THINK City EVs with EnerDel Li-ion Packs Enter Production

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THINK, the Scandinavian electric vehicle maker, has begun production of THINK City EVs equipped with 22 kWh Li-ion battery packs from Ener1 subsidiary EnerDel. The EnerDel THINK City pack. THINK and Ener1 have been in active partnership for a number of years, developing and perfecting the THINK EV drive system and the EnerDel. Ener1 is an investor in THINK, and Ener1 Chairman and CEO Charles Gassenheimer is now THINK’s Chairman of the Board.

THINK Selects Indiana for Think City EV Assembly

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THINK will begin selling the THINK City, one of the world’s first highway-capable urban EVs, in the US later this year. The THINK City will appear in Detroit next week at the North American International Auto Show 2010. THINK’s investments in Elkhart County will support manufacturing capacity for more than 20,000 vehicles a year. The company started delivering the latest generation of its THINK City model to customers in Europe last month.

THINK City lead EV in Oslo car sharing scheme; membership tops 1,000

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The THINK City is the lead EV in the Move About car sharing scheme; the program was launched in 2009 in Oslo, Norway and has just signed up its 1,000 th member. It has since expanded to Gothenburg and Copenhagen with collaborative projects also taking place in Germany and Austria. Of the 80 vehicles in the scheme, 79 are THINK City models, representing one of the larger EV fleets in Europe. Some of the Move About fleet of THINK City EVs.

THINK car sharing reaches membership milestone

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The Move About car sharing scheme, which uses the THINK City as its lead electric vehicle, has reached a milestone having signed up its 1,000th member. The scheme was launched in 2009 in Oslo, Norway, but has since expanded to Gothenburg and Copenhagen with similar schemes also taking place in Germany and Austria. NK car sharing electric car sharing Move About Move About car sharing Think Think City Think City Electric vehicle

THINK Restarts Production of EVs in Finland

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THINK, the Scandinavian electric vehicle (EV) maker, has re-started production of the THINK City—one of the first urban EVs—at a new facility with manufacturing partner Valmet Automotive in Uusikaupunki, Finland. The THINK City in production at Valmet.

THINK Begins EV Sales in Finland

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Scandinavian electric vehicle (EV) maker THINK has begun sales of the THINK City EV in Finland with production partner Valmet Automotive. First deliveries of the THINK City in Finland will be to green delivery pioneers A2B, through a new THINK dealership in Helsinki. Further full-service dealerships will be opened in the coming months in other Finnish cities such as Turku, Tampere, Lahti, Jyväskylä and Oulu.

THINK Sending 3 EVs to Brazil in Collaboration with CPFL Energia

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THINK, the Scandinavian electric vehicle maker, is delivering its first EVs into South America as part of a new collaboration with Brazilian electricity supplier, CPFL Energia S.A. CPFL Energia has purchased three THINK City EVs, which it intends to showcase at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum sustainable mobility conference, hosted in Rio de Janeiro at the end of this month. The latest generation THINK City is a purpose-built, all-electric car designed for urban environments.

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