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Upstream Security: cyber hacks could cost auto industry $24 billion within 5 years

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Cyber hacks might cost the auto industry roughly $24 billion within five years, according to a new study by Upstream Security , which specializes in cloud-based security protection. The Upstream Security Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report 2019 outlines how hackers attacked—from physical to long-range to wireless and more—and whom they targeted in the Smart Mobility space.

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Honda secures auto industry’s largest renewable energy purchase; 60% reduction in CO2 from N.A. manufacturing operations

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As a result of the deal, Honda is one of the top automakers globally in the adoption of renewable energy to power its operations. Seeking to slash CO 2 emissions from its North American manufacturing operations, Honda has entered into long-term virtual power purchase agreements (VPPAs) for renewable wind and solar power that will cover more than 60% of the electricity that Honda uses in North America.

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EC rolls out CARS 2020 action plan for European auto industry

Green Car Congress

Antonio Tajani, Vice President of the European Commission in charge of Industry and Entrepreneurship, introduced the EC’s CARS 2020 Action Plan aimed at reinforcing the European automotive industry’s competitiveness and sustainability heading towards 2020. The anticipated action plan comes at a time when the automotive industry is facing particular pressure due to a strong decline of the EU market and structural overcapacities.

Study looks at challenges facing auto industry

Green Cars News

If anyone in the auto industry thought that the coast was clear after the recent economic troubles, a new industry review by AlixPartners, the global business advisory firm, suggests something different. Green cars Latest news AlixPartners auto industry challenges automotive industry study

Thomson Reuters report finds established auto industry companies, not Silicon Valley, leading development of autonomous driving tech

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Established automotive industry companies—not Silicon Valley—are leading the development of autonomous driving technology, according to a new report from the Intellectual Property and Science business of Thomson Reuters. The report, which analyzes global patent activity in the field of self-driving automobiles over the last five years, identifies the global leaders in the development of the technologies and also makes predictions about the future of driverless cars.

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China publishes plan to boost fuel-efficient and new energy vehicles and domestic auto industry; targeting 500K PHEVs and EVs in 2015, rising to 2M by 2020

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China’s State Council has published a plan to develop the domestic energy-saving and new energy vehicle industry, which includes battery-electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles. Natural gas and other alternative fuel vehicle technology is basically mature, the government said, and is headed toward initial industrialization. 2012 Chinese Auto Industry Development Report. Developing the industrial system.

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European auto industry proposes further 20% cut in passenger car CO2 by 2030 from 2021; conditional on EV uptake and infrastructure; no ZEV mandate

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At the Frankfurt Motor Show, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) outlined the industry’s proposal for a pathway to future CO 2 reductions: a 20% CO 2 reduction for passenger cars by 2030, compared to 2021. It’s also in line with what is expected of other industry sectors, as well as the EU Climate and Energy Framework and the global Paris agreement.

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Auto industry survey finds need for materials innovation to meet 2025 CAFE; greatest change seen in powertrain systems

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The auto industry’s current materials portfolio will need to be augmented to meet new 2025 fuel economy standards, according to a WardsAuto and DuPont Automotive survey conducted in late July. Clearly CAFE regulations have confronted the industry, but they’ve also driven focus around technology needs, material demands and cost issues. This is a defining moment—not just for materials, but for the industry.

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Ipsos Auto Global Study: interest in battery electric vehicles growing in the US

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Ipsos’ new 2020 Global Mobility Navigator Study, focusing on Electrification, found global interest remained on par with the numbers from 2019. However, the study reveals there has been an increase in interest in the US and Chinese markets. Source: Ipsos.

2020 265

AlixPartners study finds post-crisis auto industry facing new set of challenges; sales projected below historical levels for foreseeable future

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In sync with its past annual auto studies, AlixPartners continues to predict that US auto sales will climb more slowly, and to a lower peak, than many others are predicting. Specifically, the firm estimates US auto sales will reach just 12.7 AlixPartners also estimates that on-going unemployment and underemployment could cost the auto industry up to 1.5 —Mark Wakefield, a director in AlixPartners’ Global Automotive Practice.

2011 183

Tech: Autonomous Vehicles Are Going to Require a New Brain

Clean Fleet Report

While there is no question that recent moves in the automotive industry, especially by new start-ups and tier 1 firms that are bringing significant innovation to the market, will put pressure on well-established manufacturers to upgrade their consumer experience.

