Toyota to introduce cheap electric car

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Electric car fans who currently feel priced out of the market should keep their eyes on events in Japan – with Toyota revealing plans to introduce an ultra-cheap electric car. Toyota Auto Body Corporation, which is a unit of Toyota Motor Corporation, is expected to introduce the two-seat COMS EV – which is based on [.]. Electric cars Green cars Latest news Toyota cheap electric cars electric cars green cars Toyota COMS EV

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Very cheap, low-range electric cars key for China, India: Nissan CEO Ghosn

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Carlos Ghosn, who runs automakers Nissan and Renault, is one of the few auto executives who'll regularly take questions from a roomful of more than 100 journalists. At last week's New York Auto Show, many of the questions concerned plans by the Renault Nissan Alliance for more and higher-volume electric cars. Discussing plans for India and China. China India Carlos Ghosn plug-in cars Renault-Nissan

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People Will Buy Electric Cars If They're Cheap, Privileged, And Convenient

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auto market. Electric cars may be growing in popularity, but they still make up just a tiny percentage of the U.S. When will things take off? If sales in Norway are any indication, that will happen when electric vehicles become inexpensive, easy to own, and confer certain privileges. According to Treehugger, Norwegians are crazy about electric

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2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid $249 lease tops June plug-in, hybrid, electric car deals

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Although the cheap low-interest or no-interest financing deals for new vehicles have mostly gone away, as the auto industry recalibrates supply to a new coronavirus-recovery norm for demand, many of them are still good through June in the green-car sector—leading to some standout deals for electric cars, plug-in hybrids, and hybrid vehicles.

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2018 Lexus RX 450hL hybrid three-row SUV priced from $51,600

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Cheap gasoline, better fuel efficiency from all types of vehicles due to rising CAFE rules, and a lack of interest in hybrids have all hurt the latest version of the RX Hybrid. Chicago Auto Show Third-Row Seats Seven-seater SUVLexus invented the idea of a luxury hybrid utility vehicle in a version of its RX crossover well over a decade ago, but sales haven't been strong of late.

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AlixPartners study finds post-crisis auto industry facing new set of challenges; sales projected below historical levels for foreseeable future

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In sync with its past annual auto studies, AlixPartners continues to predict that US auto sales will climb more slowly, and to a lower peak, than many others are predicting. Specifically, the firm estimates US auto sales will reach just 12.7 AlixPartners also estimates that on-going unemployment and underemployment could cost the auto industry up to 1.5

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Green Autos in the Times: Hybrid Hype, Hydrogen Hooey and Electric Dreams

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The reader is just meant to be left with the impression that Big Auto is still trying but the dang technology just isn't good enough or safe enough or cheap enough to market. A number of articles about "green cars" worth perusing in Saturday's New York Times Automotive section. Usually devoted to crass boosterism of America's largest manufacturing industry, these articles still contain a lot of that. Especially as displayed in Adam B.

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CRU: Lithium prices plunging as hype meets reality; impact of new supply, disappointing BEV sales

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Weaker-than-expected demand in China is partly responsible, but the main driver has been the ongoing avalanche of new supply into the market, as plentiful cheap spodumene meets ample conversional capacity in China, the CRU analysts said. There are two main reasons for this, the analysts suggested: Shrinking automotive sales: the accumulated auto sales in China have dropped by 11.5%

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Report: Honda resuming production of minicars

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But demand for cheap, fuel-efficient minivehicles has remained strong; they now account for around 30% of all car sales in Japan by volume. Immediately after taking the wheel at Honda in 2009, President Takanobu Ito decided to get back into the minicar game, predicting the segment will account for half the domestic auto market in the future.

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Don't Have A Spare $109K? Now You Can Lease a Tesla Roadster

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When the auto market fell apart last year, the era of cheap car leases came to an abrupt end. And only recently have manufacturers tiptoed cautiously back into offering lease payments for some models, rather than selling them outright. The latest maker to join the lease parade is Tesla Motors, which is now offering leases starting at $1,658 a

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How E-Rickshaws Are Bringing The Electric Revolution To India

Get Electric Vehicle

Auto rickshaws have been the face of Indian urban mobility for decades and still, they are the most preferred mobility solution in many of the Indian cities.

