Obama climate plan calls for new fuel economy standards for heavy-duty vehicles post-2018; cleaner fuels and investment in advanced fossil energy

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Among the transportation-related elements of US President Barack Obama’s new climate action plan, which he is outlining today in a speech at Georgetown University, is the development of new fuel economy standards for heavy-duty vehicles post-2018. In 2011, the Obama Administration finalized the first fuel economy standards for Model Year 2014-2018 for medium- and heavy-duty trucks, buses, and vans. Climate Change Emissions Fuel Efficiency Fuels Heavy-duty Policy

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IPG to demo Flameless Ceramic Turbine for clean, off-grid power in EV charging

Green Car Congress

Low-cost ceramics enable temperatures beyond the limitations of metals to deliver fuel efficiencies of power plants in small-scale distributed power. Not only can IPG’s technology deliver low-emission, pollutant-free energy on today’s cleaner fuels.

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Efficient Drivetrains introduces CNG PHEV for agriculture work truck applications

Green Car Congress

The vehicle combines the benefits of a CNG Fuel system and Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) technology and is geared to help agriculture fleets switch from petroleum-based liquid fuels to domestically available, cleaner burning natural gas and electricity. The truck will be operated in San Joaquin Valley, a 250-mile-long region susceptible to air pollution due to its bordering mountain ranges. Efficient Drivetrains, Inc. (

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Toyota to debut 2 BEVs, 1 PHEV for US this year; says research shows BEVs & PHEVs have similar environmental benefits

Green Car Congress

Toyota currently has more than 40% share of the total alternative fuel vehicle market, which includes a 75% share of the fuel cell market and a 64% share of hybrids and plug-ins. At every price point and with multiple powertrains, we can put more people in cleaner automobiles across North America to have the greatest near-term impact on total carbon emissions.

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NY to award $18.9M to increase number of electric buses in state

Green Car Congress

million for school bus operators to acquire cleaner forms of transportation with lower emissions. million is also now available through the NYTVIP to school bus operators statewide to support the purchase of cleaner, less polluting buses. The program reduces the cost to purchase new, clean electric or alternative-fueled buses through point of sale rebates offered through a qualified vendor.

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Big Blue Bus receives nearly $900K to purchase 58 new Cummins-Westport Near-Zero NOx engines

Green Car Congress

In California, Big Blue Bus (BBB) will receive $870,000 from the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee’s (MSRC) Near Zero Engine Incentive Program. Operating ISL G NZ engines on RNG offers a significant GHG emissions benefit compared to fossil fuels. Nationally recognized for its long-standing commitment to a cleaner environment, the entire fleet operates on alternative fuels, including renewable natural gas (RNG).

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$13.5M in EPA clean diesel grant funding available

Green Car Congress

million in grant funding to help governments and nonprofit organizations switch to cleaner diesel engines. Nonprofit organizations may apply if they provide pollution reduction or educational services to diesel fleet owners or if their principal purpose is promoting clean transportation or air quality. The projects fund clean diesel technology such as emissions and idle control devices, aerodynamic equipment, engine and vehicle replacements and alternative fuel options.

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Petrobras joins Model Fuels Consortium II

Green Car Congress

Reaction Design, a leading developer of advanced combustion simulation software, announced that Brazil’s Petrobras has joined the Model Fuels Consortium II (MFC II). Petrobras was a participant in the inaugural phase of the Consortium and is keenly interested in the Consortium’s work toward creation of accurate fuel models and combustion simulation tools that will enable the next generation of more efficient engines used for transportation and power generation.

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EPA to award up to $5M for projects to reduce diesel emissions at ports

Green Car Congress

EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ) will award up to $5M combined for proposals ( EPA-OAR-OTAQ-14-07 ) that achieve significant reductions in diesel emissions in terms of tons of pollution produced by diesel engines and diesel emissions exposure, from fleets operating at marine and inland water ports located in areas of poor air quality. Clean Alternative Fuel Conversions: up to 40% of the cost (labor and equipment) of an eligible clean alternative fuel conversion.

