Shell backs out of Alaska for foreseeable future with financial hit

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Shell announced on Monday that it will cease further exploration activity in offshore Alaska for the foreseeable future. The company said the decision reflects the results from Burger J exploration well located in Alaska’s Chukchi Sea; the high costs associated with the project; and the “ challenging and unpredictable ” federal regulatory environment in offshore Alaska. The balance sheet carrying value of Shell’s Alaska position is approximately $3.0

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Alaska Senator Introduces Bill to Study Feasibility of an Arctic Deep Water Port

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Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), recently introduced legislation authorizing a study to determine the feasibility of building a deep water port in the Arctic. The Arctic Deep Water Sea Port Act would direct the Secretary of Defense, in consultation with the Secretary of Homeland Security, to conduct the study in an effort to protect US strategic interests in the region. US Sen.

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DOE awarding $35M to 11 projects for hydrokinetic turbine development; ARPA-E SHARKS

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Projects will work to reduce the LCOE through multiple approaches, including increasing generation efficiency, increasing rotor area per unit of equivalent mass, lowering operation and maintenance costs, minimizing potential impacts on the surrounding environment, and maximizing system reliability.

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Department of Interior seeking industry input on interest in potential oil and gas lease sale in Alaska’s Cook Inlet

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Through this process, BOEM will consider a range of important factors including industry interest, resource potential, and the need to protect and respect Alaska’s communities and unique environments. BOEM will remain in close coordination with the state of Alaska, as well as with local and Native Alaskan governments, and other stakeholders throughout this process. Between 1978 and 1985, 13 exploration wells were drilled in the federal waters of the Cook Inlet Planning Area.

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MBL begins first test of tropical seaweed farming for biofuels production

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A team of researchers led by Loretta Roberson, associate scientist at the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, has installed the first seaweed farm in Puerto Rico and US tropical waters.

BMW Group to source lithium from Livent

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Livent employs an innovative method that emphasizes sustainable water use and minimizes the impact on local ecosystems and communities. Solvents and other chemicals do not come into contact with the environment during this process.

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USC study shows promising potential for giant-kelp-based biofuel with depth-cycling approach

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physically moving the macroalgae between deep nutrient-rich water at night and shallow depths within the photic zone during the day to optimize growth. 13 C values suggesting that the depth-cycled kelp were not nitrogen-deficient and assimilated nutrients from deep water.

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US DOE to award up to $20M for research on methane hydrates

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Selected projects will be intended to support program goals to determine the (1) likelihood of methane hydrates as a potential energy resource and (2) their role in the natural environment. Methane hydrate—molecules of natural gas trapped in an ice-like cage of water molecules—represents a potentially vast methane resource for both the United States and the world. DOE-Alaska cooperation on unconventional resources.

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Does the US Senate Have The Balls To Stand Up For Your Children? Not Without YOU Forcing Them To

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My own legacy Democratic Senator, the ancient Diane Feinstein, who I have supported and voted for, along with gun-ho Virgina Senator Webb, who I helped get elected, are just as ready to roll over and sell out your kids as Republican nutcase Senator Inhofe and the corrupt and immoral Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski.

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DOE awards $10.5M for next-generation marine energy systems

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Three projects will increase the survivability of wave energy converters, addressing the challenges of designing MHK energy systems to operate in the ocean environment for years: Dehlsen Associates is developing a wave energy converter (WEC) comprising multiple pods that use common components to achieve economies of scale. Oscilla Power is developing a WEC consisting of a surface float that is tethered to a base suspended in the water.

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DOE to award up to $20M for further studies on methane hydrates; projects worth up to $80M

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The US Department of Energy (DOE) has issued a funding opportunity announcement for up to $20 million ( DE-FOA-0001023 ) for applications for selection and award in FY 2014 that focus on the (1) methane hydrate reservoir-response field experiments in Alaska; and (2) field programs for marine gas hydrate characterization.

