Aptera partners with Elaphe for in-wheel-motor technology

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The rebooted Aptera Motors has teamed with Elaphe Propulsion Technologies on a long-range, volume production electric vehicle powered by in-wheel motors. A single in-wheel motor can achieve a power output of more than 110 kW (147 HP) and fits inside a 19-inch or larger wheel rim.

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Aptera: incredible becomes believable

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The Aptera electric car, so futuristic looking it will appear in an upcoming Star Trek movie, is becoming more believable with each passing day. Extremely lightweight, it will be able to get decent range out of a relatively small lithium battery pack. Three-wheeled, it will not be speed limited like four-wheeled NEVs. Tags: aptera battery electric car

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Aptera Unveils Pre-Production 2e, Suppliers

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In a press conference in Carlsbad, California, Aptera Motors unveiled the pre-production version of the electric three-wheel, 200+ mpg Aptera 2e along with 23 strategic suppliers , including GE; A123Systems for the Li-ion battery pack; Remy International for the drive motor ( earlier post ); and BorgWarner for the single ratio transaxle. The Aptera 2e. The 2e features a 20 kWh battery pack that powers an 82 kW, 314 N·m electric motor.

2010 Aptera 2e First Drive and Video on Inside Line

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Featured Specs Battery-powered electric drivetrain Three wheels; 0.15 Cd 1,700 pounds 100-mile cruising range Driving the Prototype of the EV Three-Wheeler By John ODell, Senior Editor Email Date posted: 2009-03-16 21:00:00.0 But dont call the Aptera a car.

Electric cars back on track?

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An unusual entrant into the EV arena, Aptera , a three-wheeled futuristic electric car, continues to stir excitement, and would appear to be more than science fiction. Automakers once completely dismissive of battery electrics, are getting on board, at least rhetorically.

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