NUS researcher links air pollution to increased residential electricity demand

Green Car Congress

A study conducted by Associate Professor Alberto Salvo from the Department of Economics at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences found that households respond to ambient air pollution by increasing electricity consumption, which in turn increases the carbon emissions that are co-produced in supplying the electricity. Besides electricity, the study found that households exposed to air pollution consumed more natural gas.

2020 229

California cap-and-trade spending doubles to $1.4 billion in 2018; xEV rebates, affordable housing, wildfire prevention, public transit

Green Car Congress

Expanding a network of community air-quality monitors operated by Casa Familiar in San Ysidro, one of 28 community-based organizations and tribes statewide receiving grants to engage residents in efforts to reduce local air pollution. Installation of a rooftop solar photovoltaic system at The Allison, an affordable housing property in San Diego, one of the more than 70,000 projects installing energy efficiency measures across the state.

2019 249

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Feature: Top 6 Reasons Why an EV Is the Right Choice

Clean Fleet Report

One of the reasons behind the drastic increase in sales was the more affordable price range of the Tesla Model 3, a best-seller in the U.S., An electric car consumes less energy compared to a gas- or diesel-fueled vehicle. Electric Vehicles are Affordable.

New California program to make clean cars affordable for lower-income residents

Green Car Congress

The funding is from California Climate Investments, a statewide initiative that puts billions of Cap-and-Trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening the economy and improving public health and the environment—particularly in low-income and disadvantaged communities. The Cap-and-Trade program also creates a financial incentive for industries to invest in clean technologies and develop innovative ways to reduce pollution.

2018 190

California providing incentives up to $12K to help low-income families afford the cleanest cars

Green Car Congress

In coordination with local air officials, the California Air Resources Board is initiating a retire-and-replace pilot program in the Greater Los Angeles area and San Joaquin Valley to help people of low income replace old, polluting cars with cleaner, more fuel efficient vehicles that also cut greenhouse gas emissions.

2015 314

NREL announces $18M investment in 9 new projects to advance medium- and heavy-duty natural gas vehicle technologies

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has selected nine projects as part of a multimillion-dollar effort funded jointly by the US Department of Energy (DOE), the California Energy Commission (CEC), and the Southcoast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) to advance the state of technology for natural gas vehicles (NGVs). Downsized, Optimized, High Efficiency, Spark Ignited Natural Gas Engine. Engines Heavy-duty Natural Gas

2019 175

Federal Appeals Court vacates EPA Cross-State Air Pollution Rule

Green Car Congress

A three-judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia held in a 2-1 opinion that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had overstepped its authority with the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR), and, as a result, vacated the regulation (USCA Case #11-1302). The rule was intended to improve air quality by cutting SO 2 and NO x emissions that contribute to pollution problems in other states. Second, the Clean Air Act affords.

2012 204

Omnitek develops diesel-to-natural gas engine conversion kits for Mercedes OM904/OM906

Green Car Congress

Diesel to natural gas conversion system. Omnitek has developed a kit that can be used to convert the globally popular Mercedes diesel engines OM904 and OM906 into natural gas engines. Omnitek’s proprietary diesel-to-natural gas engine conversion kit is used for bus and truck applications, as well as stationary applications. Modifying pistons for gas use (lower compression ratio). Installing throttle body, ignition system, gas mixer or fuel injectors.

2012 191

OptiFuel finalizing $2.6M DOE grant to demonstrate RNG hybrid line-haul locomotive

Green Car Congress

million US Department of Energy (DOE) grant to demonstrate a pre-production Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) hybrid 4,300 hp line-haul locomotive. The pre-production locomotive will consume 83% natural gas with 20% improved efficiency versus Tier 4 diesel line-haul freight locomotives.

2020 222

MIT Report Finds Natural Gas Has Significant Potential to Displace Coal, Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions; Role in Transportation More Limited

Green Car Congress

Natural gas will play a leading role in reducing greenhouse-gas emissions over the next several decades, largely by replacing older, inefficient coal plants with highly efficient combined-cycle gas generation, according to a major new interim report out from MIT. In the transportation sector, the study found a somewhat smaller role for natural gas. The study found that there are significant global supplies of conventional gas.

2010 207

EV Life is awarded CalSEED grant from the California Energy Commission to make financing electric cars cheaper than gas vehicles.

EV Life

Since then, the company has developed a suite of EV shopping tools on its web platform to give car buyers everything they need to confidently switch from driving a gas vehicle to an electric car.

