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Liquid Metal Battery Corp secures patent rights from MIT

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Liquid Metal Battery Corporation (LMBC), a Cambridge, Massachusetts company founded in 2010 to develop new forms of electric storage batteries that work in large, grid-scale applications, has secured the rights to key patent technology from MIT. Earlier this year, the company announced it had received financing from France’s Total—which earlier had funded research on the technology at MIT ( earlier post )—and from a personal investment by Bill Gates.

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MIT researchers conclude fundamental changes in the US energy-innovation system are needed to meet challenges of climate change and energy supply

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Without systematic, transformative changes, the US is unlikely to succeed either in averting the worst economic and environmental consequences of climate change or in achieving a secure, affordable and reliable energy supply. The build-up of greenhouse bases in the atmosphere continues unabated, and its environmental and human costs are mounting. What is needed now is a different focus for the debate, one with the potential to build public support over time.


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Siemens presents three-point plan for implementing cost-efficient energy transition in Germany

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In May, the International Energy Agency released a review of German energy policies that commended the country for its commitment to developing a low-carbon energy system over the long term, but emphasized that further policy measures are necessary if the Energiewende is to maintain a balance between sustainability, affordability and competitiveness. “ Electricity prices in comparison. Our aim is to achieve a sustainable energy system with secure supplies and affordable electricity.

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Slow start for charge of the electric cars - Times Online

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Home Business Industry Sectors Engineering MY PROFILE SHOP JOBS PROPERTY CLASSIFIEDS From The Sunday Times April 19, 2009 Slow start for charge of the electric cars Ray Hutton Electric cars need a boost. Grants of between £2,000 and £5,000 will be available toordinary motorists to encourage them to buy electric or otherultra-low-carbon cars. Electric cars remain dependent on the development of better,affordable batteries.

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