Center for Automotive Research calls long-run economic risk to auto industry of mandating permanent fuel economy standards very serious; recommends periodic reviews

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The Center for Automotive Research (CAR) has released a new study estimating the parameters of the US motor vehicle market and industry in 2025, given the “ most likely dramatic changes ” likely to be soon mandated by the federal government for the purpose of improving the fuel economy performance of vehicles not determined by market forces, as well as additional safety and environmental mandates and regulations. Industry in 2025” Recommendations. Industry in 2025.

2011 183

Global auto industry receives $44 billion for greener cars

Green Cars News

The global automotive industry is receiving close to US$44 billion from governments around the world to develop alternative fuel technologies, analysts at Deloitte reveal. Tags: Electric cars alternative fuel automotive Deloitte global market The market for alternative fuel vehicles is being strongly supported economic stimulus packages and other government programs in at least 13 markets. Consumer demand for greener vehicles as well as new regulations [.].

European Parliament Adopts Resolution Calling for Measures to Support Job Creation in the Auto Industry and Green Technologies

Green Car Congress

A cross-party resolution adopted by the European Parliament (EP) calls for measures to support job creation in the European automotive industry, and to encourage the development of “ green technologies ”, with which there is “ significant potential for job The European automotive industry is key to the EU economy, employing 12 million workers directly and indirectly—6% of the employed population in the European Union.

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Waxman/Markey Bill Accelerates Infrastructure and Build-out for Plug-Ins, Calls for Harmonization of Motor Vehicle GHG Standards; 3% of Emissions Allowances for Cap-and-Trade Go to Auto Industry

Green Car Congress

The major climate and energy bill introduced last week by House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming Chairman Henry Waxman and Subcommittee Chairman Edward Markey— H.R. The bill is structured into four primary titles: Title I: Clean Energy; Title II: Energy Efficiency; Title III: Reducing Global Warming Pollution (the cap-and-trade bill); and Title IV: Transitioning to a Clean Energy Economy (which also includes a section on adapting to climate change).

2009 150

GlobalData: Coronavirus leads to nosedive in global vehicle sales with lowest January registrations since 2012

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While the drop in January vehicle sales on a global scale is alarming, sinking 13.9% The auto industry is poorly prepared for such supply chain shocks because many operations run on a ‘just-in-time’ basis, with very limited numbers of stockpiled parts. Only 6.2

2020 256

Global auto production may hit 80+ million units this year; hybrids below 2% of total output

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Global sales of passenger vehicles increased from 75.4 The auto industry’s production capacities are far from fully used; PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) estimates current global vehicle assembly capacity at almost 95 million, the report notes. Auto manufacturing capacity continues to grow, and annual output could reach the 100 million mark by 2016. Rising sales translate into an ever-expanding global vehicle parc. Worldwide light-duty vehicle production.

2012 232

ArcelorMittal adds Fortiform 980 Extragal steel grade for further auto weight savings

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ArcelorMittal is adding to its family of advanced high strength steels (AHSS) for the auto industry with the development of Fortiform 980 Extragal (-GI) in North America. —Hassan Ghassemi-Armaki, lead research engineer, Global Research and Development, East Chicago. —Qaiser Khan, senior engineer, Global Research and Development, East Chicago. Fortiform 980 Extragal is compatible with the current welding systems used in the industry.

2019 174

Novelis introducing high-strength 7000-series aluminum alloys for automotive industry

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Very high strength 7000-series aluminum alloys have been in development for and in use in aerospace applications for decades, said Duane Bendzinski, Novelis Global Director of Technology, Automotive. That’s what we’re doing—taking the basic chemistry in metallurgy, and adapting it for the needs of the auto industry. The most commonly known alloys are 7050 and 7075, which are widely used in the aircraft industry.

2015 207

KPMG survey finds global auto execs ranking fuel efficiency the top consumer priority

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Fuel efficiency, safety innovation, and vehicle styling will be the three most important product issues influencing automotive consumer purchase decisions over the next five years, indicating a perceived shift in buying priorities, according to the 12 th annual global automotive survey conducted by KPMG LLP. The 2011 KPMG survey also finds the auto industry heavily investing in future technology, new products and safety improvements.

2011 195

CAR report quantifies automotive’s position as a leading high-tech industry

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Percentage of Global R&D Spending by Industry, 2013. Source: Booz & Company “Global Innovation”; Battelle R&D Magazine; Center for Automotive Research 2012. A newly-released report by the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) concludes that the automotive industry is not only “high-tech,” it is frequently a leader in technological developments and applications. Additionally, the auto industry provides 16% of total worldwide R&D funding for all industries.

