GM to invest $450M in Argentina

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Akerson was joined by Argentina President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner; GM South America President Jaime Ardila; and GM Argentina President Isela Costantini. GM Argentina produced a record of more than 136,000 vehicles at its Rosario facility in 2011. The upcoming expansion of the plant will allow GM Argentina to add new vehicles for export and to continue refreshing the Chevrolet vehicle portfolio for dealers and customers in Argentina.

Argentina’s largest ethanol plant begins operations; Vogelbusch technology

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has begun operations of its new bioethanol plant in Alejandro Roca in the central Córdoba province of Argentina. The corn ethanol plant, which uses technology from Vogelbusch Biocommodities, has a nameplate capacity of 420,000 liters (111,000 gallons US) per day, making it the largest of its kind in Argentina. In Argentina, gasoline must contain 5% ethanol (E5) and the fuel ethanol production is government controlled under a quota system which assigns supply shares to the producers.

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Toyota Tsusho venture starts full-scale lithium production at Salar de Olaroz, Argentina

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an Argentine lithium development company in which it owns a stake, has officially started lithium production at Salar de Olaroz in Jujuy Province, northwestern Argentina. This project marks the first investment by a Japanese company into lithium carbonate development in Argentina.

Toyota Tsusho JV to begin lithium production in Argentina in 2013; supplies for Toyota Motor

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will begin lithium production in the Salar de Olaroz Lithium-Potash Project in Argentina in 2013 through its joint venture with Australian mining concern Orocobre Ltd. Results of a feasibility study at the site, a salt lake in northwestern Argentina, showed estimated deposits of 6.4 Toyota Tsusho will receive all the lithium produced at the site for supply to group firm Toyota Motor Corp. Nikkei. Toyota Group company Toyota Tsusho Corp.

Evonik builds new catalyst plant for biodiesel production in Argentina

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Germany-based Evonik Industries is building a new plant for manufacturing catalysts for biodiesel production in Argentina. The plant, which is expected to be operational by the end of 2012 at the latest, will supply ready-to-use alcoholates as catalysts for the production of biodiesel from renewable resources. It will primarily serve markets in Argentina and Brazil, with an annual capacity of more than 60,000 metric tons.

Capstone to Supply CNG Microturbine Series Hybrid Electric Drive System to Argentine Bus Manufacturer TATSA

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Among the diverse segments of transportation in Argentina and its neighboring countries, GRUPO PLAZA moves 180 million passengers annually with more than 1,700 buses. Capstone Turbine Corporation has initiated a demonstration project with TATSA, an Argentine bus manufacturer, that will use a Capstone series hybrid electric drive system featuring a C65 microturbine ( earlier post ) as the range extender for a transit bus.

Tesla And Other Tech Giants Scramble For Lithium As Prices Double

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Driven by the rise of battery gigafactories and game-changing Powerwall and energy storage businesses, the world now finds itself at the beginning of a lithium super cycle that is all about securing new supply, much of which is poised to come from lithium superstar Argentina.

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GE Transportation to Supply 100 Locomotives to Transnet in South Africa; First AC Diesel Electric Locomotive to Sub-Saharan Africa

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GE South African Technologies (GESAT), GE Transportation’s entity in South Africa, will supply 100 locomotives to Transnet Freight Rail (TFR). The GE C30ACi, the first AC diesel electric locomotive to be introduced to sub-Saharan Africa, will have a GE FDL engine that delivers 3,300 gross horsepower (GHP) using an electronic fuel-injection (EFI) system that automatically supplies the exact amount of fuel needed for optimal engine efficiency.

Roskill: Chinese companies step up their pursuit of lithium resources

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China is stepping up its pursuit of control of the lithium supply chain, underpinned by the rapid growth of its lithium-ion battery industry building on agressive policy surrounding electric vehicle sales, according to metals and mining consultancy Roskill. Nextview takes control of the Sal de los Angeles lithium brine project in Argentina, containing over 2Mt LCE of resources.