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UT Austin to lead $58M study of methane hydrate in Gulf of Mexico; $41M from DOE

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Methane hydrate—natural gas trapped in an ice-like cage of water molecules—occurs in both terrestrial and marine environments. Prior programs in Alaska have explored gas hydrate reservoir potential and alternative production strategies, and additional testing programs are in development. While not part of this new program, the DOE further intends to evaluate production methods on terrestrial methane hydrate deposits in Alaska.

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Back to the Arctic: BOEM conditionally approves Shell’s revised Chukchi Sea exploration plan

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Shell’s revised EP proposes the drilling of up to six wells within the Burger Prospect, located in approximately 140 feet of water about 70 miles northwest of the village of Wainwright. In April the Department announced proposed regulations to better protect human lives and the environment from oil spills. Those standards build upon existing Arctic-specific standards as well as experience with previous operations offshore Alaska.

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BOEMRE issues conditional approval for Shell exploration plan for Beaufort Sea

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to drill up to four shallow water exploration wells in Alaska’s Beaufort Sea beginning in July 2012. The EA considered new scientific information that had not been previously available for consideration or analysis, including the US Geological Survey’s June 2011 report, “An Evaluation of the Science Needs to Inform Decisions on Outer Continental Shelf Energy Development in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas, Alaska.”.

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Expansion of sugarcane crop in Brazil to areas previously occupied by crops or pastureland leads to local cooling

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It does so by reflecting sunlight back into space and by lowering the temperature of the surrounding air as the plants “exhale” cooler water. Co-authors on the study are David Lobell of the Program for Food Security and the Environment at Stanford University; Gregory Asner and Christopher Field of Carnegie’s Department of Global Ecology; and Qiaozhen Mu of the University of Montana.

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DOE awarding $6.5M to 9 large-scale Phase I pilot coal projects

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This transformational technology uses sCO 2 as a working fluid instead of water to achieve high thermodynamic efficiencies that can potentially exceed advanced steam-Rankine cycles. University of Alaska Fairbanks. The US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy (FE) and the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) have selected nine projects to receive approximately $6.5

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ARPA-E to award $22M to 18 projects to accelerate production of macroalgae for energy and other uses; MARINER

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Macroalgae can be utilized as a feedstock for domestic transportation fuels, chemicals and other commercial products without competing with food crops for land and water. From Alaska to the Gulf Coast, the United States has offshore resources capable of producing enough seaweed to handle as much as 10 percent of our demand for transportation fuel. All subsystems are intended to be deployed in Hawaii’s offshore environment to validate field performance.

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Obama Administration recommends designating most of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as Wilderness

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million acres of land and water in northeastern Alaska and is administered by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) as a unit of the National Wildlife Refuge System). Twenty years later, President Carter signed the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA) into law, establishing new Federal conservation units across the State, enlarging several existing units, and designating official Wilderness areas and wild and scenic rivers.

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US offshore oil and gas leasing plan for 2017-2022 focuses on Gulf of Mexico, excludes Arctic

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The Proposed Final Program offers 11 potential lease sales in four planning areas—10 sales in the portions of three Gulf of Mexico Program Areas that are not under moratorium and one sale off the coast of Alaska in the Cook Inlet Program Area. Given the unique and challenging Arctic environment and industry’s declining interest in the area, forgoing lease sales in the Arctic is the right path forward.

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US DOE awards ~$5M to expand research on methane hydrates

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When methane hydrates are “melted,” or exposed to pressure and temperature conditions outside those where the formations are stable, the solid crystalline lattice turns to liquid water, and the enclosed methane molecules are released as gas. In May 2012, the Energy Department, alongside its Japanese partners, announced a successful field trial of methane hydrate production technologies on Alaska’s North Slope.

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University of Alberta Researchers Find That Oil Sands Industry Is Releasing More Pollutants Into Athabasca River System Than Previously Estimated

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Contrary to claims made by industry and government in the popular press, the oil sands industry substantially increases loadings of toxic PPE [priority pollutants] to the AR and its tributaries via air and water pathways. University of Alberta ecologist David Schindler and the research team analyzed 13 elements in river water and snow pack along the Athabasca and its delta.

