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2018 130

Aura to introduce 10 kW hybrid APU

Green Car Congress

Aura Systems, Inc. is working with Corvus Energy, a lithium-ion battery company, and an internal combustion engine maker, to bring to market a hybrid auxiliary power unit (APU) using the AuraGen power solution. The hybrid APU will use Corvus batteries, as the prime power source, while the AuraGen control and power management system, with its built in inverter, will provide AC power. In 2006, Aura introduced a 5 kW hybrid APU for long-haul trucks.

Aura 71

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Aura received approximately $420,000 order for all-electric transport refrigeration

Green Car Congress

Aura Systems, Inc. The customer selected Aura’s all-electric transport refrigeration after numerous tests and evaluation including comparison on actual routes with traditional diesel based solutions. Aura’s all-electric transport refrigeration for midsize trucks consists of Aura’s patented AuraGen mobile power solution and private label transport refrigeration system from Zanotti of Italy.

Aura 78

Aura Systems and Cyclone Power Technologies partner for renewable power generation

Green Car Congress

Aura Systems, Inc. and Cyclone Power Technologies, Inc. The partners anticipate that the integrated renewable power generation system will be able to provide a turn-key distributed solution for customers looking to produce grid-tied or stand-alone electricity from renewable and waste resources. AuraGen units produce consistent rated power, at a wide range of engine speeds, as well as generating AC and DC power simultaneously in a variety of voltages.

Aura 76

Aura receives $370K order for electric retrofitting system for refrigeration trailers

Green Car Congress

Aura Systems, Inc. The order calls for Aura to retrofit 20 existing Thermo King based trailer mechanical solutions with an electric solution and provide 15 tractors with 18 kW AuraGen generators. Trucks that utilize the Aura solution will no longer need to use the diesel engine connected to the refrigeration system when the truck is in motion, typically 10 hours per day.

Aura 81

Aura System’s Generator Incorporated into Azure’s Balance Hybrid for USPS

Green Car Congress

Azure Dynamics Corporation incorporated Aura Systems ’s AuraGen motor/generator into its Balance Hybrid Electric vehicle delivered to the United States Postal Service fleet (USPS). The AuraGen power system is able to supply simultaneous DC and AC power without interruption; power from both the generator source and a battery source during times of high power demand; real-time battery temperature monitoring, with adjustment of charging rate; and seamless power with the engine off.

Aura 71

Study finds power law scaling relationship between urban population and NO2 pollution

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The approximate linear relationship for each region is notable, suggesting that the dependence of urban NO 2 pollution upon population follows a power law scaling with population. log relationship between NO 2 mixing ratios and the total population of urban areas for the four regions.

2013 115

Finland’s oldest ferry goes all electric with Visedo

Green Car Congress

The oldest operating ferry in Finland will on Saturday become the nation’s first all-electric passenger vessel after being fitted with Visedo power. Mobimar oversaw the removal of the boat’s diesel-powered hydraulic motor and the old control system.

UMD-led study finds China’s SO2 emissions down 75% since 2007, India’s up 50%; India may now be the top SO2 emitter

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Most of the two countries’ sulfur dioxide emissions come from coal-fired power plants and coal-burning factories. In particular, Beijing suffers from severe haze problems because of the many coal-burning factories and power plants located nearby and upwind.

India 85

GM Suspending 2010 Malibu Hybrid Production; Next-Generation Li-Ion Mild Hybrid Expected for 2011

Green Car Congress

The Malibu hybrid shares components with two other GM mild hybrids: the Saturn Aura and Vue hybrids. GM’s next-generation mild hybrid system, which was announced in 2008 ( earlier post ), is scheduled to debut in MY 2011, powered by a lithium-ion battery from Hitachi Vehicle Energy Ltd (HVE).

New 2019 Toyota Avalon hybrid boosts fuel economy 10% to 44 mpg combined

Green Car Congress

The new TNGA 2.5-liter four-cylinder Dynamic Force Engine is more fuel efficient, runs cleaner, and is more powerful than previous iterations, and excels at dissipating thermal inefficiencies. The TNGA-derived V6 develops more power with less fuel consumption than before.

2018 91

NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 reaches orbit

Green Car Congress

At early morning press time, NASA reported that the Observatory had passed its initial health check, established communication with both ground-based and spaceborne links, deployed its solar panels, and was “power positive”—i.e. generating its own power. by Jack Rosebro.

2014 108

NASA satellite images highlight US air quality improvement with reduction of NO2

Green Car Congress

After ten years in orbit, the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) on NASA’s Aura satellite has been in orbit sufficiently long to show that people in major US cities are breathing less nitrogen dioxide. The gas is produced primarily during the combustion of gasoline in vehicle engines and coal in power plants. New NASA satellite images released this week demonstrate the reduction of air pollution across the US.

2014 74

Satellite method provides insight into ozone-NOx-VOCs sensitivity for different locations

Green Car Congress

Both are represented in the study by a major gas of each type, the VOC formaldehyde and NO 2 , that are measureable from space by the Dutch-Finnish Ozone Monitoring Instrument aboard NASA’s Aura satellite, launched in 2004.

2017 78

GM Will Apply Plug-in Hybrid Technology To One of Its Remaining Four Core Brands, Delivery Still in 2011

Green Car Congress

of Energy (DOE) and nonprofit Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). Prototype Saturn Vue PHEV plugging in to a Coulomb Chargepoint ( earlier post ) in San Jose, CA. Click to enlarge.

VUE 78

GM Previews First Two-Mode, Front-Wheel-Drive Hybrid Transaxle

Green Car Congress

Nitz also noted that the coming next-generation of the mild GM Hybrid System ( earlier post ), which in its current form is applied in the Malibu, VUE and Aura, will offer equivalent power to Honda’s IMA system in the new Insight. by Jack Rosebro.

2009 113

Volvo Car outlines technological future: new Scalable Platform Architecture and focus on four-cylinder engines; Concept You

Green Car Congress

SPA will combine what Volvo says will be the highest degree of high strength steel qualities in the industry to date with the extensive use of aluminum in the front structure, doors, chassis and power train. For us the new architecture means we can sharpen our design language still further, carving out just the right athletic and dynamic aura that is so important to the most demanding prestige car buyers. The new Concept You show car is an example of coming designs based on the SPA.

2011 84

Plug-ins to play part in GM future

Green Cars News

Currently Saturn sells two hybrid vehicles - the VUE and Aura with GM hybrid system - and was also scheduled to offer a two-mode hybrid Vue with a Vue plug-in two-mode hybrid version scheduled for 2011 to be used in a test fleet with the US Department of Energy. The two-mode hybrid would also have featured a battery powered driving range at a low speed of around 10mph which could double fuel economy compared to the conventional vehicle on short trips.

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