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Total greenlights Vega Pleyade gas field development offshore Tierra del Fuego

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Total (operator, 37.5%) has made the final investment decision to develop the Vega Pleyade gas and condensate field offshore Tierra del Fuego, Argentina in the Southern Atlantic. interest, alongside partners Wintershall Argentina (37.5%) and Pan American Energy (25%).

Wärtsilä axial waterjets power world’s fastest high-speed ferry; fueled by LNG

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In addition to two of its LJX1720SR axial waterjets, Wärtsilä has also supplied an advanced propulsion control system for the Francisco. It will transport both passengers and cars between Uruguay and Argentina.

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Toyota Tsusho to acquire 15% stake in lithium miner Orocobre for US$232 million

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Toyota Tsusho and Orocobre have been long-term partners in the development of the Salar de Olaroz Lithium Facility in Jujuy Province in northern Argentina, a lithium brine project, which was brought into successful production in 2014.

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Roskill forecasts increasing dependence of Li market on batteries; switch from portable electronics to hybrids

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Lithium extraction, which totalled more than 168,000t LCE in 2012, is undertaken predominately in Australia, Chile, Argentina and China, with roughly half of lithium output from hard rock sources and half from brine. Production is dominated by Talison Lithium in Australia, SQM and Rockwood Lithium in Chile, and FMC in Argentina. Consumption of lithium in rechargeable batteries by end use, 2012-2017, kt LCE. Source: Roskill. Click to enlarge.

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Mercedes-Benz Vans launches new Vito in China; unveiling electric van of future this week

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All global mid-size production sites of Mercedes-Benz Vans—in the USA and Argentina, in addition to China—cooperate closely with the specialists at the plant in Vitoria, Mercedes-Benz Vans’ global competence center for mid-size vehicles in Spain.

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Aemetis upgrades India biodiesel plant

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The Aemetis plant was built in 2008 to produce biodiesel and refined glycerin using large volumes of lower-cost, non-food by-products from the edible oil industry as feedstock to supply the biofuel, pharmaceutical, and industrial markets. The Aemetis plant is the only distilled biodiesel producer in India and is one of the only plants in Asia capable of producing large supplies of biodiesel that meet the European Union (ISCC) standards, Aemetis says. Aemetis, Inc.,

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BASF Breaks Ground for New Biodiesel Catalyst Plant in Brazil to Meet Demand in South America

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The plant will have a capacity of 60,000 metric tons per year and is primarily intended to supply the regional market. Argentina has also mandated that biodiesel makes up 5 percent of fuel by 2010. BASF broke ground for its new production plant for sodium methylate in Guaratinguetá, Brazil, its largest site in South America. Sodium methylate is an efficient and reliable catalyst for the production of biodiesel.

Opinon: Lithium Market Set To Explode; All Eyes Are On Nevada

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Most of the world’s lithium comes from Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Australia and China, but American resources being developed by new entrants into this market have set up the state of Nevada to become the key venue and proving ground for game-changing trade in this everyday mineral. For Nevada, there can be no more significant validation than Tesla’s lithium supply agreements. by James Stafford of

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Daimler & Renault-Nissan Alliance expand cooperation to 1-ton pickup trucks

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The Mercedes-Benz 1-ton pickup truck will be built by Nissan in the Renault plant in Cordoba, Argentina, along with the Nissan NP300 and the Renault 1-ton truck, for Latin America. A high parts localization rate is expected to expand the supply bases in Spain and Argentina significantly. The Renault-Nissan Alliance and Daimler AG are expanding their five-year strategic cooperation ( earlier post ) into the pickup truck segment.

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Galaxy notes lithium carbonate prices in China rose 17% over last 12 months

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Lithium producer Galaxy Resources Ltd says prices for both technical and battery grade lithium carbonate in its key market, China, have risen significantly on the back of tight demand and supply fundamentals, with current prices up almost 17% on the same time last year. Galaxy is an Australia-based global lithium company with lithium production facilities, hard rock mines and brine assets in Australia, China, Canada and Argentina.

