UK market sees first decline in alternatively fueled vehicle sales in 27 months in June

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The month saw growth for gasoline and battery-electric registrations, up 3.0% The performance tipped the overall alternatively fueled vehicle (AFV) sector into negative growth for the first time since April 2017, undermining efforts to reduce emissions through fleet renewal of the latest ultra low emission vehicles. Another month of decline is worrying but the fact that sales of alternatively fueled cars are going into reverse is a grave concern.

2019 79

European car market logs best year for alternative fueled vehicles, lowest diesel share since 2001

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The majority of vehicles registered in 2018 were powered by gasoline engines, with the fuel type making up 57% of all registrations. This result marks a 7-point market share increase on 2017 and a 12-point increase in 10 years, confirming that gasoline vehicles continue to benefit from the demise of diesel. Diesel vehicles counted for just 36% of all registrations, as their market share dropped 8 points on 2017 and 19 points on 2011—the peak year for the fuel type.

2001 74

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Total BEV sales in California at 8.9% of 2030 goal

Green Car Congress

The California Center for Jobs & The Economy has released an updated report ( earlier post ) on the progress of ZEV sales in the state during the first half of 2020, drawing on sales data from the California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA). Sales nationally were down 23.5%.

2020 117

EIA: China promoting both fuel efficiency and alternative-fuel vehicles to curb growing oil use

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Consumption of gasoline in China grew from 0.9 To counter this trend triggered by China’s rapid motorization, the Chinese government is adopting a broad range of policies, including improvements in the fuel economy of new vehicles and the promotion of alternative-fuel vehicles, EIA notes. China vehicle sales and gasoline consumption. The government plans to invest an estimated $15 billion in alternative-fuel vehicles during the next 10 years.

2014 76

Virginia Governor signs legislation and executive order beginning transition of state vehicles to natural gas, electricity or other alternative fuels

Green Car Congress

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has signed two pieces of legislation that promote the use of natural gas, electric or other alternative-fueled vehicles in the Commonwealth. He also signed a new executive order setting out the state alternative fuel plan required by House Bill 2282. Fourteen alternative fuel vehicles and two vehicle chargers were also on display at the signing ceremony. Establishes a plan for vehicles to use alternative fuels.

UPS to spend $90 million more on natural-gas vehicles, fueling stations

Green Car Reports

Natural gas has not proven popular for vehicles bought by individual consumers, but some fleet operators continue to find it an attractive alternative to gasoline and diesel. That's because the lack of public fueling infrastructure proves a major drawback for natural-gas passenger cars, but fleets can circumvent that by operating their own. natural gas CNG NGV fleet sales alternative fuel vehicles fleet natural gas vehicle LNG

2017 59

Maritz study finds growing but still low US consumer awareness about alternative fuel technologies; knowledge gap and confusion a sales challenge for OEMs

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Results of a survey released by Maritz Research demonstrates that while US consumer awareness about alternative fuel vehicles continues to grow, only about one in five consumers state they are “very familiar” with any alternative-fuel technologies. When asked to name an alternative fuel technology other than gasoline powered automobiles, 56% said electric vehicles while nearly a third identified gasoline-electric hybrids.

2011 76

Westport Acquires OMVL of Italy and 100% of Juniper Engines for 19M; Launching a Light-Duty Automotive Strategy for Alternative Fuel Engines

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Juniper will grow the business through new OEM relationships and continued strong aftermarket sales, leveraging OMVL’s capabilities and assembly facilities in Italy and Argentina that today supply Europe, Asia and the Americas. In 2009, Juniper Engines introduced its new 2.0-liter and 2.4-liter alternative fuel engines. It shipped more than 300,000 units shipped in 2009, including complete fuel systems and specific components such as reducers. Westport Innovations Inc.

2010 73

New EV market share in Europe hits 7.2% in Q2 2020, up from 2.4% in same period last year

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of total EU car sales, compared to a 2.4% The overall decline in passenger car registrations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic affected the diesel and gasoline segments in particular, although together those still account for more than 80% of car sales.

