system that was being incorporated in the original Fisker Karma. Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc.

2014 71

DoE Hires Restructuring Advisor To Monitor Fisker Funding: Report

Green Car Reports

The main task for Fisker Automotive right now is to sell enough 2012 Fisker Karmas to keep the company solvent. It must take in enough cash to market the car, expand into new markets, and simultaneously develop its next vehicle, the Fisker Atlantic unveiled at the New York Auto Show. Now we learn, courtesy of Bloomberg, that the U.S. Department of

Karma 64

Bob Lutz's VL Automotive Bidding For Ailing Fisker: Report

Green Car Reports

Previously unknown brand VL Automotive surprised Detroit Auto Show goers earlier this year by unveiling the Destino--a V-8-powered luxury sedan based heavily on the Fisker Karma. Now, with Fisker Automotive circling the abyss, Bob Lutz-backed VL is reported to have bid for the ailing luxury automaker. According to Reuters, VL Automotive has made a

Karma 50

Fisker Planning Midsize Plug-In Crossover: Report

Green Car Reports

Now that deliveries of the stylish 2012 Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid have begun, the question most often asked of the automaker is “what comes next?" A shooting brake (or station wagon, for us Americans) dubbed the Fisker Surf was shown at the Frankfurt Auto Show and will be the next Fisker model to hit dealer showrooms.

Karma 60

Mercedes plans electric super sports car

Green Cars News

If anyone maintained that perception after the introduction of the Honda CR-Z Hybrid, the Tesla Roadster and the Fisker Karma, Mercedes-AMG is determined to quash the myth once and for all. Announced at the company’s Press conference at the North American International Auto Show, Mercedes-AMG will begin [.]. Still think electric cars are slow and clunky?

Karma 42

First Look: Havel E Hybrid SUV

Hybrid SUV Blog

Auto manufacturers are all eyeing the rapidly expanding Chinese market to sell their cars in the years to come. The concept version of the Havel-e shown at a recent auto show seems to confirm that. AutoNews (images from 2012 Beijing Auto Show).

2012 79

2013 Fisker Surf Station Wagon: Teaser Video Copies Tesla

Green Car Reports

So when the Fisker Automotive, the electric automaker known for using a model in swim-suit and high-heels to sell is 2012 Karma Sedan, announced its 2013 Fisker Surf Extended-range Station Wagon at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show In the automotive world nothing puts a new car in the spotlight faster than a well-edited, cleverly produced commercial.

Karma 48

Lotus Reportedly Planning Electric Car

Revenge of the Electric Car

Kimberley told the FT that the Lotus effort will differ from the Telsa and ENVI in that it will utilize a gasoline engine hooked to a generator as a range extender — much like GM’s coming Chevrolet Volt and the Fisker Karma. The Karma is making its production debut at the rapidly-approaching 2009 Detroit auto show. turbocharged Ecotec four as the Karma’s range-extending engine. Lotus Evora 2+2. Well, it had to happen. Lotus is making an EV.

2009 122

Nissan Leaf – Taking Reservations

Revenge of the Electric Car

Funny that this article cites “a shortage of public charging stations&# as the sole reason for auto makers scrapping electric vehicles in the 1990s. Others include the Fisker Karma, the Aptera 2e, the Coda sedan, Chevy’s Volt and Tesla’s Model S. Others include the Fisker Karma, the Aptera 2e, the Coda sedan, Chevy’s Volt and Tesla’s Model S. Nissan's new electronic vehicle, the Leaf. (AP AP Photo/Itsuo Inouye, File).

2010 140

First Look: Havel E Hybrid SUV

Hybrid SUV Blog

Auto manufacturers are all eyeing the rapidly expanding Chinese market to sell their cars in the years to come. The concept version of the Havel-e shown at a recent auto show seems to confirm that. AutoNews (images from 2012 Beijing Auto Show).

2012 63