2020 83

Separate MIT, IEA reports both outline major expansion in role of natural gas; caution on climate benefits

Green Car Congress

World primary energy demand by fuel in the IEA high gas scenario. Given the abundance of natural gas available through large global resources and the recent emergence of substantial unconventional supplies in the United States, worldwide usage of the fuel is likely to continue to grow considerably and contribute to significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions for decades to come, according to a multidisciplinary 3-year study by MIT researchers.

2011 185

Maugeri: Natural Gas to Become #1 Electricity Source for This Century

Green Car Congress

Natural gas may soon be the dominant fuel for producing electricity, according to Leonardo Maugeri, senior executive vice president of Eni S.p.A, Gas is the easiest option” for answering increasing concerns about fuel availability, price, distribution, and greenhouse warming, Maugeri told his audience at a MITEI-sponsored seminar. For example, it takes significant amounts of water—pumped at high pressure into the underground shales—to create the fractures that liberate trapped gas.

2009 185

New study shows a rapid increase of diesel-fueled backup generators across California

Green Car Congress

New research by economic and public policy consulting group M.Cubed finds a proliferation of backup generators across California, with nearly 90% being diesel-fueled, posing significant obstacles to achieving greenhouse gas reduction targets and driving nearly $136 million in annual health costs.

Diesel 255

DOE awarding $71M to 20 RD&D projects to cut GHG emissions, expand EV infrastructure; $5M to Achates for opposed-piston 2-stroke hybrid

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) is awarding $71 million to 20 research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) projects with industry, academia, and non-profits including Clean Cities Coalitions for the creation of solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for on- and off-road vehicles and to accelerate the expansion of EV infrastructure and charging. (DE-FOA-0002475, Fiscal Year 2021 Low Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Vehicle Technologies RD&D DE-FOA-0002475.

Eaton 250

DOE launches Energy Earthshots initiative; Hydrogen Shot first; $1/kg in 1 decade

Green Car Congress

Granholm launched the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Energy Earthshots Initiative to accelerate breakthroughs of more abundant, affordable, and reliable clean energy solutions within the decade. It will help decarbonize high-polluting heavy-duty and industrial sectors, while delivering good-paying clean energy jobs and realizing a net-zero economy by 2050. Greenhouse Gas and Other Pollutant Emissions Reduction Potential. Secretary of Energy Jennifer M.

BNEF: steel industry set to pivot to hydrogen in green push; additional $278B for clean capacity and retrofits

Green Car Congress

Steel is responsible for around 7% of man-made greenhouse gas emissions every year and is one of the world’s most polluting industries. The steel industry cannot afford to wait for the 2040s to start its transition.

Clean 209

California Energy Commission awards Sierra Northern Railway team nearly $4M to demonstrate hydrogen switching locomotive; H2RAM

Green Car Congress

The locomotive will show the potential of hydrogen fuel-cell technology to reduce transportation air pollutant and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The demonstration will facilitate the improvement of local air quality, a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, noise and odor.

Sierra 298

Obama sets goal of reducing US oil imports by 1/3 by 2025; domestic and Western Hemisphere production, natural gas, biofuels, electric vehicles, fleet purchases

Green Car Congress

Warning that “ there are no quick fixes ” and that “ we will keep on being a victim to shifts in the oil market until we get serious about a long-term policy for secure, affordable energy ”, US President Barack Obama announced a goal of cutting US oil imports by one-third by 2025 from the 2008 level of 11 million barrels of oil per day. We’re also exploring and assessing new frontiers for oil and gas development from Alaska to the Mid- and South Atlantic.

2011 224

CalSEED awards $4.2M to early-stage clean energy innovations

Green Car Congress

Cyclonatix, Inc is developing an industrial-sized motor/controller to operate with either DC or AC power sources, for applications in electric vehicles, solar-powered pumps, HVAC&R, gas compressors, and other commercial and industrial machines which require high efficiency, variable speed/torque, and low cost. This technology could reduce electricity/energy bills, pollution from power plants, risks of blackouts, the need for new power plants, and pollution from power plant generation.

2020 290

XL delivers 154 hybrid GMC Savana vans to CalVans; largest single hybrid van deployment in California

Green Car Congress

The new vans offer clean and affordable transportation to seasonal agricultural workers, who often travel up to 85 miles each way to their job sites. Over the last two years, CalVans has eliminated more than 218 million miles traveled and reduced greenhouse gas by approximately 120 metric tons through their CalVans vanpools. CalVans is dedicated to improving air quality for communities most impacted by pollution by increasing access to clean transportation.

