Harley-Davidson spins off electric motorcycles into new all-electric brand LiveWire


Harley-Davidson announced today that its electric motorcycle operations would be spun-off into a new all-electric brand known as LiveWire. more… The post Harley-Davidson spins off electric motorcycles into new all-electric brand LiveWire appeared first on Electrek.

Honda patents electric motorcycle

Electric Vehicles India

Honda patents electric motorcycle. Honda patented electric motorcycle. Honda, the world’s famous and market leader has filed a patent for its fully mini electric motorcycle. It shows a mini-bike concept with an electric powertrain.


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Harley-Davidson LiveWire One electric motorcycle debuts

Electric Vehicles India

Harley-Davidson LiveWire One electric motorcycle debuts. Harley-Davidson has announced the launch of its first electric motorcycle under the all-electric brand LiveWire. It will be the most stylish electric bike ever with its styling cues and colour pattern.

All-electric personal watercraft launch for quieter lake journeys

Green Car Reports

Not all electric vehicles have wheels. Electric boats have actually been around for quite awhile, and now a California startup is trying to expand use of electric powertrains to another type of watercraft. Free Form Factory is partnering with Zero Motorcycles to use the motorcycle company's electric-powertrain components in a "stand-up personal. California plug-in cars electric motorcycles Zero Motorcycles Boats

Jawa Motor electric motorcycle to launch in 2022 

Electric Vehicles India

Jawa Motor electric motorcycle to launch in 2022 . With more and more electric two-wheelers launch in India here comes another electric two-wheeler launch update, the Jawa Motorcycles is planning to launch an all-electric bike in 2022.

The i4 M50 Becomes BMW M's First All-Electric Safety Car


The BMW i4 M50 replaces the i8 as the official safety car of the fully electric FIM Enel MotoE World Cup motorcycle racing series

Harley Davidson LiveWire One electric motorcycle to debut on July 8th

Electric Vehicles India

Harley Davidson LiveWire One electric motorcycle to debut on July 8th. The most popular electric motorcycle Harley Davidson LiveWire One is likely to make a debut on July 8th. It is supposed to debut at the International Motorcycle Show at FivePoint Amphitheater Irvine.

EGEB: Largo Police Department is first in Tampa Bay to buy electric motorcycles


In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): The Largo, Florida, police department in the Tampa Bay area buys Zero all-electric motorcycles. more… The post EGEB: Largo Police Department is first in Tampa Bay to buy electric motorcycles appeared first on Electrek.

Tampa 97

Harley-Davidson Livewire electric motorcycle makes European debut in Milan; more specs and details

Green Car Congress

The new electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle—originally unveiled in Milwaukee during the company’s 115 th Anniversary this past Labor Day weekend—made its European debut at the Milan press conference of the EICMA show. Due for release in 2019 and being shown at the event as a production-ready motorcycle, LiveWire was first confirmed during the announcement of the company’s “More Roads to Harley-Davidson.” ( Earlier post.) Electric (Battery

2018 233

Guest post: Honda Introduces the EV-Cub; two-wheel-drive electric motorcycle

Green Car Congress

And that’s exactly what the company has been focusing on lately in the world of motorcycles. Honda has been making and selling a motorcycle called the Cub for decades. Mostly sold in emerging markets around the world as an urban commuter, the Cub is a very small motorcycle with an equally small engine. While technically a motorcycle, it kind of resembles a cross between a motorcycle and a scooter. It’s time for a paradigm shift in the way we all travel.

