GM EV1 exec leaves Faraday Future

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And he was the chief engineer of General Motors' EV1, arguably the first mass-produced modern electric car. In the midst of the latest round of financial turmoil at the company, Faraday Future has lost a key executive, according to a report in the Verge. Peter Savagian was senior vice president at Faraday Future. One anonymous source inside. Faraday Future

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Electric-car pioneer Paul Scott looks back on 15 years of plugging in

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History EV1 plug-in cars Who Killed the Electric Car? Most of the U.S. was unaware that modern electric cars got their start in California between 1996 and 2002. Many of the earliest owners and EV advocates from those days remain involved 20 years later, though their names may be familiar only to a small group of activists. One of those people is Paul Scott, who's been part of several important. Plug-in America

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The first Volt from GM was also a plug-in hybrid, but it was built in 1980

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It built the Silver Volt, a plug-in hybrid based on a contemporary Buick station wagon—16 years before the GM EV1. Chevrolet's Volt wasn't the original, or even the first Volt from GM. Electric Auto Corporation receives that distinction for their car built in 1980, at the height of America's second gas crisis. CHECK OUT: Modern electric cars. Plug-In Hybrids

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Honda: 12 more years of no choice for consumers

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There's really only one way to read the Kyodo News (Japan) report that Honda President Takeo Fukui said in an interview that Honda thinks it will be able to mass produce fuel-cell vehicles for the general market by 2018. Reminiscent of GM referring to EV1 drivers as "owners," despite their unwillingness to actually sell the car. In 2018, I believe the development [of a fuel-cell car] will have been very advanced.

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