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CCSE to continue for 4th year as admin of California clean vehicle rebate program; $59.55M for current fiscal year

Green Car Congress

Future funding is expected thanks to the recently authorized AB 8 ( earlier post ) that guarantees the state’s current clean vehicle and alternative fuel incentive initiatives continue through 2023 with a budget in excess of $2 billion. The program incentives are available for electric, plug-in hybrid electric, fuel cell vehicles and electric motorcycles, ranging from $900 to $2,500.

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EPA to award up to $4M for projects to reduce diesel emissions from port fleets

Green Car Congress

EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ) is soliciting proposals ( EPA-OAR-OTAQ-14-02 ) that achieve significant reductions in diesel emissions in terms of tons of pollution produced by diesel engines and diesel emissions exposure, from fleets operating at marine and inland water ports. Clean Alternative Fuel Conversions: EPA will fund up to 40% of the cost (labor and equipment) of an eligible clean alternative fuel conversion.

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EPA to award up to $5M to reduce diesel emissions at ports

Green Car Congress

EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ) is soliciting proposals ( EPA-OAR-OTAQ-14-07 ) that achieve significant reductions in diesel emissions in terms of tons of pollution produced by diesel engines and diesel emissions exposure, from fleets operating at marine and inland water ports located in areas of poor air quality. Clean Alternative Fuel Conversions: EPA will fund up to 40% of the cost (labor and equipment) of an eligible clean alternative fuel conversion.

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Chicago Area Clean Cities names American Lung Association 2017 Clean Fuels Champion

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The American Lung Association has been named the 2017 Clean Fuels Champion by Chicago Area Clean Cities (CACC), a nonprofit coalition dedicated to promoting clean-energy and clean-air solutions for transportation in the Chicago area impacting nearly 9 million people. The Clean Fuels Champion was awarded last night at the coalition’s Annual Meeting. We are truly honored to be named a Clean Fuels Champion by Chicago Area Clean Cities.

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California Energy Commission adopts $100M investment plan for 2013-2014 for green vehicles and fuels

Green Car Congress

The California Energy Commission unanimously adopted the 2013-2014 Investment Plan Update to support the development and use of green vehicles and alternative fuels. The update sets funding priorities for the approximately $100 million in annual state funds under the Commission’s Alternative and Renewable Fuels and Vehicle Technology (ARFVT) Program, created by Assembly Bill 118. 20 million for hydrogen fueling infrastructure.

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ICCT study examines current & projected use of heavy fuel oil in Arctic shipping; growth in BC emissions points to need for policies

Green Car Congress

A new study by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) estimates heavy fuel oil (HFO) use, HFO carriage, the use and carriage of other fuels, black carbon (BC) emissions, and emissions of other air and climate pollutants for the year 2015, with projections to 2020 and 2025. Top: Heavy fuel oil use (tonnes) in the Arctic, 2015, with minimum sea extents. Shorter distances result in fuel, labor, and time savings.

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EC adopts Fit for 55 package of proposals; reducing net GHGs by at least 55% by 2030; all new cars zero-emission in 2035

Green Car Congress

The proposals combine: application of emissions trading to new sectors and a tightening of the existing EU Emissions Trading System; increased use of renewable energy; greater energy efficiency; a faster roll-out of low emission transport modes and the infrastructure and fuels to support them; an alignment of taxation policies with the European Green Deal objectives; measures to prevent carbon leakage; and tools to preserve and grow natural carbon sinks.

California ARB: GHG emissions fell below 1990 levels for first time in 2016; down 13% from 2004 peak; transportation emissions up 2%

Green Car Congress

The state’s latest Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory shows that California emitted 429 million metric tons of climate pollutants in 2016—a drop of 12 million metric tons, or three percent, from 2015. Due to the carbon price signal created by the Cap-and-Trade Program that makes fossil fuel generation more expensive, cleaner out-of-state electricity is increasingly taking the place of fuels such as coal.

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California Energy Commission publishes investment plan for alt and renewable fuel and vehicle technology, 2014-2015

Green Car Congress

2015 Investment Plan Update for the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program”. Through the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program, established by Assembly Bill 118 (Núñez, Chapter 750, Statutes of 2007), the Energy Commission provides up to $100 million per year toward the development and deployment of low?carbon carbon alternative fuels, fueling infrastructure, and advanced vehicle technologies.

