Universal Hydrogen signs LOIs with 3 carriers for hydrogen-powered aircraft

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Universal Hydrogen ( earlier post ) has signed LOIs with Icelandair Group (Iceland), Air Nostrum (Spain), and Ravn Air (Alaska) for aftermarket conversion of aircraft to hydrogen propulsion and for the supply of green hydrogen fuel using Universal Hydrogen’s modular capsules.

Alaska EV company seeking crowd-funding for low-volume production AWD electric roadster

Green Car Congress

Ethos Electric Vehicles, a small, Alaska-based company building custom electric motorcycles and automobiles, has launched a $100,000 crowd-funding campaign for reworking an existing internal combustion engine kit car—the Graber Cars’ La Bala —into a low-volume production, all-wheel drive (AWD) electric roadster. Shown is a conversion by Paul Pearson in 2008.

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Swiss company outlines methanol-to-gasoline option for Alaska North Slope gas to state legislature

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At a recent hearing of the Alaska state legislature’s House Resources Committee, Deo van Wijk, chairman of Swiss company Janus Methanol AG (formed in 2007), outlined a potential approach to converting North Slope gas to gasoline via the combination of a new methanol production technology (GigaMethanol) and the Methanol-to-Gasoline (MTG) process developed by ExxonMobil Research and Engineering (EMRE). Methanol-to-gasoline process flow diagram. Source: EMRE. Click to enlarge.

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Alaska Native Corporation Proposes Underground Coal Gasification Project with Carbon Capture for Power Generation

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CIRI), an Alaska Native corporation, is proposing an underground coal gasification (UCG) project that would use the resulting syngas to fuel a new 100 MW combined cycle power plant. In 2007, LLNL and BP signed a technical agreement to work cooperatively on the development of underground coal gasification (UCG) technology for the in-situ conversion of coal deposits into fuels and other products.

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MAN Diesel & Turbo to convert 3 more coastal container ships to LNG

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Wessels Reederei signed a letter of intent with MAN Diesel & Turbo regarding the conversion of three of its fleet to dual-fuel gas operation. The retrofit enables dual-fuel operation and is the first such conversion of its type. MAN Diesel & Turbo reports that the dual-fuel conversion has enabled the Wes Amelie to reduce its SO x emissions by >99%, NO x by approximately 90%, and CO 2 by up to 20%. TOTE ro-ro conversion in the US. Conversions LNG Ports and Marine

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Universal Hydrogen, magniX, Plug Power, and AeroTEC set up hydrogen aviation center at Moses Lake, Washington

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The center will focus on the test flight and certification of Universal Hydrogen’s retrofit conversion of a Dash-8 regional turboprop aircraft, scheduled for entry into commercial service in 2025. Seattle-based AeroTEC will lead aircraft conversion, flight test, and certification activities, drawing on its own extensive experience with electric aviation and expertise from across the aerospace sector.

Universal Hydrogen secures additional $62M in financing to accelerate first test flight of hydrogen-powered regional aircraft to 2022

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The company anticipates entry into commercial service in 2025 with a certified retrofit conversion kit for existing ATR 72 and De Havilland Canada Dash-8 regional airliners and a green hydrogen fuel services offering.

DOE awarding $35M to 11 projects for hydrokinetic turbine development; ARPA-E SHARKS

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A novel power conversion mechanism converts the oscillatory motion of the foils to unidirectional rotary motion to harvest the energy. University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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InDEED, a success

Electric Auto Association

DEED road rally in Juneau, Alaska. The Tucson Electric Vehicle Association in Arizona showcased conversions and self-built vehicles. Drive Electric Earth Day sets new records in attendance. Drive Electric Earth Day parade in Riverside, California.

DOE awards up to $40M for open-water, grid-connected wave energy testing facility

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The planned facility, to be completed by early 2020, includes four grid-connected berths where researchers can test full-scale wave energy conversion device concepts. Recent studies estimate that America’s technically recoverable wave energy resource ranges between approximately 900–1,230 terawatt hours (TWh) per year, distributed across the coast of Alaska, the West Coast, the East Coast, the Gulf of Mexico, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

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A closer look at why heat pumps are dominating EV HVAC systems


Heating or cooling the interior cabin of an EV substantially affects the vehicle’s on-road efficiency, and the HVAC system often gets the proverbial “rented mule” treatment.

