Visiting Ford EV Center, Biden says, “The future of the auto industry is electric”

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The future of the auto industry is electric,” said President Biden. Between the launch of these new EV models and the strong EV policy coming from the Biden administration , things are looking up for the electrification of our transportation and creating cleaner air for all to breathe.

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European Investment Bank Approves €3B in Loans for European Auto Industry

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billion) worth of EIB loans to the automotive industry are planned for submission to the Board in April and May. This would bring the EIB’s total approved lending to the auto sector to €6.3 This facility, part of the EIB’s wider response under the European Economic Recovery Package, targets cuts in vehicles’ CO 2 emissions through research, development and innovation, as well as the production of cleaner and more fuel-efficient cars, trucks and other transport vehicles.

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EPA: GHG emissions standards for cars and light trucks should be revised; joint process with NHTSA (updated with more reactions)

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Negative reaction to the widely expected announcement was voluminous and vociferous: Ceres: “Rolling back the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) and emissions standards will undermine the global competitiveness of the US auto industry. E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs): “Cleaner and more efficient vehicles means more jobs in innovative technologies and more dollars back in the pockets of small businesses and consumers.

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How Self-Driving Cars Will Accelerate Electric Vehicle Adoption

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Another hot topic in the auto world is autonomous rides. In the future, autonomous vehicles and battery-powered technology could work together to create cleaner, more efficient roads. A marriage of these two powerhouse technologies would completely change the auto industry, the environment and our lives. Policymakers need to establish regulation and demand cleaner vehicles. By Haden Kirkpatrick.

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Can Electric Vehicles Speed Up As The Economy Slows Down?


In order to envision what may lie ahead, it’s key to understand how the EV industry was evolving up until the novel Coronavirus outbreak. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down the world as we know it and the automotive industry is no exception.

Berkeley study finds clean vehicle rebates have predominantly benefited wealthy, white Californians

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We can surmise that this is partially attributed to the auto industry targeting wealthier areas with marketing campaigns, and also because information and guidance about electric vehicles and subsidy programs is not distributed evenly across all populations. In the long term, it will be important to reassess the trade-off of clean-vehicles—and by default, vehicle ownership—over other cleaner forms of transportation (e.g.,

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How to Electrify Your EV Fleet the Smart Way

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From the internet to industry insiders, huge corporations like FedEx and Amazon have already electrified their vehicles while government partners like the USPS build buzz around their innovative electric vehicle solutions. Nothing makes a bigger splash than a brand-new electric fleet.

BNEF forecasts EVs to hit 54% of new car sales by 2040; decreasing importance of PHEVs

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We see a momentous inflection point for the global auto industry in the second half of the 2020s. Jon Moore, chief executive of BNEF, said that that growth in EV market share will proceed in tandem with the shift of the power system towards cleaner, more distributed generation. BNEF analyzed the auto market not just by country but also by segment, encompassing everything from small run-arounds to SUVs and large family cars.

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Global auto production may hit 80+ million units this year; hybrids below 2% of total output

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The auto industry’s production capacities are far from fully used; PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) estimates current global vehicle assembly capacity at almost 95 million, the report notes. Auto manufacturing capacity continues to grow, and annual output could reach the 100 million mark by 2016. Worldwide light-duty vehicle production. Source: Worldwatch. Click to enlarge. Production of light-duty passenger vehicles (cars and light trucks) rose from 74.4 million in 2010 to 76.8

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This Volvo and Harris Poll Study investigates the state of EVs in America

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Volvo Cars is taking a bold lead with electrification in the auto industry. This ambitious announcement highlights Volvo’s commitment to take the industry lead and embrace a cleaner mobility.

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For Greener Manufacturing, Think IAQ

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The next generation of cars will be cleaner and greener than ever—but a lot of the manufacturing processes that go into them are still pretty dirty. Controlling toxic particulates from manufacturing processes is one of the most important things auto manufacturers can do to improve their sustainability and protect their workers. Effective air quality control is an essential component of green manufacturing for the automotive industry. by Craig Widtfeldt, RoboVent.

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Perspective: Drive Star Conversion Program Could Cut US Oil Use in Half by 2020

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When he proposes steps to improve oil industry safety, we hope he won’t say, “Let’s make sure this never happens again.” Well, America’s auto industry delivered over 100,000. That helped us become the world’s greatest industrial power. It helps that the auto industry will be building more efficient new vehicles. And magically, as more electricity comes from lower-carbon fuel sources, our cars will get cleaner as they get older!