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IMO selects DNV to investigate potential for LNG-fueled shipping in North American ECA

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The IMO (International Maritime Organization) has chosen DNV to gather knowledge about the potential of LNG powered international shipping in the North American Emission Control Area (ECA) and identify the necessary conditions for the successful implementation of LNG as a fuel source in the region. Within ECAs, the sulfur content of fuel oil (expressed in terms of % m/m – that is, by weight) must be no more than 1.00% m/m; falling to 0.10% m/m on and after 1 January 2015.

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California Air Resources Board Launches $20M in Funding Assistance for Heavy-Duty Hybrid Trucks and Buses

Green Car Congress

The California Air Resources Board launched a $20 million funding assistance program designed to spur the purchase of hybrid trucks and buses that reduce smog-forming pollution and address climate change. ARB created the financial incentive program from AB 118 funding to help Californians purchase cleaner, but more costly hybrid vehicles. Hybrid vehicles also reduce smog-forming emissions while saving vehicle owners money in reduced fuel costs.

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IIT team explores combustion, performance and emissions characteristics of HCNG blends in spark ignition engine

Green Car Congress

Their paper is published in the journal Fuel. Use of lower carbon natural gas and carbon-free hydrogen have potential to reduce harmful emissions of criteria pollutants and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and and could displace a portion of conventional liquid fossil fuels, the IIT noted. However, both fuels pose different challenges for use in internal combustion (IC) engines. Exhaust gas temperatures increased with decreasing H/C ratio of the test fuel.

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Volkswagen Group opts for LNG-fueled car carriers

Green Car Congress

Alternative LNG drive systems for ships reduce air pollutant emissions significantly—CO 2 by up to 25% and NO x by up to 30%, particulate matter by up to 60% and SO x by as much as 100%. Emissions will be further reduced by the use of an advanced dual-fuel marine engine with direct injection and exhaust gas treatment. The two LNG ships will replace two of nine conventional freighters in the Siem fleet powered by heavy fuel oil from 2019 onwards.

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Obama sets goal of reducing US oil imports by 1/3 by 2025; domestic and Western Hemisphere production, natural gas, biofuels, electric vehicles, fleet purchases

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Meeting the goal of cutting US oil dependence depends largely on two things, Obama said: finding and producing more oil at home, and reducing dependence on oil with cleaner alternative fuels and greater efficiency. Obama noted that last year, US oil production reached its highest level since 2003 and that for the first time in more than a decade, imported oil accounted for less than half the liquid fuel consumed.

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California Air Resources Board unanimously adopts Advanced Clean Cars Package

Green Car Congress

In a unanimous vote on Friday, the California Air Resources Board (ARB) adopted the Advanced Clean Cars (ACC) regulatory package ( earlier post ), launching California into another round of major automotive regulations for model years 2015-2025 that are designed to deliver cleaner air, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to help build the future market for battery-electric and fuel-cell electric vehicles. credits, while a 300-mile fuel-cell electric vehicle receives 3.5

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Reaction Design introduces model fuel library resulting from work of Model Fuels Consortium

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Good fuel models are required for good predictions. Reaction Design is introducing the first volume of the industry’s most well-validated available Model Fuel Library, the result of seven years of research and validation under the Model Fuels Consortium ( earlier post ). The components can be combined to model a large variety of new or existing fuel blends. However, real fuels, with their hundreds of components, are too complex to simulate directly.

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California Energy Commission awards $3.27M to 6 clean transportation projects

Green Car Congress

The approved awards were made through the Commission's Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program, created by Assembly Bill 118. The program is slated to invest approximately $90 million during this fiscal year to develop new transportation technologies, as well as alternative and renewable fuels. Alternative Energy Systems Consulting, Inc., Alternative Energy Systems Consulting is based in Carlsbad (San Diego County).

