Aptera partners with Elaphe for in-wheel-motor technology

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The rebooted Aptera Motors has teamed with Elaphe Propulsion Technologies on a long-range, volume production electric vehicle powered by in-wheel motors. Elaphe is a perfect match for Aptera. Having tested Aptera’s first vehicles back in 2010, it’s great to finally collaborate.

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Cleaner EVs, Aptera, cheap gas and ethanol: Today’s Car News

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Battery-electric trains catch on in Europe. And will an activist strategy about oil stoke interest in Aptera? Electric cars are cleaner than gas cars almost everywhere. Ethanol faces more challenges at the pump. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

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Aptera: incredible becomes believable

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The Aptera electric car, so futuristic looking it will appear in an upcoming Star Trek movie, is becoming more believable with each passing day. Extremely lightweight, it will be able to get decent range out of a relatively small lithium battery pack. Tags: aptera battery electric car Three-wheeled, it will not be speed limited like four-wheeled NEVs. They produced a short video from inside their Southern California base station. Check it out.

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Aptera 2e makes public debut

Revenge of the Electric Car

We have TWO reports from guest bloggers who attended the Aptera in the Wild EVent Thursday night at Smooth’s Sports Grille in Long Beach, CA. Also embedded below is a recent Aptera 2e demo ride video (with founder Steve Fambro) from the 2009 TED conference (held in Long Beach, CA) recently uploaded by Aptera forum member Josh. It was a rainy night but I decided to jump in my car and see the new Aptera in person tonight in Long Beach. From: Aptera.

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Aptera return, Polestar factory, Bollinger progress, Tesla insurance: The Week in Reverse

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What ingredient for electric-car batteries is currently in a state of oversupply? And which electric-vehicle brand from the past dusted off the mothballs and claimed a 1,000-mile range?

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Aptera Unveils Pre-Production 2e, Suppliers

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In a press conference in Carlsbad, California, Aptera Motors unveiled the pre-production version of the electric three-wheel, 200+ mpg Aptera 2e along with 23 strategic suppliers , including GE; A123Systems for the Li-ion battery pack; Remy International for the drive motor ( earlier post ); and BorgWarner for the single ratio transaxle. The Aptera 2e. The 2e features a 20 kWh battery pack that powers an 82 kW, 314 N·m electric motor.

2010 Aptera 2e First Drive and Video on Inside Line

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Featured Specs Battery-powered electric drivetrain Three wheels; 0.15 Lisa Lawn is also a big fan of electric transportation, and she follows the 2010 Aptera 2e to its new assembly plant in Vista, California. But dont call the Aptera a car.

Partner Update and Announcement

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The base credit will be $4,000 for a PHEV with a battery of at least 5kwh. A 15 kwh battery would have an approximate all-electric range of between 40 and 60 miles depending on the configuration of the vehicle operating system and many other factors.

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What's it gonna take?

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The Volt has had to contend with the overblown battery fire incident and the production hiatus. Aptera went under. It just might be up to us. Sales of plug-in cars are steady, but not overwhelming. Fisker is delivering the Karma, but not without glitches and its DOE loan is being questioned. Bright Automotive went under. The press has not been kind. Gas prices are at historically high levels, and have become a political football, but haven’t led to a surge in EV purchases.

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Goodbye GM, Hello Tianjin-Qingyuan Electric Vehicle Company?

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nk, Fisker and Aptera, for example, would get cars on the road and allow the plug-in project the chance to more quickly advance to economic viability without the legacy burdens carried by the majors. Tags: byd tianjin-qingyan electric charging infrastructure battery electric car I write a monthly column for the Electric Auto Association newsletter, Current EVents. Here's my April column.

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Nissan Leaf – Taking Reservations

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Others include the Fisker Karma, the Aptera 2e, the Coda sedan, Chevy’s Volt and Tesla’s Model S. Electric vehicles are powered by batteries instead of internal combustion engines. Others include the Fisker Karma, the Aptera 2e, the Coda sedan, Chevy’s Volt and Tesla’s Model S. Nissan's new electronic vehicle, the Leaf. (AP AP Photo/Itsuo Inouye, File). Nissan began accepting reservations for its eagerly anticipated Nissan Leaf today.

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Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE Concludes Knockout Qualifying Stage; 15 Vehicles from 12 Teams Continue On

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Commuter Cars, Tango (Spokane, WA) Battery Electric. X-Tracer, E-Tracer 7002 (Switzerland) Battery Electric. X-Tracer, E-Tracer 7009 (Switzerland) Battery Electric. Amp, amp’d Sky(Cincinnati, OH) Battery Electric. Aptera, Aptera 2e (San Diego, CA) Battery Electric. Li-ion Motors, Wave II (North Carolina) Battery Electric. RaceAbout Association, RaceAbout (Finland) Battery Electric. TW4XP, TW4XP (Italy) Battery Electric.

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Electric cars back on track?

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An unusual entrant into the EV arena, Aptera , a three-wheeled futuristic electric car, continues to stir excitement, and would appear to be more than science fiction. Automakers once completely dismissive of battery electrics, are getting on board, at least rhetorically.

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9 Teams Advancing to Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE Validation Stage

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X-Tracer, E-Tracer #72 (Switzerland), Battery Electric. X-Tracer, E-Tracer #79 (Switzerland), Battery Electric. Aptera, Aptera 2e (San Diego, CA), Battery Electric. Li-ion Motors, Wave II (North Carolina), Battery Electric. RaceAbout Association, RaceAbout (Finland), Battery Electric. TW4XP, TW4XP (Germany), Battery Electric. ZAP, Alias (Santa Rosa, CA), Battery Electric.

Electric Car Company Aurica Motors Enters Two Partnerships for Manufacturing Training and Engineering

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Electric car company Aurica Motors, which plans to retool the NUMMI plant in California to build not only electric cars but compatible battery charging stations ( earlier post ), has entered two partnerships in support of its mission. Aurica intends to have swappable batteries charged with solar and wind power, and will need employees with renewable energy expertise as well as knowledge of electric car manufacturing.

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How to Get a Plug-In Hybrid

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PHEVs with "Good Enough to Get Started" batteries. The nonprofit CalCars does conversions to demonstrate new designs and provide a platform for different batteries; we dont sell conversions. Acquired by battery maker A123 Systems www.a123systems.com of Hopkinton, MA.

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How Carmakers Are Responding to the Plug-In Hybrid Opportunity

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GM has announced plans for public sales in 2010, and almost every carmaker now says it will sell PHEVs or highway-speed battery electric vehicles (BEVs) sometime after 2010. Batteries not ready. Hyundai Partnering with Korean battery companies for hybrids.

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Electric-Car Fans Rally Around the Volt - Green Inc. Blog - NYTimes.com

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The fuel engine on the Volt is used to run the generator to recharge the battery when a trip exceeds 40 miles, and it’s rage on a full tank is around 400 miles. Or if you don’t want to go into details, just compare the Volt to the Aptera :-) — James 15.

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Lotus and Harmon partner up to add sound to hybrids

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If the hybrids engine starts operating, at higher speeds or throttle demands or lower battery levels, the control system automatically stops the external synthesis.

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