2014 214

Ford hires investment banker Casesa to run global strategy

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Ford Motor Company hired long-time auto analyst and investment banker John Casesa as group vice president, Global Strategy. Reporting to Ford President and CEO Mark Fields, Casesa will be the most senior leader and corporate officer overseeing global strategy and business development. Casesa will lead the company’s strategic planning globally. In this role since 2010, he advised many of the auto industry’s leading companies and investors on strategic transactions.

2015 183

KPMG survey: global auto execs expect slow growth in electrified vehicle sales; intensified investment coming in the face of current modest demand

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Despite continued heavy investment by automakers in electric propulsion technologies, 65% of global automotive executives don’t expect sales of electrified vehicles (from full-hybrids to fuel cell electric vehicles) to exceed 15% of annual global auto sales before 2025, according to the 13 th annual global automotive survey conducted by KPMG LLP, the US audit, tax, and advisory firm. —Gary Silberg, National Automotive Industry leader for KPMG LLP.

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BMW i4 EV’s debut at the Geneva Auto Show gets cancelled by COVID-19!

Current EV

March 3 rd , 2020: with the Geneva Auto Show cancelled due to the coronavirus, automakers have been forced to present their new cars via digital debuts online. Both won prestigious awards and added impetus to the public’s perception that e-mobility is where the auto industry is headed.

2020 52

Geely officially discloses new global B-segment automobile modular architecture: BMA; new BMA-based SUV to launch this year

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Automobile modular architectures—for example, TNGA of Toyota, and MQB, MLB and MEB of the Volkswagen Group—hav become a major trend in the auto industry. Modular technology has become an important criterion for evaluating whether an automobile company is combining global R&D technology and market layout with a cost-effective manufacturing approach.

2018 163

Movimento and HCL Partner to deliver global car-to-cloud systems integration and managed services

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Over-the-Air automotive software and data management leader Movimento and HCL Technologies Ltd, a leading global engineering, IT, systems integration and infrastructure management services company, are partnering to deliver a comprehensive managed services offering for automotive software lifecycle management, operation and updates, along with support for on-and off-board software in one place. By combining forces with HCL, a global $6.2

2016 150

Global Automakers urges NHTSA to set a safe, but not too loud minimum sound requirement for hybrid and electric vehicles

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In its comments to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) proposed rule to add sound to hybrid and electric vehicles, the Association of Global Automakers is asking the agency to find a noise level that effectively alerts pedestrians without being excessively loud. —Michael Cammisa, director of safety for Global Automakers.

2013 200

Limits On Rare-Earth Metals To End After China Loses Global Trade Case

Green Car Reports

They''ve also become important to the auto industry for use in the batteries, motors, and other components of the growing number of electrified cars on the road. With smartphones now an inescapable part of modern life, rare-earth metals have become a vital commodity. DON''T MISS: China Extends Electric-Car Incentives As Shenzhen Caps Registrations

2015 109

GM and Honda to establish industry-first $85M joint fuel cell system manufacturing operation in Michigan

Green Car Congress

General Motors and Honda are establishing the auto industry’s first manufacturing joint venture—Fuel Cell System Manufacturing, LLC, FCSM)—to mass-produce an advanced hydrogen fuel cell system that will be used in future products from each company. —Mark Reuss, GM executive vice president, Global Product Development, Purchasing and Supply Chain“. —Charlie Freese, GM executive director of Global Fuel Cell Business.

2017 163

Alternative fuels to ‘power car industry growth’

Green Cars News

While the global economic climate may still be fairly dire, a new report suggests that for the UK auto industry growth will be driven by new technology and investment into alternative fuel powertrains over the coming few years. While rising oil prices might seem to pose a threat to auto makers, according to the latest [.]. Green credentials car industry electric hybrid KPMG power report study UK

IHS Automotive forecasts 88.6M unit global light vehicle market in 2015; 2.4% growth

Green Car Congress

IHS Automotive forecasts global automotive sales for 2015 to reach 88.6 in 2014 as a result of industrial overcapacity and weakness in the real estate sector. million units, aided with increased auto finance penetration, fast dealership expansion and government vehicle scrappage programs. North America continues to be an impetus to global light vehicle demand levels. Global. million, an increase of 2.4%

2015 203

GM leading current industry evaluation of BioRID rear impact crash dummies

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General Motors, which has a long history of crash test dummy design, is leading current research on the potential for global auto industry use of a test dummy that would help automakers and safety experts better understand how crash victims are hurt in rear impacts. The BioRID ATD. Click to enlarge.