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CalSEED awards $4.2M to early-stage clean energy innovations

Green Car Congress

Their goal is to test an innovative electrolyzer concept for the cheap production of green (CO 2 -free) hydrogen for a decarbonized future. The platform will have algorithms that analyze applicants’ creditworthiness and their eligibility for EV incentives in order to offer them the most affordable EV auto loan on the market.

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Tesla’s market valuation hit today $225 Billion, more than the valuation of any other auto manufacturer, highlighting the importance of the lithium-ion battery to our economies. It is no surprise that auto OEMs now rank battery intelligence software as critical to their systems.

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Volvo XC40 Recharge and Polestar 2: EV cousins offer different takes on “premium”


It’s called the XC40 Recharge, and the earliest versions aren’t cheap, priced from about $55,000 including delivery. Best of all, Volvo has handed over its dashboard and infotainment software to Android Auto.

VW Coming Up PHEV? Why Not UP EV?

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Autoblog and Left Lane News are reporting VW will be showing a PHEV UP at the LA Auto Show. Easy parking and super cheap to refill. VW's announced "Up Concept" city cars could have a Plug-in Hybrid version. Small enough to be labeled "tiny" in 's headline. Only 18 inches longer and one inch wider than my beloved 53 mile range Th!nk nk City that Ford confiscated in 2004. Sure would make a sweet all-electric city car!

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Road Test: 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 Duramax 4WD Crew Cab AT4 CarbonPro

Clean Fleet Report

The dash has controls for 2WD, 4WD and Auto 4WD. The screen also is home for navigation and the seven-speaker Bose Premium Sound System with FM/HD AM radio, wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and SiriusXM. Smooth, Powerful Diesel Performance.

Report finds US automakers remain profitable under future CAFE standards even with fuel price fluctuation

Green Car Congress

In all of our fuel price scenarios (from Very Low to High), the auto industry would be profitable if current standards stay in place. When gas is very cheap, people tend to buy bigger, more profitable trucks. —co-author and independent auto industry analyst Dan Luria.

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Will green cars put industry on road to profit?

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It could be argued then that America is still drunk on cheap gasoline. Tags: Green cars Latest news auto industry profits gas prices petrol prices US auto industry Here in the UK we’re so downtrodden by extortionate petrol prices that the prospect of driving fuel efficient green cars carries obvious appeal.

Battery price fall ‘to make EVs cost-effective’

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The price of batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles will ‘tumble’ over the next decade to the point where alternative powertrains will be as cheap as internal combustion engines, a leading battery maker said at the Reuters Auto Summit this week.

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Analysis: What’s the Best Way to Market EVs?

Clean Fleet Report

A new model provides a fresh start but as an unknown quantity needs heavy promotion to get traction in the crowded auto market. Not easy or cheap, but it has worked so far. Harley-Davidson Launches Stand-Alone Electric Bike Brand.

Wildcat ramps up its focus on EV Supercell breakthroughs


While nickel isn’t [as expensive as] cobalt, nickel isn’t as cheap as some others. That cathode material would be in significant demand across not just the auto industry, but several other industries, and it could be used with today’s battery architecture and today’s battery materials.

Governor George Pataki Calls for 40% Penetration of Electric Drive Vehicles in US by End of Decade

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Pataki suggested some approaches: Autos. Incentivize auto manufacturers, for example, by exempting the profits resulting from the sale of the first 10 million vehicles that deliver more than 75 mpg from any corporate taxes. Gasoline is too cheap.

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Ghosn: Renault-Nissan needs both high- and low-spec EVs to be player in China market; ongoing importance of gov’t support

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At a press roundtable held at the Auto China 2016, Renault-Nissan Alliance CEO Carlos Ghosn observed that both Nissan and Renault had what he called “high-spec” electric vehicle offers in China: the Venucia for Nissan, and the coming Freelance Electric by Renault. But at the same time what is really evolving are the cheap electric cars.