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Zero-Carbon Drive to Sacto Anti-Carbon Rally and Back

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Dan Kalb of the Union of Concerned Scientists and Bonnie Holms-Gen of the Lung Association were there to lend their voices of protest against the auto industry's continuing legal assault on California. My comments at the rally: We’re all here to demand that the auto makers stop suing California as we attempt to lower, and eventually eliminate, greenhouse gas emissions from tailpipes. The auto manufacturers have sued to stop progress before.

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Mazda unveiling KAI Concept with SKYACTIV-X SPCCI engine; more details on the technology

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The SKYACTIV-X combines the benefits of a spark-ignition gasoline engine—expansiveness at high rpms and cleaner exhaust emissions— with those of a compression-ignition diesel engine—superior initial response and fuel economy. This condition has hampered the commercialization of HCCI, despite years of work by the auto industry.

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GM: Putting 1M Plug-ins on the Road Will Require a Plug-In Ecosystem

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At the Washington Auto Show in February, for example, GM suggested a partial draft checklist of stakeholders and enablers to help guide cities in making their regions plug-in friendly. In addition, he said, the marginal sources that would handle the upswing from vehicle charging are “ significantly cleaner ” than the national average. In messaging, the’re aligned in communicating electricity’s benefits, compared to gasoline, as cleaner, cheaper and domestically sourced.

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The Future @ Smart Garage

Revenge of the Electric Car

The list of invitees was pretty impressive with representation from, “auto manufacturers like Nissan and GM, utilities such as PG&E and Duke Energy, IBM, P&G, Wal-Mart and Google, among many others&#. RMI’s Mobility and Vehicle Efficiency Team (MOVE) is working to bring together electrified vehicles, energy-positive buildings, and a smarter, cleaner electricity grid.

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Electric Cars and The Volt by Seth Leitman

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Electric Cars and The Volt Can Transform America and the Auto Industry TODAY!!! Also, power plants will reduce emissions overtime making electric cars cleaner per vehicle once the stationary source that powers the vehicle gets cleaner. This could only help our discussion for automotive jobs, green jobs and the entire car industry. EvolveElectric cars, plug-in hybrids and hybrids are the solutions for revolutionizing the auto industry.

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Using the PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle) to Transition Society Seamlessly and Profitably From Fossil Fuel to 100% Renewable Energy

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Andrew Frank is a significant industry dignitary credited as being the “Inventor” (or “Father”) of the modern day Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle. This is especially true in air, sea, and some ground transportation as well as in industrial processes. It can do this with little disruption to the way homes and industry purchase and use energy today. This industry can be greatly expanded and improved to absorb all fossil material. by Professor Andrew Alfonso Frank.

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Will CARB’s New Rules Damage EV Startups?

Revenge of the Electric Car

But a powerful state agency is poised to put 3Prong Power out of business and deal a severe blow to a promising new industry. The new regulations will drive up the price of such conversions, putting them out of reach for most Prius owners, and ensuring that the only way to purchase a next generation eco-friendly car will be from one of the world’s two largest auto companies. But the auto companies hated the CARB rules and never really wanted to sell the cars.

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Expert panel report finds achieving 1M plug-in vehicles in US by 2015 would require concentrated action to overcome barriers

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A new study sponsored by Indiana University concludes that President Obama’s vision of one million plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) on US roads by 2015 will require concentrated efforts action from all stakeholders— the auto industry, federal government, the scientific community, and consumers—to be realized. The findings include: The US PEV Industry in the Global Market.

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Electric Car Manufacturers Inspire New Paradigms -- Seeking Alpha

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Home » Transport Stocks » Alternative Energy , Autos Electric Car Manufacturers Inspire New Paradigms 16 comments by: James Rickman April 24, 2009 | about stocks: ENON.OB / F / GE / GM / MMTOF.PK / NSANY / POR James Rickman 17 Followers 1 Following You are currently following James Rickman Stop Following You are no longer following James Rickman About this author: James Rickmans articles on Seeking Alpha Visit: Sustainable Virtual BiZ, Inc.

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Cleantech Blog: Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles

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V2G helps solve the major problem that demand for electricity is high during the day when everything from industrial plants to air conditioning is running full blast and then excess electricity is wasted at night. Recent announcements demonstrate that electric utilities and some auto makers want to make V2G a reality.

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