2020 105

Virginia General Assembly moving forward with replacing gasoline and diesel fuel tax with sales tax; $100 annual tax for EVs, HEVs and alt-fuel vehicles

Green Car Congress

The Virginia General Assembly is moving forward with legislation ( HB2313 ), that, among its other elements, would abolish the state’s gasoline and diesel fuel taxes and replace them with a sales tax. Currently, both gasoline and diesel carry a $0.175/gallon fuel tax. Beginning 1 July 2013, the gasoline tax would be replaced with a 3.5%

2013 86

Have Green-Car Sales Dropped This Year? Depends How You Define Them

Green Car Reports

More fuel-efficient gasoline cars help lower greenhouse-emissions, but are they also lowering the sales of plug-ins, hybrids, and other alternative-fuel vehicles The rise of modern plug-in electric cars and more-efficient internal-combustion vehicles are two results of legislation aimed at limiting the environmental impact of transportation.

2014 78

JATO: European new car CO2 emissions highest average since 2014; shift from diesel to gasoline and SUVs rise

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With increased negative public perception towards diesels, combined with new government regulations such as WLTP and scrutiny of the fuel type, demand for diesel fell by 18% in 2018. At the same time, the sales growth of diesel cars fell from +7% to +1%. The average emissions for diesel cars continued to be lower than their gasoline counterparts (3.2 However, this market is still strongly dependent on gasoline cars, which make up 76% of the market.

2019 81

Navigant forecasts global annual sales of LDVs of 122.6M by 2035, up 38% from 2015

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In a new report, Navigant Research forecasts global annual sales of light duty vehicles will reach 122.6 Navigant expects sales of conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles will fall significantly over the forecast period, experiencing a CAGR of -6.6%. Although the mix of vehicle technologies will change significantly, alterations to the primary fuel landscape will be more modest, according to Navigant.

2015 77

Navigant: gasoline and diesel stop-start vehicles to represent 58% of all new vehicles sold in 2025

Green Car Congress

In a new report analyzing the emerging global market for technologies that improve fuel economy, Navigant Research forecasts that sales of gasoline and diesel stop-start vehicles (SSVs) will reach 63 million annually by 2025, representing 58% of all vehicles sold in that year. Diesel-fueled vehicles are expected to maintain a small growth in market volume and increasingly feature stop-start capability.

2014 91

Navigant Research: sales of plug-in electric buses increased 40% from 2016 to 2017

Green Car Congress

According to a new report from Navigant Research, sales for plug-in electric buses increased 40% from 2016 to 2017, as the technology on offer from bus companies has improved in performance and in price. The report, Market Data: Electric Drive Buses , analyzes the global market for medium and heavy duty electric drive buses with the following powertrains: gasoline hybrid, gasoline plug-in hybrid, diesel hybrid, diesel plug-in hybrid, battery electric, and hydrogen fuel cells.

2017 69

ACEA: electric buses made up 4% of new bus registrations in Europe in 2019

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tonnes) registered in the European Union were fueled by diesel; the market share of gasoline in this segment was close to zero. All alternatively-powered vehicles (APV) combined accounted for 15.0% Across the entire European Union, only eight gasoline buses were sold in 2019. of total EU bus sales. of all new buses sold in the EU last year ran on alternative fuels, representing an increase of 67.9% Bus Electric (Battery) Europe Sales

2020 96

GM to introduce CNG-gasoline bi-fuel Chevrolet Impala in US next summer

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2015 Chevrolet CNG-Capable, Bi-Fuel Impala. General Motors will build a Chevrolet Impala sedan for retail and fleet customers that operates on either gasoline or compressed natural gas (CNG), GM Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson announced today. This will be the only manufacturer-produced full-size bi-fuel sedan in the US, and is expected to go on sale next summer as a 2015 model. A separate CNG fuel tank is mounted in the trunk.

2013 79

CMU study concludes alt fuel vehicle incentives for OEMs result in increased fleet gasoline consumption and emissions

Green Car Congress

A study by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University has concluded that regulatory incentives for OEMs for alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) intended to encourage a technology transition in the transportation fleet result in increased fleet-wide gasoline consumption and emissions. For the representative FFVs, they drew from historical sales-weighted emissions rates of FFVs over the past 10 years. billion additional gallons (11 to 30 billion liters) of gasoline consumed.