Foss Maritime to build first three of new Arctic Class of deep-sea tugs for oil and gas industry

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to take on large projects in extreme environments. Foss has worked Alaskan Arctic waters for decades with a well-known. invasive species; Holding tanks for black and gray water to permit operations in no discharge zones (such as parts of Alaska and California); Hydraulic oil systems compatible with biodegradable oil; Energy efficient LED lighting; and. Responding to new oil and gas industry opportunities, Foss Maritime Company will build the first three tugs in an.

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US DOE Awards $37 Million for Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy Technology Development

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The 27 projects range from concept studies and component design research to prototype development and in-water device testing. Boston, Massachusetts) will develop a cost-effective, high efficiency, power take-off system for a wave energy converter, a mechanism to convert water’s mechanical energy into usable electricity. ORPC Alaska (Anchorage, Alaska) will undertake an abrasion testing project that seeks to improve MHK designs for high sediment applications.

Rosneft touts major light oil find from “northernmost well in the world” in the Arctic

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On 19 September, ExxonMobil announced that the US Treasury Department, recognizing the complexity of the Universitetskaya-1 well and the sensitive Kara Sea arctic environment, granted a license to ExxonMobil and other US contractors and persons involved to enable the safe and responsible winding down of operations related to this exploration well. The license recognizes the need to protect the safety of the individuals involved in these operations as well as the risk to the environment.

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EST Editor Calls for Papers on Gulf Spill; Ending the Addiction

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Cold water in Alaska caused oil to biodegrade more slowly and caused fisheries to have lower rates of reproduction and slow recovery times. If the Gulf oil spill continues to stay mostly at sea, it will affect more open-water fisheries and less shoreline habitats and spawning than previous massive spills. We hope to learn from these disasters so we do not have to relive them” (Environ. Schnoor (2010) The Gulf Oil Spill Environ. Jerald Schnoor, the Allen S.

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US and Japan successfully complete Arctic field trial of gas hydrate production technology using CO2-methane exchange within structure

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US Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced the completion of a successful test of technology in the North Slope of Alaska that was able to safely extract a steady flow of natural gas from methane hydrates. Conceptual rendering of CO 2 – CH 4 exchange methodology for the production of natural gas from hydrates. Source: NETL. Click to enlarge.

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DOE to fund 14 research projects on deepwater and Arctic methane hydrates; potential future energy supply

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Methane hydrate can form in Arctic and marine environments. The selected projects build on the completion of a successful test earlier this year that was able to safely extract a steady flow of natural gas from methane hydrates on the North Slope of Alaska. Source: DOE. Click to enlarge.

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Flow Rate Group Preliminary Best Estimate Puts Oil Flow from Deepwater BP Well Between 12,000 and 19,000 Barrels per Day; Obama Administration Extends Suspension of Offshore Drilling

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Suspend the planned exploration of two locations off the coast of Alaska; Cancel the pending lease sale in the Gulf of Mexico and the proposed lease sale off the coast of Virginia; Continue the existing moratorium and suspend the issuance of new permits to drill new deepwater wells for six months; and. Doing so will not only reduce threats to our environment, it will create a new, homegrown, American industry that can lead to countless new businesses and new jobs.

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Perspective: Regional Greenhouse Gas Cap-and-Trade Programs May be the Solution

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Regional cap-and-trade programs, in order to achieve the necessary emissions reductions and protect the environment and the economy in a cost-effective and transparent manner, must address the following issues: the stringency of the cap; the sector coverage of the system; the inclusion of all major heat-trapping gas emissions; the auctioning of allowances; the use of auction revenues for the public good; the role of offsets; the establishment of a strong institutional framework; and.

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Cleantech Blog: Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles

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Cleantech Blog, the premier cleantech site for commentary on news and technology relating to clean tech, greentech, energy, climate change and carbon, and the environment. A Perfect Storm for Water Counting Calories and Counting Carbon: The Role of. cleantech (1) smart growth (1) social media (1) social responsibility (1) solar charger (1) solar forecast (1) solar heating (1) solar thermal (1) solutions (1) sound system (1) splitting water. (1)

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