2019 195

Dependable Supply Chain Services deploys Orange EV electric trucks as step towards zero-emission freight facility

Green Car Congress

At moderate use sites, replacing one diesel yard truck with Orange EV electric trucks can eliminate 80 tons of CO 2 , along with NO x , particulate matter, and other criteria pollutants. Overall, the HVIP program has driven growth in the ultra-clean trucks market in California, helping to reduce air pollution and cut climate changing gases, especially in communities suffering from high-volume traffic.

2019 183

Neste opens four new renewable diesel filling stations in California

Green Car Congress

Each location is regularly supplied with Neste MY Renewable Diesel, a low-carbon fuel produced from 100% renewable and sustainable raw materials that cuts greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80% compared to petroleum diesel. As part of the advanced clean truck rule, California regulators are considering additional measures to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from trucks.

2020 184

Graforce plasma electrolysis for efficient generation of hydrogen from industrial waste water; partnering with Audi

Green Car Congress

Mixing in biogas produces hydrogen-enriched compressed natural gas (HCNG)—a cost-effective, environmentally friendly fuel for vehicles that also generates electricity and heat. The technology not only converts wastewater pollutants into valuable energy, but also reduces emissions (CO 2 , CO, HC) by 30 to 60 percent. This lets us contribute to solving two pressing problems at once: air pollution and wastewater treatment.

2018 228

IEA: Decisive action by governments is critical to unlock growth for low-carbon hydrogen

Green Car Congress

But this time, we are seeing exciting progress in making hydrogen cleaner, more affordable and more available for use across different sectors of the economy. Hydrogen is light, storable and energy-dense, and its use as a fuel produces no direct emissions of pollutants or greenhouse gases. Depending on the prices of natural gas and renewable electricity, producing hydrogen from renewables can cost between 2 and 7 times as much as producing it from natural gas without carbon capture.

California ARB awarding $1.6 million to LA for low-income EV carsharing pilot program

Green Car Congress

These include electric vehicle carsharing programs in disadvantaged communities; financing options that would lower combined monthly car payments and fuel costs; and incentives for the replacement of gas-guzzling “clunkers” with new or used electric cars or vouchers for transit and car-sharing. A second law, SB 535, mandates that one quarter of these funds go to projects that benefit disadvantaged communities in highly polluted areas.

2015 221

International automotive researchers emphasize the importance of continued development of the internal combustion engine

Green Car Congress

In terms of criteria pollutants, the goal to achieve “zero impact emission vehicles” is very close, thanks to advanced combustion modes and innovative after-treatment systems, including extensive use of catalysts and high-filtration-efficiency diesel and gasoline particulate filters (D/GPF) in the after-treatment system, while the use of urea injections and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) is leading to extremely low NO x emissions (e.g. Gas exchange.

2019 253

UNEP: export of used cars to developing world creating significant environmental problems

Green Car Congress

Millions of used cars, vans and minibuses exported from Europe, the United States and Japan to the developing world are of poor quality, contributing significantly to air pollution and hindering efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change, according to a new report by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). Specifically, vehicle emissions are a significant source of the fine particulate matter (PM 2.5 ) and nitrogen oxides (NO x ) that are major causes of urban air pollution.

2020 170

Southern California Edison introduces clean energy proposal to meet state’s climate, air quality goals; >7M EVs (24%) by 2030

Green Car Congress

California environmental goals include reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 40% from 1990 levels by 2030 and by 80% by 2050, as well as reducing nitrogen oxides (NO x ) and other health-harming pollutants in areas of the state with the highest levels of air pollution by 2032. SCE explored three alternatives decarbonization pathways for 2030: the clean power and electrification pathway; a renewable gas pathway; and a hydrogen pathway.

2017 163

California Governor signs two bills to strengthen emission standard for trucks; Executive Order leverages $700B portfolio to strengthen climate resiliency

Green Car Congress

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed two bills to strengthen emission standards for trucks, semis and other high-pollution vehicles. CARB is tasked with developing new grant criteria for clean vehicle programs to encourage manufacturers to produce clean, affordable cars and propose new strategies to increase demand in the primary and secondary markets for zero emission vehicles.

2019 175

California ARB to award up to $10M for zero- and near-zero emission school buses

Green Car Congress

Near-zero-emission plug-in hybrid school buses, or new school buses that operate on renewable fuels, including renewable diesel, natural gas, and propane, are also eligible. The project could fund as many as 60 new school buses statewide, reducing roughly 10,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. These newer and cleaner school buses also reduce fine particle pollution and toxic air contaminants, which are harmful for children whose respiratory systems are still developing.