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Ninth annual Green Innovation Index finds California light-duty vehicle emissions spike; major challenge to 2030 climate goals

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Cheap gas prices and a strong economy are creating increased goods movement and prompting Californians to drive more. In the first quarter of 2017, ZEVs accounted for nearly 5% of the state’s auto sales.

2017 150

Arnold Flexing for Flex-Fuels; Fouls Air & Guzzles More Gasoline

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Because environmental organizations have dropped the ball for so long on the actual costs and benefits of the various "green" transportation alternatives, policy makers and the public at large are at the whim of the advertising power of big auto and big oil. It's cheap to make a car flex-fuel. So as long as it seems a green option, it's a win-win for the little green giant of the Republican party and the sclerotic giant of the auto industry.

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Cash for Volts?

Revenge of the Electric Car

“A coalition of auto makers, battery manufacturers, utility operators and shipping companies wants the U.S. A coalition of auto makers, battery manufacturers, utility operators and shipping companies wants the U.S. Despite a high upfront cost, operating an electric vehicle is cheap, costing 2.5 A coalition of car makers, battery suppliers and electricity providers has come together to ask for federal help for EVs.

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Battery Boxes Have Shipped!

Porsche 914 EV Conversion

Electro Auto e-mailed me again today to say that the battery racks and boxes have shipped and should arrive on Tuesday! If Electro Auto ships the battery cable along with the boxes then I can return the pre-built cables. FreeGeek sells those supplies for about $20 ($10 if you volunteer more than four hours there - cheap!). I'm curious what else is in this shipment.

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Perspective: Drive Star Conversion Program Could Cut US Oil Use in Half by 2020

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And oil only seems cheap. Well, America’s auto industry delivered over 100,000. It helps that the auto industry will be building more efficient new vehicles. But let’s realize: defending our nation is never cheap. In communities everywhere, tens of thousands of Americans will have important, well-paid jobs fixing vehicles in commercial garages—and in boarded-up auto plants. Perspective by Felix Kramer, Founder, CalCars.

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The Business of Plugging In: Building the Full Ecosystem for a Successful Plug-in Vehicle Industry in the US

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Therefore it is important that auto manufacturers, policy makers and electric utilities work together very closely. Electricity is a cheap entity—not a commodity, but is its fundamentally very cheap. maintain a system as well as maintain and recover and investment on it that is fundamentally very cheap.

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BMW, Daimler and VW Propose Global e-mobility Standardization on Vehicle2Grid Communication, Harmonization of Chargers

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Separate implementations of different solutions, requiring action by both the auto OEMs and the utility companies, “ will be a nightmare ”, Preuschoff said. If I want to have cheap charging spots, I want to have one single implementation. BMW, Daimler and VW are proposing a global OSI-Layer based standardization of smart charge communication. This diagram shows requirements and technologies mapped against the OSI 7-layer reference model for interoperability.

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Wall Street Report

Plug In Partners

Auto makers have tinkered with them since the early 1900s, but the cars didn't gain much attention in the U.S. But Detroit auto makers ignored him. coalition led by electric utilities , sensing a way to gain market share through vehicles that derive 90% of their power from electricity and can recharge at night when power is plentiful and cheap, kicked off a national campaign in Washington yesterday to push auto makers to make plug-in hybrids.

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Global Gas Prices | Hybrid Sales

Hybrid SUV Blog

In a 2009 interview, AutoNation CEO, Mike Jackson voiced his opinion that gasoline is too cheap and that the United States government should consider a gas tax to make sure the price does not fall below roughly $3.50 While many others agreed (including executives at several auto makers) it is unlikely that higher taxes would be a popular approach to reducing our dependence on oil.

2010 78

Zero-Carbon Drive to Sacto Anti-Carbon Rally and Back

Plugs and Cars

Dan Kalb of the Union of Concerned Scientists and Bonnie Holms-Gen of the Lung Association were there to lend their voices of protest against the auto industry's continuing legal assault on California. What's most interesting, however, is how easy (and cheap) it is to do a carbon emission-free 200 mile day in a 100 mile range electric vehicle, my 5 year old Toyota RAV4 EV. The auto manufacturers have sued to stop progress before.