2012 207

80 Million Vehicles Built Globally Last Year--A New Record

Green Car Reports

Despite the lingering effects of economic recession, the world's auto industry built more vehicles in 2011 than ever in history: 80 million, in fact. Well, the numbers are in. That's a new record, and the number is 3 percent higher than the 2010 total. The data comes from the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, or OICA

2012 101

Toyota cumulative global hybrid sales pass 5M, nearly 2M in US

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Cumulative global sales of TMC hybrid models as of 31 March 2013. Cumulative global sales of Toyota Motor Corporation’s (TMC’s) hybrid vehicles—including plug-in hybrids— topped the 5 million unit mark as of 31 March 2013, reaching 5.125 million units. Of the global total, sales in the US have accounted for nearly 2 million units (1,951,243). Last year, hybrid vehicles accounted for 14% of TMC’s global vehicle sales and 40% of its vehicle sales in Japan.

2013 212

Auto Alliance urges EPA to withdraw premature Final Determination on light-duty GHG regulations, resume Midterm Evaluation process with NHTSA

Green Car Congress

The Auto Alliance has sent a letter to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt requesting that the US Environmental Protection Agency withdraw the Final Determination on the Appropriateness of the Model Year 2022-2025 Light-Duty Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards under the Midterm Evaluation which EPA announced on 13 January 2017. The industry also had an unacceptably short period to try to ascertain why EPA rejected so many of its objections.

2017 174

Protean Electric forms partnerships for global production of in-wheel drive motors

Green Car Congress

In-wheel electric drive startup Protean Electric ( earlier post ) has formed relationships with several leading companies in the global auto industry to accelerate its in-wheel electric drive systems to market in high-volume production. AB Mikroelektronik GmbH (TT Electronics Group), which focuses on developing and manufacturing top-quality customer-specific electronic modules for high temperature and power in automotive, medical and industrial applications.

2012 204

Automakers in Brazil Hit 10M Flex-Fuel Vehicle Mark; Brazilian Sugarcane Association Urges Global Dissemination

Green Car Congress

The Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA) commented that this milestone should encourage automakers to invest more in the global dissemination of what has been accomplished in Brazil, as well as in their countries of origin. We congratulate the auto industry in Brazil for its vision and the boldness shown when it chose to invest heavily in Flex technology, to the point that many of these industries do not even produce vehicles powered exclusively by gasoline any more.

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PwC’s Autofacts forecasts global light vehicle assembly to hit 81M units in 2013, 101M by 2017

Green Car Congress

Global light vehicle assembly is expected to reach 81 million units in 2013, an increase of 2.3 While the global market is expected to see positive growth overall, there are a number of mixed signals at the regional level. Strong growth in Developing Asia-Pacific, improving stability in the EU and investment in new technologies will drive the industry forward. Autofacts forecasts annual global light vehicle assembly to reach 101 million by 2017. to global growth.

2013 163

Hyundai Motor Group bolsters partnership with Rimac on high-performance EVs and fuel cell prototypes across brands

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Group joined its partner Rimac Automobili in an event hosted by Rimac CEO Mate Rimac and attended by Croatian Prime Minister, ministers, and senior government officials to discuss the potential of the new auto industry in Croatia. Global automotive producers have shifted production towards CEE countries from Western Europe. We want Rimac to be a successful story, but moreover, we want to share our experience to help attract the auto industry to Croatia.

2019 188

Kentucky-Argonne Partnership to Help Build US Advanced Battery Industry

Green Car Congress

The Center’s major goals would be to support the development of a viable US battery manufacturing industry; make it easier for federal labs, universities, manufacturers, suppliers, and end-users to collaborate; develop advanced manufacturing technology to reduce advanced battery production costs; and accelerate the commercialization of technologies developed at national laboratories and universities.

European Makers: Many Diesel Cars Will Phase Out Earlier Than Planned

Green Car Reports

The Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal is due to have some lasting consequences, not just for the German automaker itself but for the entire global auto industry. It may lead to a serious contraction of the diesel market worldwide—including in the very near future, the phase-out of a number of current European-market diesel models. Volkswagen diesel scandal

2015 116

Chevy Bolt EV electric car shows GM can do Silicon Valley, exec says

Green Car Reports

Could these two massively successful Silicon Valley startups overturn the established order in the global auto industry? Over the last five years, much has been written about autonomous-car efforts from Apple and Google. The answer remains to be seen, but this month brought news that both companies are restructuring their efforts. DON'T MISS: 2017. General Motors GM Future Cars Apple Google plug-in cars Silicon Valley

2016 129

IHS Markit: US gasoline demand could be cut almost in half due to COVID-19

Green Car Congress

Further, according to the latest IHS Markit forecasts, the global auto industry will exerience an unprecedented and almost instant stalling of demand in 2020, with global auto sales forecast to plummet more than 12% from 2019 to 78.8

2020 244