ICL, CMU study associates PM2.5 air pollution in US with >30,000 deaths and reduced life expectancy

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was largest around Los Angeles and in some southern states, such as Arkansas, Oklahoma and Alabama. Air quality in the US may be linked with increased mortality and reduced life expectancy according to new research from Imperial College London and the Center for Air, Climate and Energy Solutions at Carnegie Mellon University. The study, published in the journal PLOS Medicine , analyzed concentrations of PM 2.5 across all counties in the contiguous US (i.e.,

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Study finds methane leaks from three large US natural gas fields in line with EPA estimates

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Tens of thousands of pounds of methane leak per hour from equipment in three major natural gas basins that span Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Pennsylvania, according to airborne measurements, but the overall leak rate from those basins is only about 1% of gas production there——lower than leak rates measured in other gas fields, and in line with EPA estimates. Methane emissions in the Fayetteville shale region of Arkansas were roughly 43 tons (86,000 lbs) per hour, or 1.0-2.8%

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Pike Research forecasts US plug-in vehicle penetration rates to be highest in smaller states

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Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana, CA. New York and California today account for more than half of the available PEVs in the United States, while Southern states like Mississippi, Arkansas, and Alabama, as well as largely rural states such as Wyoming and Alaska, have very few plug-in electric vehicles available.

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DOE Investing Up to $78M Investment in Two Consortia Targeting Algae-Based and Biomass-Based Bio-Hydrocarbon Fuels and Infrastructure; $1.6M for Ethanol Blends Fueling Infrastructure

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NAABB partners include: The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center; the Los Alamos National Laboratory; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; University of Arizona; Brooklyn College; Colorado State University; New Mexico State University; Texas AgriLife Research - Texas A&M University System; University of California Los Angeles; University of California San Diego; University of Washington; Washington University in St.

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