2017 163

2030: 20 Million More ICE Vehicles Will Be on the Roads in the US Than in 2021

EV Adoption

With gas-powered cars and trucks accounting for a majority of new vehicles being purchased likely until around 2032-2035, it means that a high percentage of gas-powered vehicles purchased in 2021 will still be on the road in 2033.

Dalia Research: Globally, 40% would consider an EV, but held back by logistics

Green Car Congress

Worldwide, 40% of those planning to buy a car within the next five years say they are likely to buy all-electric (even though not all of them would be able to afford one at foreseeable price points), according to findings from Dalia Research’s global mobility study. 65% say it’s beneficial that electric vehicles pollute less and that “they reduce reliance on fossil fuels” (43%).

2017 190

CARB puts HVIP on hold after receiving voucher requests for entire $142M budget

Green Car Congress

In many cases, HVIP vouchers can make zero-emission buses and trucks nearly as affordable as their fossil-fueled counterparts at point of sale. Low NO x natural gas engine, using in-state produced Renewable Natural Gas; Hybrid vehicles and hybrid conversions, unless vehicles have an all-electric range of at least 35 miles; Voucher Enhancements for Infrastructure, ePTO Exportable Power, Hybrid Vehicle All-Electric Range, Extended Warranty, and Wireless Charging.

2019 184

Opinion: Reinventing fuel-based power for a more secure and resilient grid

Green Car Congress

One example is diesel and natural gas generators, that are plugged into local transformers. They not only afford us some of the cheapest energy we can produce but also a route to the low-carbon power necessary to achieving global decarbonization targets.

2020 281

Motiv Power Systems delivering 7 electric walk-in vans to USPS as part of CARB program; deployment in Central Valley

Green Car Congress

Most of the immediate project benefits will accrue in the San Joaquin Valley, an economically disadvantaged area with some of the highest pollution burdens in the country, as evidenced by CalEnviroScreen scores within the worst five percent in the state. The cap-and-trade program also creates a financial incentive for industries to invest in clean technologies and develop innovative ways to reduce pollution.

2019 194

IEA report calls for no investment in new fossil fuel supply and end to sales of ICE cars by 2035

Green Car Congress

The report is the first comprehensive study of how to transition to a net zero energy system by 2050 while ensuring stable and affordable energy supplies, providing universal energy access, and enabling robust economic growth. It also brings major health benefits through reductions in indoor air pollution, cutting the number of premature deaths by 2.5

First of 27 BYD electric trucks arriving in Southern California freight and rail yards; $19.2M project

Green Car Congress

The project is part of California Climate Investments, a statewide program that puts billions of cap-and-trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening the economy and improving public health and the environment—particularly in disadvantaged communities. The California Climate Investments cap-and-trade program also creates a financial incentive for industries to invest in clean technologies and develop innovative ways to reduce pollution.

2017 203

Fisker names its all-electric SUV Ocean; unveils app-based leasing program

Green Car Congress

For the past two years, we have been working quietly on an emotionally appealing and affordable luxury electric vehicle that will serve as a flagship for driving positive global change—from the most sustainable materials possible across the supply chain to practicality that will change the perception of what an EV can be. Eco-sustainability, as well as the lowest levels of polluting emissions and energy consumption, are guaranteed throughout the whole production cycle.

2019 190

London City Commuting: Why an EV makes sense

Drive Electric

Pollution. Climate change is being driven by the burning of fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal. There’s never been a better choice when it comes to EVs while leasing an electric car is more affordable than ever. It almost seems as though London is against us mere motorists.

SunLine orders five New Flyer fuel cell buses

Green Car Congress

This project is part of California Climate Investments, a statewide program that puts billions of cap-and-trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening the economy and improving public health and the environment—particularly in disadvantaged communities. The cap-and-trade program also creates a financial incentive for industries to invest in clean technologies and develop innovative ways to reduce pollution.

2017 150

FHWA awards Colorado $30M for CNG fueling stations

Green Car Congress

The Federal Highway Administration’s Congestion, Mitigation and Air Quality ( CMAQ ) program will provide $30 million to increase Colorado’s natural gas fueling infrastructure. The funds will provide for the statewide construction of compressed natural gas fueling stations and the purchase of natural gas vehicles (NGV). These funds are critical to support installation of compressed natural gas fueling stations along the state’s major transportation corridors.

Inside The Green Task Force

Creative Greenius

We’re all under the mandates of the AB32, our groundbreaking Global Warming Solutions law that calls for all of California to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions back to 1990 levels. Heidi has been working with the South Bay cities in completing the baseline inventories of their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Colleen, for instance, serves the communities of Greater Los Angeles with an emphasis in reducing toxic air pollution from the transportation sector.

2008 150