2016 60

France launches new climate plan; Euro 7 lead; targeting ending the sale of vehicles emitting GHGs by 2040

Green Car Congress

Among the many actions outlined in the plan is the targeting of ending the sale of cars emitting greenhouse gases (“ gaz à effet de serre ”) by 2040. Shorter term actions on the mobility front will include: Converging taxation rates for gasoline and diesel during the next five years. Exploring a replacement bonus for vehicles that are not eligible for the Crit’air sticker (pre-1997 gasoline and pre-2001 diesel).

2017 69

Navigant: sales of light duty vehicles to total more than 2.1 billion from 2015 to 2035

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According to a recent report from Navigant Research, total sales of LDVs are expected to total more than 2.1 Navigant forecasts global annual LDV sales to grow from 88.8 High purchase price premiums and low infrastructure availability are expected to limit the adoption of alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) globally, according to the report. billion from 2015 to 2035. million vehicles in 2015 to 122.6 million in 2035.

2015 60

California approves sale of DME as compression-ignition engine fuel

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The California Department of Food and Agriculture has approved specifications for dimethyl ether (DME) used as fuel in compression ignition engines. The Department of Food and Agriculture Division of Measurement Standards has the responsibility for establishing and enforcing the quality standards for spark- and compression-ignition engine fuels sold in California. These include gasoline, diesel fuel, and other fuels such as biodiesel and hydrogen.).

2015 71

Toyota Financial Services issues first Euro-denominated Green Bond allocated specifically to the sales of low-emission vehicles; €600M

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Toyota Financial Services (TFS) issued its first euro-denominated unsecured Green Bond today, expanding its commitment to the sale of environmentally friendly vehicles. The €600-million (US$704-million) bond will be used to fund the acquisition of new retail finance contracts and beneficial interests in lease contracts for Toyota and Lexus vehicles that meet specific clean air criteria, including powertrain, fuel efficiency and emissions.

2017 60

Creative Bus Sales Opens Its Second Dedicated Alt Fuels Vehicle Conversion Facility

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Creative Bus Sales has opened a 30,000 sq ft facility in Elkhart, Indiana that will initially be used to perform alternative fuel conversions on buses, trucks, and vans. The process will take gasoline powered vehicles and convert them to run on propane and compressed natural gas (CNG). The operation will be conducted under the name Green Alternative Systems or GAS. Creative Bus Sales has multiple locations throughout the United States.

2010 68

EPA trends report sees record levels of average new vehicle fuel economy and CO2 emissions for MY 2012; role of new gasoline vehicle technologies

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EPA projects advanced transmissions (6+ speeds and CVTs), gasoline direct injection (GDI) systems, and turbocharged engines will be installed on at least 15% of all MY 2013 vehicles. The majority of the emissions and fuel savings from current vehicles, EPA noted, is due to new gasoline vehicle technologies. MY 2012 adjusted fuel economy is 23.6 mpg fuel economy improvement from MY 2011 to MY 2012 is the second largest annual improvement in the last 30 years.

2013 84

Audi survey finds more than half of US drivers would support government initiative to spur diesel vehicle sales

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A poll conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of Audi of America found that a majority of American drivers would support government initiatives aimed at spurring clean diesel vehicle sales in the US. Government has set very rigorous standards for future fuel economy, and we believe that clean diesel is perfectly positioned to help us achieve those goals. Conversely, only 39% of those 45+ said they would purchase a diesel car over a gas car if there was fuel price parity.

2013 84

Euro car market has best H1 of century; diesels down 17%; AFVs up 31% for 5.4% of total; SUVs booming

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The diesel crisis certainly affected the speed of growth in the market, but consumers are overcoming this by turning to more attractive gasoline and AFV solutions. The fuel type accounted for just 37% of the total market—its lowest share since 2001. Alternative Fueled Vehicles (AFVs) performed well, as electrics, hybrids and plug-ins posted an increase of 31% and recorded 450,200 registrations, making up 5.4% Diesel Electric (Battery) Europe Hybrids Sales

2018 83

JATO: new diesel car volume in Europe in October dropped 9.9%; 41.4% market share lowest in 10 years

Green Car Congress

New vehicle sales in Europe in October 2017 increased 5.6% Growth was driven by increased demand for gasoline, electric and hybrid vehic—and the ongoing strong performance of SUVs. Gasoline vehicle sales rose to 619,300 units, accounting for 51.5% As a result, the fuel type accounted for 41.4% This shift has boosted gasoline and AFV registrations. Diesel Europe Salesyear-on-year to 1,202,877 units, according to figures from JATO Dynamics.

