ExxonMobil brings Kearl oil sands expansion online ahead of schedule; overall capacity doubling to 220K barrels per day

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Exxon Mobil has started production at its Kearl oil sands expansion project in Alberta, Canada ahead of schedule; the expansion is expected to double overall capacity to 220,000 barrels of bitumen a day, with the expansion itself ultimately expected to reach 110,000 barrels per day. ExxonMobil says that the project produces blended bitumen with about the same lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions as the average crude oil refined in the United States.

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ExxonMobil Reserves Replacement in 2008 Was 103% of Production

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billion oil-equivalent barrels—the bulk of it from Canadian oil sands—replacing 103% of production. Reserves additions from the Kearl Phase 1 oil sands project in Canada totaled 1.1 billion oil-equivalent barrels. Proved additions were also made in a diverse range of countries including the United States, Norway, Nigeria, Angola and Australia. billion oil-equivalent barrels. Additions to ExxonMobil’s proved reserves in 2008 totaled 1.5

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