2015 305

Zero Will Now Sell You, Too, An All-Electric Cop Motorcycle

Green Car Reports

Imagine, for a second, you're doing some dodgy criminal dealings, and the cops are onto your hideout location. You still have time though--you've heard no sirens, no vehicle pulling up outside the warehouse. And that would be your final mistake--just because you've not heard anything, doesn't mean it's not there. That's the premise behind the

2013 93

Second All-Electric Morgan Concept Is Three-Wheeler Headed For Production

Green Car Reports

There are electric cars and electric motorcycles, but what we've got here fits somewhere in between. Morgan is a century-old British automaker known for its purposely anachronistic sports cars, and a few years ago it decided to revive one of its oldest models--the 3 Wheeler. Originally built to take advantage of a British tax loophole that allowed. Green Goodwood Festival of Speed Morgan Morgan Threewheeler Three-wheel plug-in cars

2015 126

2013 Zero Electric Motorcycles: Bigger, Badder, Faster

Green Car Reports

If you’re a fan of electric motorcycles, you’ll know that Californian-based Zero Motorcycles likes to update its range of all-electric motorcycles one a year. And, unlike many automakers and motorcycle companies, that means more than just a few new paint options and handlebar tweaks.

Lit Motors C1 All-Electric Two-Wheeler Update: Still In Development (Video)

Green Car Reports

How about a motorcycle that won''t fall over? Human beings are curious beasts. Tell them something outlandish, even something backed by scientific method, and they''ll try and prove it wrong anyway. Non-stick pans? Let''s see what I can burn onto it! Unbreakable pen? Yeah, sure. Actually, we''ve seen this one before. Lit Motors'' C-1 really can''t be

C1 128

Zero Announces Faster, Longer-Range Electric Motorcycles For 2012

Green Car Reports

Californian electric motorcycle firm Zero Motorcycles has just announced its 2012 range of all-electric motorcycles at the 2012 International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan, Italy. Faster, more powerful, and with options available to give over 100 miles of range per charge, the 2012 Zero S, 2012 Zero DS, 2012 Zero X, 2012 Zero MX and 2012 Zero XU

2011 99

Lit Motors C-1: Video Shows Self-Balancing Motorcycle On The Road

Green Car Reports

Lit Motors has been steadily developing its self-balancing electric-motorcycle concept over the past four years, calling it the "future of transportation." MORE: Lit Motors C1 All-Electric Two-Wheeler Update: Still In Building an automotive startup is never easy, especially when the product offered by that company defies easy description.

2014 127

BMW Electric SUV, Electric Motorcycle Road Trip, Best Green-Car Deals: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, we have a report of BMW building an electric SUV to compete with the Tesla Model X, an electric motorcycle road trip from Mexico to Canada, and the best deals on hybrids, electric cars, and diesels. All this and more on Green Car Reports. BMW may build an all-electric SUV to compete with the Tesla Model X at the Spartanburg, South Carolina.

2015 106

2012 Zero DS, S: Electric Motorcycle Quick Ride Report

Green Car Reports

Shortly after we took to the roads of Scotts Valley, California to test-ride the 2011 Zero DS and 2011 Zero S the Californian all-electric motorcycle maker announced its all-new 2012 range. With all-new motors, battery pack and control circuitry, the 2012 Zero DS and 2012 Zero S motorcycles appeared far superior on paper than their predecessors

2012 83

Breaking: Brammo Announces Geared Electric Motorcycles (Video)

All Cars Electric

the Oregonian firm responsible for the all-electric Brammo Enertia, Enertia + and Empulse motorcycles has just announced four new electric motorcycles to be sold alongside its current range. But unlike nearly every other electric vehicle on the market today the new motorcycles will come complete with a six speed manual gearbox Brammo Inc.,

2012 Brutus Electric Motorcycle Promises To Be Green, Mean

Green Car Reports

Think about the names given to electric cars and electric motorcycles on the market today. Most, if not all, are a play on the concept of all-electric, zero tailpipe emissions travel. So when we heard about a team of engineers in Henderson, Nevada who were developing a new electric motorcycle called Brutus 2, we had to investigate.

2012 85

Mazda rotary range extender, Nissan's chill electric van, 2018 Zero motorcycles, Cummins buys Brammo: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, we've got a very cool electric van, a diesel-engine maker moving into electric trucks, Mazda's rotary range-extending engine, and new and better electric motorcycles. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Refrigerated trucks are a small but crucial piece of the commercial van market; now Nissan has an all-electric refrigerated van concept.

