Study Finds Global CO2 Emissions Dropped 1.3% in 2009; Emissions in China and India Rose 9% and 6%

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This is not unexpected ”, said Gunnar Myhre, senior research fellow at CICERO and one of the scientists behind the article. Although the stimulus package from the Chinese government in 2008 was said to have a green focus, even construction of windmills is a relatively emission intensive activity, at least in the short run Peters said. Global CO 2 emissions decreased 1.3%

Ford Starts EV Test Drives

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Here is a the entire text of the article, in case the link goes bad: [link]. Local utility RheinEnergie AG will supply vehicle-charging stations for the test, which is being financed by the German government’s economic-stimulus package, Dudenhoeffer said. Ford is starting EV trials in Germany. For more details, follow the link … Ford Plans to Start Electric-Car Tests in Germany Next Month. “Ford Motor Co.

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Report from the REFF-Wall Street; Themes in Renewable Energy Finance

Green Car Congress

The stimulus package is designed to address the recession and in the short term people were anxiously awaiting two key components of the plan: clarification on the details behind “ grants in lieu of tax credits ” and awards of loan guarantees by the DOE from section 1705. As another panelist pointed out, “ The New York Times is well-equipped to write the article about how Stimulus Funds have been wasted ”. Post-Stimulus. by Bill Cooke.

Coming Soon – The Electric City

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From the article: “The San Francisco building code will soon be revised to require that new structures be wired for car chargers. Here’s the full text of the entire article, in case the link goes bad: [link]. Under last year’s stimulus package, nearly $200 million will support Nissan’s introduction of the Leaf by permitting the installation of 13,000 charging stations around cities in Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona and Tennessee in the next year or so.

Smart Meters and Electric Cars

Revenge of the Electric Car

Here’s the full text of the entire article, in case the link goes bad: [link]. The economic stimulus package currently before Congress could include incentives for both buyers of electric vehicles and electric vehicle battery manufacturers. This is a well written story in the Pasadena Star News about how the utilities are gearing up for the coming plug-in vehicles.

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