Global biofuels production up 17% in 2010 to hit all-time high of 105 billion liters

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Vital Signs authors Sam Shrank, a Worldwatch MAP Sustainable Energy Fellow, and Farhad Farahmand, a Climate and Energy research intern, also explored how new mandates in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, and China have altered the biofuel industries in these countries.

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New EIA report boosts estimates of global recoverable shale oil resources 10-fold to 345 billion barrels

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ARI) to conduct the new world shale resource assessment because shale oil production has become a significant source of oil supply within the United States and because more and better geologic information has become available for shale formations located outside the United States. Algeria, Argentina, and Mexico), providing significantly more data for the 2013 study, EIA said. Map of basins with assessed shale oil and shale gas formations, as of May 2013. Source: US EIA.

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Toyota Group Company to Form JV with Australian Lithium Resource Developer to Secure Access to Competitive Lithium Carbonate Production

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Toyota Tsusho’s interest in the project stems from the desire to increase its exposure to reliable and diversified lithium supplies as global demand for lithium batteries in the automotive sector continues to grow. Salar Olaroz project tenaments and infrastructure. Click to enlarge.

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EIA projects world liquid fuels use to rise 38% by 2040, driven by growth in Asia and Middle East; transportation 92% of demand

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World markets for petroleum and other liquid fuels have entered a period of dynamic change in both supply and demand, the EIA noted, leading to its reassessment of its outlook for long-term global liquid fuels markets in IEO2014. OPEC oil producers are the largest source of additional liquid fuel supply between 2010 and 2040. OPEC crude and lease condensate accounts for 14 MMbbl/d of the 33 MMbbl/d increase in total liquid fuel supply.

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EADS, Eurocopter and BioCombustibles del Chubut to Evaluate the Production and Use of Aviation Biofuel in Brazil

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BioCombustibles del Chubut is a Patagonia, Argentina-based company specialized in the production of microalgae for oil and biofuels. It supplied the microalgae oil for the EADS-demonstrator Diamond Aircraft DA42 general aviation aircraft, which made daily demonstration flights at the 2010 Berlin Air Show—a world’s first utilizing pure algae biofuel.

Cooperation between Daimler and Renault-Nissan Alliance deepening in 2016

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Production of the Mercedes-Benz pickup truck will take place at the Renault plant in Cordoba, Argentina, and at Nissan’s Barcelona plant in Spain, where the Nissan NP300 Frontier and the Renault Alaskan will also be produced. Joint engine development and production in addition to engine cross-supply projects mark a one of a kind cooperation in the powertrain segment covering engines and transmissions.

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EPA proposes slight ease in 2018 renewable fuel volumes compared to 2017; gearing up for future reset

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a proposed rule setting the minimum amount of renewable fuels that must be supplied to the market in calendar year 2018 under the Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS) program. EPA is also taking comment on addressing concerns that some RFS obligations are increasingly met with imported fuel from Brazil, Argentina and Indonesia. The U.S.

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Pike Research forecasts annual global sales of light-duty natural gas vehicles to reach 3.2M in 2019

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Although Pakistan also has a large fleet of NGVs, its market has been volatile as the government looks to reduce strains on the country’s NG supplies, according to the report. This market is also home to two of the largest NGV markets in the world: Argentina and Brazil (combined, they account for 25% of total NGVs.

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Iveco Electric Daily Prototype Begins Testing in Brazil

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The first 10 Electric Dailys manufactured in the production centre of Foz do Iguaçu will be supplied to Itaipu Binacional and its associated companies. However, the project is also attracting significant interest among other large companies across both Brazil and Argentina.