2017 68

Iconic Vespa Scooter, now 70 years old, gets brand-new electric powertrain

Green Car Reports

For 70 years, Vespas have buzzed about roadways, but the buzz will soon give way to an all-but-silent hum in the company's latest scooter. Earlier this month at the Milan Motorcycle Show, Vespa announced its first all-electric scooter, dubbed the Elettrica. Plug-In Hybrids scooter Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) electric motorcycles Electric ScooterThe Vespa scooter is undeniably an icon on European streets.

2017 91

Analysis: What’s the Best Way to Market EVs?

Clean Fleet Report

Harley-Davidson Launches Stand-Alone Electric Bike Brand. I’ve always wondered how Harley would market its silent motorcycles. LiveWire motorcycles are not really Harleys, the thought goes, although they will share engineering, production facilities, a supply chain and global logistics.

Team Electra in history-making win of electric motorcycles against gas bikes

National Green Transportation

Over the weekend (Oct 9, 10) Team Electra, the electric motorcycle race team, made a bit of history. For the first time in a sanctioned race between a field of gas motorcycles and electric motorcycles, an all-electric motorcycle won. Team Electra is the brainchild of Brian Richardson of rural Blue Grass Virginia who built an electric motorcycle out of a vintage Norton Featherbed motorcycle.

2010 69

2014 BMW i3 Electric Car: Motorcycle Engine As Range Extender

Green Car Reports

Diversity among electric cars is rapidly expanding, from the all-electric Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi 'i' to the upcoming Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid, which provides just 9 to 13 miles of electric range. Now, it turns out, the 2014 BMW i3--the all-electric urban four-door subcompact that BMW showed last week in concept form--will offer the option

2011 74

Electric Vehicles Open-up New Business Opportunities

Get Electric Vehicle

We have been talking about electric vehicles for a while. You shall find the importance of electric vehicles , advantages, disadvantages, other technical aspects, electric vehicle reviews, project ideas, and more here on this blog. Electric Vehicle Related Business Opportunities.

Harley Davidson’s livewire brand

Electric Vehicles India

Approximately a week ago, Harley Davidson announced Livewire as an all-electric vehicle brand. On May 10th, 2021 Harley Davidson mentions its ambitious plans of taking this electric vehicle to next level. We may see the first LiveWire branded motorcycle launch on July 8, 2021.

Electric Vehicle Spotlight (EVS): Opibus is helping electrify Africa


Welcome one and all back to the Electric Vehicle Spotlight (EVS) , where we at Electrek shine a light on specific companies bringing exciting new innovations and strategies to the world of electrified transport.

Electrify America to provide Harley-Davidson LiveWire owners with nationwide charging plan

Green Car Congress

Electrify America announced an agreement with Harley-Davidson to provide owners of its first all-electric motorcycle—the Harley-Davidson LiveWire ( earlier post )—with the per minute equivalent of 500 kWh of complimentary charging over two years at Electrify America stations nationwide. Electric (Battery) Infrastructure

2019 217

Killacycle World Record

Revenge of the Electric Car

Rider Scotty Pollacheck piloted the wickedly fast all electric A123Systems NanoPhosphate battery powered motorcycle down the quarter mile in only 7.89 Scotty’s run qualifies as a new official NEDRA (National Electric Drag Racing Association) record, vaulting the KillaCycle into the history books as the world’s quickest quarter mile electric vehicle of any kind. Tags: EV Events Inside Track Electric Motorcycles

2008 100

Electric vehicle news 23 May

Electric Vehicles India

Electric vehicle news 23 May. In the Electric vehicle news 23 May, the highlights are Cargo bicycle from nexzu mobility , The first all-electric popemobile from Fisker Inc., First all-electric popemobile from Fisker Inc.

National Plug In Day(s), Sept 28-29

Electric Cars are for Girls

National Plug In Day is a nationwide celebration to heighten awareness of today''s widespread availability of plug-in vehicles and highlight the benefits of all-electric and plug-in hybrid-electric cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more. They are fun to drive, are less expensive and more convenient to fuel than gasoline vehicles, are better for the environment, promote local jobs, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil

2013 182

Rajasthan unveils EV Policy 2021

Electric Vehicles India

After the Meghalaya , Gujarat , Delhi , Telangana , and Maharashtra governments and Goa draft EV policy announcements, Rajasthan has now unveiled its own initiative to boost the adoption of electric vehicles in the state. Rajasthan unveils EV Policy 2021.

