Aura to introduce 10 kW hybrid APU

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Aura Systems, Inc. is working with Corvus Energy, a lithium-ion battery company, and an internal combustion engine maker, to bring to market a hybrid auxiliary power unit (APU) using the AuraGen power solution. The hybrid APU will use Corvus batteries, as the prime power source, while the AuraGen control and power management system, with its built in inverter, will provide AC power. In 2006, Aura introduced a 5 kW hybrid APU for long-haul trucks.

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Aura received approximately $420,000 order for all-electric transport refrigeration

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Aura Systems, Inc. The customer selected Aura’s all-electric transport refrigeration after numerous tests and evaluation including comparison on actual routes with traditional diesel based solutions. Aura’s all-electric transport refrigeration for midsize trucks consists of Aura’s patented AuraGen mobile power solution and private label transport refrigeration system from Zanotti of Italy. These batteries are recharged whenever the vehicle’s engine is on.

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Aura System’s Generator Incorporated into Azure’s Balance Hybrid for USPS

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Azure Dynamics Corporation incorporated Aura Systems ’s AuraGen motor/generator into its Balance Hybrid Electric vehicle delivered to the United States Postal Service fleet (USPS). The AuraGen power system is able to supply simultaneous DC and AC power without interruption; power from both the generator source and a battery source during times of high power demand; real-time battery temperature monitoring, with adjustment of charging rate; and seamless power with the engine off.

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Mainline testing of UK’s first hydrogen train HydroFLEX gets green light

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Porterbrook and the University of Birmingham’s Center for Railway Research and Education (BCRRE) announced that the UK’s first hydrogen train—HydroFLEX ( earlier post )— will be tested on the mainline railway following a successful proof-of-concept.

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Finland’s oldest ferry goes all electric with Visedo

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The Föri initially entered service in 1904, after the City of Turku commissioned local shipyards Aktiebolaget Vulcan to build a city commuter ferry to take passengers across the Aura River to Åbo.

GM Suspending 2010 Malibu Hybrid Production; Next-Generation Li-Ion Mild Hybrid Expected for 2011

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Service and warranty of existing Malibu hybrids will be unaffected by the decision, as the company has an adequate supply of replacement components, including the 36/42V battery packs. The Malibu hybrid shares components with two other GM mild hybrids: the Saturn Aura and Vue hybrids.

NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 reaches orbit

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A 35 Ah nickel-hydrogen battery will provide power when the sun is eclipsed from the spacecraft. As depicted above, the international Afternoon Constellation includes OCO-2, GCOM-W1, Aqua, CALIPSO, CloudSat, PARASOL, and Aura. by Jack Rosebro.

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GM Will Apply Plug-in Hybrid Technology To One of Its Remaining Four Core Brands, Delivery Still in 2011

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Although Saturn’s future is likely not to be within GM now, I can assure you our commitment to hybrid, plug-in hybrid and advanced battery technology is a key element of GM’s reinvention. Prototype Saturn Vue PHEV plugging in to a Coulomb Chargepoint ( earlier post ) in San Jose, CA.

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Plug-ins to play part in GM future

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Currently Saturn sells two hybrid vehicles - the VUE and Aura with GM hybrid system - and was also scheduled to offer a two-mode hybrid Vue with a Vue plug-in two-mode hybrid version scheduled for 2011 to be used in a test fleet with the US Department of Energy. The two-mode hybrid would also have featured a battery powered driving range at a low speed of around 10mph which could double fuel economy compared to the conventional vehicle on short trips.

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Perspective: A View Into the New GM

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I was able to spend 10 minutes driving a Saturn Aura sedan with an (HCCI) engine system. GM sees energy storage density as one of the attractive attributes of hydrogen, compared to a straight battery-electric solution. by Bill Cooke.

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