£23m van scrappage scheme announced ahead of Ultra Low Emission Zone introduction

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Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, has announced a £23m scrappage scheme for the city’s most polluting vans ahead of the introduction of the permanent Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) on 8 April 2019

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Volkswagen Group rolls out diesel swapping program throughout Germany

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Environmental incentives for scrappage of Euro-1 to Euro-4 diesel vehicles of any make are again being offered by some of the Group’s brands throughout Germany. The environmental incentives are being offered brand-specific throughout Germany for scrappage of a Euro-1 to Euro-4 diesel vehicle. Volkswagen’s first environmental incentive from August 2017 to June 2018 successfully demonstrated that systematic fleet renewal is a swift and efficient way of improving air quality.

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Gov’t, industry, national labs collaborate on comprehensive cradle-to-grave LCA study and economic assessment of LDV GHG reductions

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The analysis addressed every aspect of the vehicle and fuel life cycles, including manufacturing, end-of-life disposal (recycling and scrappage), and vehicle operation, as well as fuel feedstock production and transportation, fuel production, and fuel distribution.

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Tesla Model 3 Europe’s best-selling pure EV in February in its first full month on the market

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Conversely, registrations were up by a huge 36% in Romania, due to the Government’s scrappage scheme in Q4-18, which led to an increase in vehicle deliveries in Q1-19. Tesla’s Model 3 led the BEV and premium midsize sedan rankings in Europe in February, according to JATO Dynamics.

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IHS: average age of light vehicles in US rises slightly in 2015 to 11.5 years; length of new vehicle ownership hits record high

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New vehicle registrations also outpaced scrappage by more than 42%—the highest rate seen since the statistic has been tracked, according to the analysis. Scrappage is defined by a vehicle being taken out of the fleet and no longer in use. until 2018. The combined average age of all light vehicles on the road in the US has climbed slightly to 11.5 years, based on a snapshot of vehicles in operation (VIO) taken 1 January 2015, according to IHS Automotive.

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IHS cuts 2015 light vehicle sales forecast in China to 23.4 million; deeper cut for 2016

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million in 2018. IHS revised downward its forecast for light vehicle sales in China, projecting a decline of 3 to 4 percent from previous estimates for 2015. IHS Automotive has reduced its full year 2015 light vehicle sales forecast for China to 23.4

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UK unveils new plan to cut NO2; sale of new conventional gasoline and diesel cars to end by 2040; focus on local action

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In 2018, the Government will publish a comprehensive Clean Air Strategy which will address other sources of air pollution. The Government expects Local Authorities to produce draft plans in eight months and final plans by December 2018.

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