Stiff competition for electric cars

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According to a draft of the Boston Consulting Group’s (BCG) latest report on automotive propulsion, Powering Autos to 2020, conventional [.]. Electric cars Green cars Latest news automotive technologies Boston Consulting Group internal combustion engines Powering Autos to 2020

BCG forecasts electrified vehicles to take half of global auto market by 2030; hybrids to dominate

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In a new report (its fourth on electric car adoption) the Boston Consulting Group forecasts that a combination of hybrid and fully electric powertrains will cut the global market share of pure internal combustion engines (ICEs) by about 50% by 2030.

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Bosch developing sensor box for air taxis using production-tested components from automotive

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The Boston Consulting Group predicts that people around the world will take 1 billion flights in air taxis in 2030, once sharing services have also established a presence on fixed routes above the ground; most of those air taxis will be capable of operating without a pilot.

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BCG Report Expects Battery Costs Will Constrain Widespread Market Adoption of Fully Electric Vehicles, Absent a Technology Breakthrough; Forecasts 26% of Major Market New Cars in 2020 To be Hybrid or Electric

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As an example of cost direction, BCG forecasts that NCA cell and pack costs will decline 60-65% by 2020. Of the roughly 14 million electric cars forecast to be sold in 2020 in China, Japan, the United States, and Western Europe, BCG projects that some 1.5

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Ricardo white paper outlines needed developments to realize autonomous driving

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According to the Boston Consulting Group, the projected size of the global autonomous vehicle market in 2025 will be $36 billion for partially autonomous vehicles (levels 1–3) and $6 billion for fully autonomous vehicles (level 4).

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PRTM: Operational Gains Can Help Drive Li-ion Cost Reduction Exceeding 50% by 2020, with Plug-in Vehicle Adoption of 10%

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A series of recent reports—one from the National Research Council (NRC) ( earlier post ) and another from the Boston Consulting Group ( earlier post )—concluded that an expected continuing high cost of lithium-ion batteries will dampen mass market adoption of plug-in vehicles. Total cost of ownership parity, infrastructure availability and additional government environmental policies will drive plug-in vehicle adoption of more than 10% by 2020, Hazimeh says.

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Ford and Sollers sign MoU to establish a JV in Russia

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The proposed JV is one of a number of new market expansions focused on the Russian car market, which the Boston Consulting Group this week said may become the world’s sixth-largest by 2020, selling 4 million cars a year. Other new and recent expansion activities focused on Russian include: A reported JV between Volkswagen and GAZ Group to produce 300,000 cars per year in Russia.