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Perspective: Ending Oils Monopolya Blueprint for Mobility Choice

Green Car Congress

We must fight against the increasing amount of carbon pollution entering our atmosphere if we are to leave our planet in better shape for generations to come. We need to work together with government, business, non-governmental and national security experts to develop smart policies that will strengthen fuel economy standards, shift us to alternative fuel development and increase transportation infrastructure investments.

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Pennsylvania DEP awards nearly $517,000 in clean diesel grants

Green Car Congress

Each of the four recipients will match a percentage of the grant amount with their own funds to purchase compressed natural gas-powered vehicles; retrofit diesel engines with cleaner technology; replace older, more polluting diesel buses with cleaner diesel buses; or purchase hybrid electric-powered buses. The CNG buses would be fueled at the new Bucks County Public Access CNG station under development in Fairless Hills.

Small-displacement two-stroke H2 engine could address performance and emissions cost-effectively for recreational market; potential for Asian motor vehicle fleet

Green Car Congress

Comparison of brake thermal efficiency and specific fuel consumption at rated power (ICOMIA Mode 5), hydrogen vs. gasoline engines. It, or a scaled-up version, could also provide a solution for the Asian motor vehicle fleet, in which two-stroke engine vehicles constitute a major share—and contribute significantly to air pollution. The lost available energy also results in poor off-design point fuel efficiency. fuel consumption penalty.

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OECD paper presents and analyzes policies and programs to foster market growth of green cars

Green Car Congress

While alternative fuel vehicles can potentially provide an important contribution to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and threats to air quality and human health; enhancing the energy security of countries; and providing governments with new sources of economic growth and competitiveness, there are a number of specific barriers retarding the development of the market, according to a detailed policy paper newly published by the OECD as part of its “Green Growth” series.

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Report argues advanced HD natural gas vehicles foundational for California to hit air and climate goals; near zero-emission potential

Green Car Congress

Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA), a consulting firm specializing in market development for low emission and alternative fuel vehicle technologies, infrastructure, and fuels for both on- and off-road applications, released a report examining the critical role that ultra-low-emission heavy-duty (HD) natural gas engines can play in helping California achieve its air quality, climate protection and petroleum-displacement goals. Fuels, Storage, and Infrastructure.

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California Energy Commission Adopts $176M Green Transportation Plan

Green Car Congress

The Alternative and Renewable Fuels and Vehicle Technology Program’s Investment Plan allocates $176 million over the next two years to stimulate green transportation projects and encourage innovation to help meet the state’s aggressive climate change policies. The Alternative and Renewable Fuels Vehicle Technology Program was established by Assembly Bill 118 (Núñez, Chapter 750, Statutes of 2007) and is an essential element of the California's climate change and energy policies.

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High Performance Computing key enabler for accelerating development of high efficiency engines

Green Car Congress

The complexity of new and future vehicles—driven by the need for increasing fuel efficiency and decreasing emissions with ever-changing drive-cycle demands and environmental conditions—is adding unprecedented flexibility in design and driving the need for better simulation and more powerful computers, observed Dr. Robert M. Fuel spray processes. Fuel sprays set the initial conditions for combustion in essentially all future transportation engines, the workshop noted.

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Soot and Spin: Two Plug-in Paradoxes

Plugs and Cars

Required reading: Bill Moore's EVWorld review and Martin Zimmerman's LA Times piece about their test drives of the Toyota Plug-in Prius and the hydrogen fuel cell Highlander FCHV. Cold starts mean more pollution. The catalytic converter that keeps the ICE from being a gross polluter in conventional cars and hybrids however, isn't kept warm by the continual embrace of an ever-churning engine in a hybrid with all-electric range.

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Using the PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle) to Transition Society Seamlessly and Profitably From Fossil Fuel to 100% Renewable Energy

Green Car Congress

The alternative-fuel car evolved to reduce exhaust emissions and other problems derived from burning fossil fuels. The PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle), a subset of the electric car, combines a primary electric motor with a much smaller back-up engine fueled with a hydrocarbon/biofuel mix. (In If PHEVs became the major form of transportation, the use of fossil fuels would be cut dramatically. Smaller and lighter, it requires less liquid fuel.

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Electric Car Manufacturers Inspire New Paradigms -- Seeking Alpha

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