2017 64

New Honda 2012 Civic Natural Gas goes on sale 18 October at Honda dealers in 35 states, up from 4

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The all-new 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas (formally known as the Civic GX), the only dedicated natural gas-powered passenger vehicle manufactured and sold in the US, will go on sale at qualified Honda dealerships nationwide on 18 October with a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) starting at $26,155. Previously, retail sales of the natural gas-powered Civic had been limited to four states: California, New York, Utah and Oklahoma. L/100km), gasoline-gallon equivalent (gge).Compared

2011 80

EEA: Fuel efficiency improvements of new cars in Europe slowed in 2016

Green Car Congress

The fuel efficiency of new cars sold in the European Union (EU) continued to improve last year but at a slower rate, according to provisional data from the European Environment Agency. For the second successive year, the share of diesel vehicle sales declined and in 2016 fell below 50% of new sales—the lowest share of new sales since 2009 according to the official statistics. For example, in the Netherlands, sales fell from 10% of national car sales in 2015 to 6%.

2017 65

Ford EcoLPi Falcon goes on sale in Australia; new liquid injection LPG engine delivers more performance, lower fuel consumption

Green Car Congress

Ford’s EcoLPi Falcon has gone on sale in Australia and is making its debut at the 2011 Australian International Motor Show in Melbourne. The new EcoLPi in-line six-cylinder engine is an advanced liquid phase injection, dedicated LPG powerplant that produces 27% more power and 10% more torque than previous E-Gas LPG system, while at the same time reducing fuel consumption by 12-15%. Engine performance is equivalent to that of the existing gasoline-fueled I6.

Diesel new vehicle market share in Europe in February dropped to 39.5%; SUVs still driving growth

Green Car Congress

in February, as gasoline car registrations increased by 16%. Alternative-Fueled-Vehicles were also able to take advantage of the decline of diesel, growing by 18.5% —Felipe Munoz, JATO’s Global Analyst. The trend for diesel registrations declining and increases in SUV registrations, combined with rising gasoline registrations, follows the recent news that CO 2 emissions increased by 0.3 Diesel Electric (Battery) Europe Hybrids Sales

2018 69

EPA Trends on EVs and PHEVs; beginning of a “measurable and meaningful impact” on new vehicle fuel economy and emissions

Green Car Congress

The US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) annual report “Light-Duty Automotive Technology, Carbon Dioxide Emissions, and Fuel Economy Trends” ( earlier post ) has, in its past editions since its inception in 1975, treated alternative fuel vehicles—electric vehicles (EVs), plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs), and compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles—separately from gasoline and diesel vehicles, with the vast majority of its analysis limited to gasoline and diesel vehicles only.

2014 102

California Energy Commission approves $384M plan to accelerate zero-emission transportation; 50% of funds to benefit disadvantaged communities

Green Car Congress

The plan focuses on closing gaps in zero-emission fuels and infrastructure to support Governor Gavin Newsom’s executive order phasing out the sale of new gasoline-powered passenger vehicles by 2035. 25 million for zero-and near-zero-carbon fuel production and supply. $10 Now in its 12 th year, the program has provided nearly $900 million to projects across the state covering a broad spectrum of alternative fuels and technologies.

2020 103

Moody’s Japan says push for electrified vehicles poses credit challenges for key Japanese sectors

Green Car Congress

says that the push toward alternative-fuel vehicles—battery electric vehicles, hybrids, plug-in hybrids and fuel-cell vehicles—poses a credit challenge for multiple sectors in Japan, with the large auto sector and sectors such as steel and refining most affected. Moody’s conclusions are included in its just-released report “ Cross-sector: Push for alternative-fuel vehicles presents challenges for Japan Inc. ”. Moody’s Japan K.K.

2018 65

The 60,000 Volt Question

Plug In Partners

Bloomberg, citing anonymous sources, reported Wednesday that first year sales of the automaker's plug-in hybrid could quadruple that of the Toyota Prius' U.S. If they were able to get 30,000 to 60,000 on the road in a year, it would be a huge leap in technology ," Brett Smith, an alternative-fuel analyst at the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, Michigan, told Bloomberg. "It Sales tripled the following year and topped 60,000 for the first time in 2005.

