Alaska EV company seeking crowd-funding for low-volume production AWD electric roadster

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Designing in the battery pack (preliminarily 68 kWh).

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Proterra electric bus to begin 4-month trial in Anchorage, Alaska next week

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The Municipality of Anchorage’s (MOA) Public Transportation Department (PTD) will put a new 40-foot Proterra Catalyst E2 electric/battery powered bus on trial next week. The four-month trial period will test how the bus performs in winter weather, how cold temperatures affect the battery life and whether it’s feasible to pursue an electric bus fleet in the future. Riders are invited to share their experiences riding the battery-powered bus on social media using #ElectricRideANC.

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As states use less coal for electricity, driving electric vehicles becomes even cleaner

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Battery electric vehicles are only as clean as the energy source used to generate the electricity that powers them. In 2018, only two states used oil to generate more than 3% of the electricity: 68% in Hawaii and 12% in Alaska.) Coal Electric (Battery) Emissions Power Generation

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New Flyer selected for the State of Oregon Transit Bus Cooperative Agreement

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We are excited to continue supporting Oregon’s leading transit agencies in delivering sustainable, accessible, and efficient transportation solutions, and also look forward to expanded mobility in the states of Washington, Idaho, and Alaska. Bus Electric (Battery) Market Background Sales

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Liquid metal battery company Ambri raises $35M in Series C

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Ambri, developer of Liquid Metal Battery grid-scale energy storage technology, closed a $35-million Series C equity financing. Ambri (formerly Liquid Metal Battery Corporation) is developing an electricity storage solution that was invented in the lab of Dr. Donald Sadoway, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, along with Dr. David Bradwell (Ambri’s Chief Technology Officer and co-founder).

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Denali National Park to use Lightning Hybrids hydraulic hybrid buses to transport park visitors

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Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska, centered on Denali (formerly known as Mount McKinley), the highest mountain in North America, has taken delivery of its first two hydraulic hybrid vehicles from Colorado-based Lightning Hybrids.

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USDOT awarding $55M to support purchase of Low-No buses; electric buses and infrastructure

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The vast majority of the funded projects are for battery-electric buses and infrastructure; two projects are receiving a total of $3.2 Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities. The Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities will receive funding to purchase battery electric buses, associated charging infrastructure and a back-up generator to maintain bus service in a disaster situation.

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Cal Energy Commission adopts report outlining how state transforming transportation system to meet climate goals

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The PEV market continues to grow in California with 20 models of full battery-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles offered by almost every automobile manufacturer to California consumers. Electric vehicles have the potential to benefit the grid by using their batteries to help manage electricity loads throughout the day—a growing concern as renewable solar and wind energy continue to grow in California.

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"Spirit of DC" PHEV All Around America Update. from EVJerry back in DC with the "Spirit" Hanging out at the Beach!

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

The basis for the "Spirit of DC" staying over in Arizona through the winter results from the gifting of a state-of-the-art Li-ion battery pack and charger from Delaware Power Systems out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. And there is Robb Protheroe's offer to integrate the new Li-ion battery pack with the PluginSupply kit and system, once shipped by DPS to Petaluma, CA. DPS will donate a battery pack of 6kwh ~ 7kwh with a 1500W charger.

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Obama sets goal of reducing US oil imports by 1/3 by 2025; domestic and Western Hemisphere production, natural gas, biofuels, electric vehicles, fleet purchases

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We’re also exploring and assessing new frontiers for oil and gas development from Alaska to the Mid- and South Atlantic. Biomass Electric (Battery) Fuel Efficiency Fuels Hybrids Policy

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Cleantech Blog: Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Blog Archive ▼ 2009 (52) ▼ April (6) Waxman-Markey and REDD BlogRoll Review: Space Beams, Leaded Batteries, an. Several early models of passenger vehicles have enough energy stored in advanced batteries to power several homes for hours. Smart Grid City will easily support up to 1,000 easily dispatched distributed generation technologies including PHEVs, distributed batteries, solar and wind. Its better solar transfer/storage than a battery.

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