National Drive Electric Week 2021

EV Match

National Drive Electric Week 2021 is nearly upon us, taking place this year from September 25 to October 3. This annual, nationwide celebration is held to raise awareness of the many benefits of all-electric and plug-in hybrid cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more.

Tesla Autopilot tries valiantly before asking for help in Vietnam’s crowded streets


The short clip showed roads that were filled with a vast number of cars, as well as motorcycles that were constantly weaving in and out of the stopped vehicles.

Mini E to return, Mercedes electric SUV driven, diesel NOx emissions bad, Karma redux: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, two cars with plugs return—one luxury plug-in hybrid, and one all-electric minicar in a couple of years—plus grim news about diesel emissions, an ambitious electric motorcycle ride, a phone app for British electric-car drivers, and a scary IIHS video. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

2017 60

2011 TT Zero: MotoCzysz Team Takes First, Second Places

All Cars Electric

This year’s TT Zero - annual all-electric version of the iconic Isle of Man TT Motorcycle Race, has been won by British motorcyclist Michael Rutter on his MotoCzysz E1PC. Delayed by 24 hours due to heavy rain, the motorcycle race took place on the Isle of Man, and included riders from Europe, Japan and the U.S.

2011 47

Electric Vehicles International orders 100 additional UQM PowerPhase electric propulsion systems for UPS delivery trucks to be deployed in California

Green Car Congress

has received an order for 100 additional PowerPhase HD Select 200 systems from Electric Vehicles International (EVI) that will drive all-electric UPS delivery vans built by EVI. We’re very pleased that UPS has selected the all-electric EVI delivery van for the expansion of its all-electric delivery van fleet program. UQM Technologies, Inc.

2012 161

Morgan launches three-wheeled Morgan EV3 at Geneva

Green Car Congress

The Morgan Motor Company is launching the three-wheeled Morgan EV3 , the company’s first production electric vehicle, at the Geneva Motor Show. Fitted with a 20 kWh Li-ion battery pack and a liquid-cooled 46 kW motor driving the rear wheel, and weighing less than 500 kg (1,100 lbs), the all-electric 3 Wheeler has a range of 150 miles (241 km). Electric (Battery

InDEED, a success

Electric Auto Association

Drive Electric Earth Day sets new records in attendance. Drive Electric Earth Day parade in Riverside, California. A wide range of EVs were displayed online, from electric farm equipment in rural areas to EV school buses in Montgomery County , Maryland.

Bosch launches eScooter sharing service under new Coup brand

Green Car Congress

Two hundred connected and all-electric scooters produced by Gogoro, a leading eScooter brand, will be available for the launch in Berlin. They have a maximum speed of 45 km/h—everyone over 21 holding a car or motorcycle driving licence can use them. Car Sharing Electric (Battery) Mobility servicesBosch is launching its new Coup eScooter sharing service in Berlin.

2016 239

Toyota beginning consumer trials of i-Road EV in Greater Tokyo area

Green Car Congress

The limited trials, which aim to gauge the effectiveness of the electric vehicle in everyday situations in urban areas, will run from 24 March through early June. The all-electric powertrain uses a lithium-ion battery to power two 2 kW motors mounted in the front wheels, giving brisk acceleration and near-silent running. The i-Road offers a novel riding experience, combining the convenience of a motorcycle with the comfort and stability of a car.

2014 199

Mitsubishi Motors running two new MiEV Evolution III electric racers in Pikes Peak Climb

Green Car Congress

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) will enter two MiEV Evolution III all-electric racecars in the 2014 edition of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (23-29 June). MMC has competed twice before in the Electric Division—in 2012 and 2013—and now with the MiEV Evolution III, hopes to take its first victory, this time in the new Electric Modified Division. Also running in the Electric Modified Division will be a Tesla Roadster from Latvia.).

2014 191