2007 100

EIA Energy Outlook 2013 reference case sees drop in fossil fuel consumption as use of petroleum-based liquid fuels falls; projects 20% higher sales of hybrids and PHEVs than AEO2012

Green Car Congress

Transportation sector gasoline demand declines. Further, the fossil fuel share of primary energy consumption falls from 82% in 2011 to 78% in 2040 as consumption of petroleum-based liquid fuels falls, largely because of the incorporation of new fuel efficiency standards for light-duty vehicles. Increased sales for hybrids and PHEVs. million FFV sales in the AEO2012 Reference case. Motor gasoline consumption will be less than previously estimated.

2012 78

ROUSH CleanTech receives CARB retrofit LPG system certification for 2010 model year vehicles

Green Car Congress

ROUSH CleanTech has received California Air Resources Board (CARB) approval of its propane autogas (LPG) fuel system for retrofitting 2010 model year 5.4-liter Ford E-150, E-250 and E-350 cargo vans and wagons. This is the first CARB certification awarded since 2000 for a liquefied petroleum gas retrofit system, and the first CARB certification for any alternative fuel system for retrofit installation on 2010 model year vehicles.

2012 91

Florida repeals state Renewable Fuel Standard

Green Car Congress

Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed into law HB 4001 , the “Florida Renewable Fuel Standard Act”, which repeals the state’s Renewable Fuel Standard, effective 1 July 2013. The bill repeals the Florida Renewable Fuel Standard Act (ss. which requires that, beginning 31 December 2010, all gasoline sold or offered for sale in Florida by a terminal supplier, importer, blender, or wholesaler be blended gasoline.

US SecAg directs USDA fleet to increase biofuels usage; $100M for biofuels infrastructure program

Green Car Congress

US Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue has directed the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to acquire alternative fueled vehicles (AFV) when replacing conventionally fueled vehicles. Through this program, transportation fueling and biodiesel distribution facilities will be able to apply for grants to help install, retrofit, and/or upgrade fuel storage, dispenser pumps, related equipment and infrastructure to be able to sell ethanol and biodiesel.

2020 84

Ethanol production in Germany fell 12.88% last year from 2018; market share of E10 up 1 percentage point

Green Car Congress

German bioethanol production, standardized for use as fuel, fell last year to 542,699 tonnes—12.8% Sales of bioethanol were roughly on par with the previous year, with the market share of Super E10 rising by almost one percentage point to 13.7%. In a fuel market that increased again slightly in 2019 with gasoline sales of 18.0 In contrast, the market share of the fuel Super E10, which contains up to 10% bioethanol rose, from 12.9%

2020 68

ROUSH CleanTech expands commercialization of propane transit shuttle buses with new conversion partner

Green Car Congress

ROUSH CleanTech unveiled a propane autogas fueled shuttle bus converted by new industry partner, Green Alternative Systems (GAS), at the 2012 BusCon Expo this week in Chicago, Ill. Using their existing sales and service channel, GAS, the largest commercial alternative fuel conversion company in the country, has partnered to provide installations for ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas fueling systems in the transit, paratransit and commercial ground transportation markets.

2012 77

Governor Pataki On Board

Plug In Partners

Bruno today announced a new $10 million State program to convert vehicles in the State fleet to plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) and plans for the construction of a state-of-the-art alternative fuel research laboratory at the Saratoga Technology + Energy Park (STEP). The $10 million PHEV program will encourage the development and deployment of these vehicles, which can achieve a fuel economy of up to 100 miles per gallon. In most cases, these brands do not include renewable fuels.

2006 100

CDP Technologies offering new gaseous fuels aftermarket cylinder head package for GM 6.0L engines

Green Car Congress

CDP Technologies, the OEM sales division of Crazy Diamond Performance Inc., will offer a new aftermarket gaseous fuels-prepped cylinder head package for GM 6.0L The new CDP cylinder head will be available for the popular GM engines that have been, or are slated to be, converted to a gaseous alternative fuel engine. engines.

2017 89