ARPA-E to award $22M to 18 projects to accelerate production of macroalgae for energy and other uses; MARINER

Green Car Congress

From Alaska to the Gulf Coast, the United States has offshore resources capable of producing enough seaweed to handle as much as 10 percent of our demand for transportation fuel. Development of Techniques for Tropical Seaweed Cultivation The Marine Biological Laboratory team will focus on the development of a cultivation system for the tropical seaweed Eucheuma isiforme for the production of biomass for conversion to biofuels. University of Alaska Fairbanks – Fairbanks, AK.

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US DOE Awards $37 Million for Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy Technology Development

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The goal is to develop an optimal generator for current energy conversion. This research into underwater coatings that prevent biofouling has the potential to positively impact all MHK systems and improve the conversion efficiency for MHK systems. ORPC Alaska (Anchorage, Alaska) will undertake an abrasion testing project that seeks to improve MHK designs for high sediment applications.

Expansion of sugarcane crop in Brazil to areas previously occupied by crops or pastureland leads to local cooling

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The researchers used data from hundreds of satellite images over 733,000 square miles—an area larger than the state of Alaska. The scientists found that converting from natural vegetation to crop/pasture on average warmed the cerrado by 2.79 °F (1.55 °C), but that subsequent conversion to sugarcane, on average, cooled the surrounding air by 1.67 °F (0.93°C).

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Going with the talent flow

Electric Auto Association

That legislation led to conversations between the landlords and the tenants, or the owners and the associations,” he explained. A former state transportation coordinator in Alaska, Loeb launched ‘rEV UP!’ A chapter in Oregon is guided by the genius of its members.

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BP and Davy select 3 leading EPC contractors for BP/Davy Fischer-Tropsch commercial deployment

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The BP/Davy fixed-bed FT process has been successfully demonstrated in Nikiski, Alaska, with full-scale fixed-bed reaction tubes where the nominal 300 barrel per day complex met or exceeded all of its performance targets. —BP’s Vice President for Conversion Technology, Mark Howard.

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7 airlines sign letters of intent to negotiate purchase of biomass-derived jet fuel from Solena Fuels; up to 16M gallons of fuel per year

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The core of Solena’s three-step solution is its patented Solena Plasma Gasification (SPG) technology, which is capable of producing a synthetic fuel gas (BioSynGas) from the thermal conversion of bio-based hydrocarbons. A core group of airlines has signed letters of intent with Solena Fuels, LLC for a future supply of jet fuel derived exclusively from biomass to be produced in northern California.

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Study details viable pathway to develop sustainable aviation biofuels industry in Pacific Northwest; hydroprocessing of natural oils seen as the most immediate opportunity

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aviation fuel at the scale or speed needed to achieve industry goals, the report focuses on a portfolio of options, including different conversion technologies and sources of potentially sustainable biomass, including oilseeds, forest residues, solid waste, and algae. SAFN focused on two primary conversion technologies for use with the four feedstocks: Hydroprocessing. Biomass resources of the US, with the Northwest circled. Source: SAFN report, via NREL. Click to enlarge.

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Ceramatec licensing molten sodium technology for heavy oil upgrading; removing the need for diluent for bitumen

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Addition of scalability and modularity to upgrading: The process equipment in MSU is fully scalable, allowing for a modular or permanent process configuration with many potential applications including field upgrading of bitumen from SAGD production; “straddle” conversion of diluted bitumen from export pipelines; integration with other upgrading or refining complexes; or large scale upgrading. The largest US deposits of heavy oil are in California and on Alaska’s North Slope.

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USDA Report Provides Regional Roadmap To Meeting the Biofuels Goals of the Renewable Fuels Standard by 2022; Southeast to Provide ~50% of Advanced Biofuels

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USDA’s report identifies numerous biomass feedstocks to be utilized in developing biofuels and calls for the funding of further investments in research and development of: Feedstock; Sustainable production and management systems; Efficient conversion technologies and high-value bioproducts; and. Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington.

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"Spirit of DC" PHEV All Around America Update. from EVJerry back in DC with the "Spirit" Hanging out at the Beach!

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

Considering the possibilities of taking the "Spirit of DC" to Hawaii as retiree with military shipping benefit and Alaska, if the Alaska Marine Highway System offers a courtesy trip for doing an EVducational Tour on Alaska Inner Coastal Waterways. Will be a'waiting to converse further while the "Spirit of DC" takes me to San Diego, CA on Friday.

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Cleantech Blog: Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

EPA declares CO2 a “threat to public health&# Alternative Energy Stocks The Time is Right for Gas-guzzler to Dual-mode EV Conversions Joel Makower: Two Steps Forward The Seven Sins of Greenwashing: Is Everybody Lying? Cleantech Blog Cleantechblog.com, the premier cleantech site for commentary on news and technology relating to clean tech, greentech, energy, climate change and carbon, and the environment.

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