More of us work from home, but for those who do not, commuting time has increased

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minutes in 2017), and for each examined city except for Columbus (which showed no change). minutes in Columbus. by Michael Sivak.

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Ford reorganizing mobility solutions efforts; acquires Autonomic, TransLoc to boost mobility group

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Last week, Ford announced the launch of service in Columbus, Ohio—Chariot’s fifth city.

2018 137

Murine study suggests preconception exposure to PM2.5 can lead to heart trouble in male offspring

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To conduct the study, researchers concentrated air from Columbus, Ohio, until the level of harmful particulate matter reached a level on par with large cities such as Los Angeles and Beijing. Wold (2018) “Preconception Exposure to Fine Particulate Matter Leads to Cardiac Dysfunction in Adult Male Offspring” Journal of the American Heart Association doi: 10.1161/JAHA.118.010797. 2018;7:e010797.

2018 98

Honda demonstrates smart intersection technology that enables vehicles to virtually see through and around buildings

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Honda has committed to using 200 connected vehicles for evaluation in the 33 Smart Mobility Corridor and Smart Columbus projects.

2018 96

Algae-to-crude company Sapphire Energy pays off government loan guarantee

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2009, the company was awarded a $54.5-million loan guarantee through the Biorefinery Assistance Program, administered by the USDA Rural Development-Cooperative Service, to build a fully integrated, algae-to-crude oil commercial demonstration facility in Columbus, New Mexico. Today, the Farm is operational and producing renewable crude oil on a continuous basis; the company expects to be producing 100 barrels of crude oil per day in 2015, and at commercial-scale production in 2018.

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USDA announces availability of $181M to support development of advanced biofuels projects

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Sapphire Energy’s “Green Crude Farm” in Columbus, N.M., The company expects to produce 100 barrels of refined algal oil per day by 2015, and to be at commercial-scale production by 2018. US Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced the availability of $181 million via its Biorefinery Assistance Program to develop commercial-scale biorefineries or retrofit existing facilities with appropriate technology to develop advanced biofuels.

2013 80

Sapphire Energy and Phillips 66 parter on co-processing of algae crude oil with conventional crude

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Sapphire Energy is now producing crude oil daily from algae biomass cultivated and harvested at the company’s Green Crude Farm, located in Columbus, New Mexico. The company expects to be at commercial demonstration scale in 2015, commercial scale in 2018, and is eventually projected to produce 1 billion gallons per year by 2025. San Diego-based Sapphire Energy, Inc.,

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