Opinion: Why Lithium Will See Another Price Spike This Fall

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At the start of this year, the de facto big five was still a reality, with FMC repeatedly stating that supply and demand are in line—an assessment akin to sticking its head in the sand, as lithium prices rise exponentially. by James Stafford of

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Westport Acquires OMVL of Italy and 100% of Juniper Engines for 19M; Launching a Light-Duty Automotive Strategy for Alternative Fuel Engines

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Juniper will grow the business through new OEM relationships and continued strong aftermarket sales, leveraging OMVL’s capabilities and assembly facilities in Italy and Argentina that today supply Europe, Asia and the Americas. Westport Innovations Inc. has acquired 100% of the outstanding shares of OMVL SpA and OMVL’s 51% share of Juniper Engines Inc. for a combined consideration of €19.0 million (approximately US$23.4 million). Westport expects to pay €11.4

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PwC analysis finds meeting 2 C warming target would require “unprecedented and sustained” reductions over four decades

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The risk to business is that it faces more unpredictable and extreme weather, and disruptions to market and supply chains. Sectors dependent on food, water, energy or ecosystem services need to scrutinise the resilience and viability of their supply chains.

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Gevo transitioning Luverne plant to produce both isobutanol and ethanol; “side-by-side” configuration

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signed a letter of intent to become the exclusive licensee of GIFT in Argentina to produce renewable isobutanol. Half of all current ethanol plants in Argentina were designed by Porta, and they have a joint venture with Alpha Laval to provide separation and evaporation expertise. This testing is being performed as part of the previously announced contract with Gevo to supply more than 16,000 gallons to the US Army. Bio-isobutanol company Gevo, Inc.

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Forecast: Global Biofuels Use to Double by 2015, Second-Gen Biofuels to Lag Expectations

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Despite a number of key issues such as land use and competition for feedstocks supplies for traditional food and feed uses, global use of biofuels is excepted to more than double from 2009 to 2015, according to a new global analysis released by Hart Energy Publishing’s Global Biofuels Center (GBC). Brazil will grow domestic supplies by 30% and more than double export volume. GBC estimates potential supply for biodiesel by 2015 could reach 94 billion liters (24.8

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Iveco brings electric prototype to Brazil

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The project has already attracted interest from large companies across both Brazil and Argentina with the first 10 Electric Dailys to be supplied to Itaipu Binacional and its associated companies. Could the first zero emission light commercial vehicle ever produced in Latin America be the Iveco Electric Daily? The company presented a prototype of the vehicle earlier this week in Brazil and now hopes to spread its wings across South America.

Stanford, UC Santa Cruz study explores ramifications of demand-driven peak to conventional oil

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The underlying assumption is that the world will immediately use whatever oil can be pumped from the ground, and that supply is independent of demand—that is, oil exploration investments bear no relation to the current oil price or expectations of future demand.

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MIT and IEA reports take different views of the future of natural gas in transportation

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MIT and the IEA both have newly released reports exploring the potential for and impact of a major expansion in global usage of natural gas, given the current re-evaluation of global supplies.

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Biofuel use predicted to double by 2015

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There may still be significant questions over issues such as land use and competition for feedstock supplies for traditional food and feed uses, but that won’t stop the global use of biofuels from more than doubling between 2009 and 2015. Major contributors to the growth of biofuels are expected to include Indonesia, France, China, Thailand, India, Columbia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Argentina; while Germany is expected to remain the largest producer of biofuels in Europe.

Korean consortium forming JV with Bolivian miner Comibol for lithium production in Salar de Uyuni

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China and Argentina total 5.4 This means that the reserves of lithium that are realistically available and could be supplied by Uyuni to the world are 140 million tonnes of lithium. Korea Herald. A Korean consortium including Korea Resources Corp. KORES ) and steelmaker POSCO has entered an agreement with Bolivia’s state-run miner Comibol (Corporación Minera de Bolivia) to set up a joint venture to produce lithium intended for lithium-ion batteries.

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