EIA: China is now the world’s largest net importer of petroleum and other liquid fuels

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The rise in China’s net imports of petroleum and other liquids is driven by steady economic growth, with rapidly rising Chinese petroleum demand outpacing production growth. In the meantime, Chinese production will increase at a much lower rate (5% over this period) and is forecast to be only one-third of US production in 2014.

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Opinion: Is Russia Plotting To Bring Down OPEC?

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Novatek and its partners Total and Chinese National Petroleum Company still lack $15 billion of the $27 billion needed to finance the Yamal LNG plant. naval power, the Chinese, for example, prefer pipeline natural gas supplies over seaborne LNG supplies. Russia also could cooperate with Iran and Iraq to take market share from Saudi Arabia in the vital Chinese market. This could lead the Europeans and Chinese to search for other suppliers.

Opinion: Saudis Could Face An Open Revolt At Next OPEC Meeting

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Saudi Arabia and its Gulf Arab allies, except Qatar, have increased output, while the output of other OPEC members, other than Iraq and Angola, has either flat-lined or decreased, compared to 2014: Given Saudi determination to defend its export markets, it is interesting that the percentage gain in their crude exports exceeded the percentage gain in crude output in 1H 2015, by 2.7 by Dalan McEndree for Oilprice.com.

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