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PHEV Day 168. Sunday, 29 March 2009. Run to Knoxville, Tennessee

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

He’s proved it’s Cheap to Plug-in Around America! The Spirit of DC" tour has included 47 state capitals and 55 Electric Auto Association (EAA) sister chapters -- All this attained in a vehicle propelled by electricity: the Toyota Prius conversion. You, too can be plug-in anywhere around America on the cheap! Cheers PHEV3A'rs, EVADC'rs, and EVnthusiasts, One & All, Quick fill-in to cover Knoxville on Monday. while awaiting others' input. See email below.:

2009 36

Opinion: The Tesla Cybertruck accelerated the Ford F-150 Lightning’s release, like it or not


Inasmuch as Rivian captured the attention of EV enthusiasts, legacy auto, at least from the perspective of a layman, seemed to be quite uninterested in the battery-electric truck market.

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Mini One Clubman road test

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The Mini One Clubman’s 1.4-litre engine means that it’s relatively cheap to run. The One Clubman comes fitted with al kinds of fuel- and emissions-saving technology, collectively called Minimalism, which includes auto stop/start that cuts the engine when idling in heavy traffic or at the lights. Mini has chosen a good time to launch the latest member of its model range, the One Clubman.

2009 34

2020 Top 10 Countries in the Global EV Revolution

EV Sales

Since the general auto market remained slumped, global EV market share increased nicely from 2.8% France’s auto industry is probably the largest Western auto industry that goes completely under the radar in the US.

2020 52

Electric Car Makers: Oregon Wants You - Green Inc. Blog -

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Region Business Technology Science Health Sports Opinion Arts Style Travel Jobs Real Estate Autos Search Business Financial Tools Select a Financial Tool Analysis Tools Stock and Fund Screener Portfolio Alerts More in Business » Global Business Markets Economy DealBook Media & Advertising Small Business Your Money Energy & Environment April 10, 2009, 8:16 am Electric Car Makers: Oregon Wants You By Nick Chambers Nick Chambers Oregon Gov.

Main Page - EAA-PHEV

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They use cheap, clean, and domestic electricity for short trips and daily commutes, displacing or eliminating oil consumption and CO2 pollution. edit ] EAA The Electric Auto Association ( EAA ) was formed in 1967 in San Jose, California. Its a coalition between the Tree-Huggers, Do-Gooders, Sod-Busters, Cheap Hawks, and the Evangelicals".

2009 42

Dodge Circuit EV First Drive: electric car makes grand promises on Earth Day

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Skip to Content Listen to the Joystiq Podcast (because your ears cant read) Autoblog AOL Autos Green Daily Gadling Engadget AutoblogGreen Autoblog Green Web Images Video News Local More → x Jobs Mapquest Movies Music Personals Shopping Travel Yellow Pages Send us a tip Contact us Advertise Corrections/Problems? For now, the Circuit has all sorts of EV appeal, but itll be up to groups that Chrysler cant control - the Presidential auto task force, the higher-end customer market, etc. -

Why Warren Buffett is investing in electric car company BYD - Apr. 13, 2009

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The car came straight to Omaha from the Detroit auto show. BYDs breakthrough all-electric E6, photographed at this years Detroit auto show. One told me he was appalled when he learned that Ford, which lost billions last year, had staged a gala at the Hotel George V during the Paris auto show. By contrast, the last time BYD executives traveled to the Detroit auto show they rented a suburban house to save the cost of hotel rooms.

2009 51

Buffett's Chinese electric car company

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

The Shenzhen manufacturing region, where the company is headquartered, is known for cheap unskilled labor, but BYD’s competitive advantage derives from its cheap skilled labor. Sign Up Login All Posts | About & Contact Us | Get a TEC Badge | Getting Started with The Energy Collective Cutting-edge insight on energy and climate that you wont find anywhere but here.

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Smart Grids, Electric Vehicles: A Financial Win-Win for All -- Seeking Alpha

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Millions will plug-in their electric vehicles [EV], plug-in hybrids [PHEV] and fuel cell vehicles [FCV] at night when electricity is cheap, then plug-in during the day when energy is expensive and sell those extra electrons at a profit. Recent announcements demonstrate that electric utilities and some auto makers want to make V2G a reality.

2009 28