Renault and Brilliance sign strategic cooperation agreement with Liaoning province, China; 3 new electric LCVs in 2 years

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Liaoning Province is one of China’s new automobile industrial hubs with more than 120 auto & auto-parts manufacturers and is the largest provincial economy of Northeast China.

2018 96

SoftBank to invest $2.25B in GM Cruise; GM to add $1.1B; driving large-scale AV deployment

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We are very impressed by the advances made by the Cruise and GM teams, and are thrilled to help them lead a historic transformation of the automobile industry. SoftBank Vision Fund will invest $2.25

2018 98

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Toyota launches e-Palette autonomous electric concept and mobility system

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The automobile industry is clearly amidst its most dramatic period of change as technologies like electrification, connected and automated driving are making significant progress.

2018 109

CHAdeMO, China Electricity Council to co-develop next-gen ultra-fast EV charging standard; backward compatibility with CHAdeMO, GB/T

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released in May 2018, now allows for up to 400kW, making high-voltage charging up to 1kV possible using liquid-cooled cable assemblies (still with the exact same CHAdeMO plug shape) or via pantographs. CHAdeMO Association and the China Electricity Council (CEC) will jointly develop a next generation Ultra-Fast charging standard. CEC is China’s official association of utilities in charge of their national regulations and standards related to electricity.

2018 73

DOE to award $68.5M for advanced vehicle technologies research

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The price of cobalt, a key element within an lithium-ion batteries (LiB) for stability, has nearly tripled over the past few years due to increased demand from the cell phone industry, a current materials shortage, and speculation for a future global shortage. Although much work has been done by government and industry to address cybersecurity issues associated with conventional and autonomous vehicles, little has been done to address cybersecurity issues associated with charging EVs.

2018 65

New report released by UK House of Commons calls for advancing date for end of sale of conventional cars to before 2040

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Require the automobile industry to contribute to a new clean air fund, following the ‘polluter pays’ principle, on a scale that adequately compensates for the health costs of diesel pollution. The UK House of Commons has released a new report on air pollution that calls for urgent action by national leadership to bring about a step change in how the problem of air quality is tackled.

2018 65

Nidec to form electric traction motor JV with a subsidiary of Guangzhou Automobile Group

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a member of China-based Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Nidec’s fully integrated automotive traction motor system E-Axle (announced in April 2018). GAC Components mainly manufactures automobile interior parts, electric components, etc.

2019 83

Toyota to launch two new plug-in hybrid models in China; Corolla and Levin

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On the eve of the 2016 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition, Toyota announced that it will launch plug-in hybrid versions of the Corolla and Levin—two mass-market models, both of which have conventional hybrid variants—in China during 2018.

2016 78

Volkswagen Group Research and KUKA partner to develop robot-supported services for autonomous and electric vehicles

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One of the aims of the research collaboration is to develop robot-based innovations for all-electric and autonomous automobiles. The driver simply has to position the electrically powered automobile in a designated parking space.

2017 78

GAC Group begins construction of $6.5B industrial park for electric and intelligent vehicles

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China-based automobile manufacturer Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC Group), the parent company of GAC Motor, has begun construction of a large industrial park for electric and intelligent vehicles as part of its efforts to boost its electric vehicle business.

2017 111

First driving behavior-based telematics automobile insurance developed for Toyota connected cars in Japan

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have jointly developed Japan’s first driving behavior-based telematics automobile insurance. The service is scheduled to go on sale on 15 January 2018, while insurance liability is scheduled to commence in April 2018.

2017 85

BMW to partner with Andretti Formula E; may lead to works involvement

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In the last ten years, we have established a leading position in the automobile industry in this field with BMW i. The plan is for BMW to enter the FIA World Endurance Championship in the 2018 season. As part of a new strategic realignment of its motosports activities, the BMW Group will partner with Andretti Formula E in the Formula E Championship. The cooperation with Andretti Formula E is initially set to run for two seasons.

2016 71

Continental in strategic agreements with NIO on EVs, Baidu on autonomous driving

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Continental’s innovative products and services will be used in NIO’s first mass production car, the ES8, which will be launched on the market in 2018. By joining hands with Continental, we are striving to upgrade intelligence in the automobile industry and develop a new ecosystem of intelligent mobility and automated driving, thus empowering existing industries and new ones.

2017 60

Volkswagen Group to invest more than €9.8 billion in China by 2015; efficient products and production

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By 2018, the workforce is to increase from 75,000 to 100,000 people. million to more than 4 million units per year in 2018, with a view to relieving the burden on existing plants in a growing market. The seven new plants will set new standards for sustainable automobile production. Foshan features the first membrane bioreactor in the Chinese automobile industry; 100% of treated wastewater is reused as industrial water.

2013 76

WLTP and RDE tests for measuring emissions come into force in EU tomorrow

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A Global Technical Regulation (GTR) on WLTP was developed and finally adopted by UNECE’s World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations in March 2014, at the request of policy makers, the automobile industry and consumers. One year later, in September 2018, WLTP will apply to all new cars registered. The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) said that it welcomed the two new tests for measuring emissions from cars and vans.

2017 64

German OEMs to upgrade emissions control on 5.3M Euro 5 and 6 diesels, contribute to €500M Sustainable Mobility fund

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million currently approved Euro 5 and 6 diesels in the country, according to the outcome of the “National Diesel Forum” held in Berlin today between the automotive industry and the German Federal and state governments. German auto manufacturers will optimize the emissions systems in 5.3

2017 78

Volkswagen Group to Invest 4B by 2011 to Expand Activities in China

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Volkswagen Group China is well on the way to reaching the target of doubling sales to two million vehicles laid down in our Strategy 2018 earlier than planned. —Dr. The monetary and fiscal measures taken by the government have provided positive impetus for the Chinese automobile industry. The Volkswagen Group is set to continue its growth in China over the next few years. Between 2009 and 2011, the Group is to invest a total of €4 billion (US$5.8

2009 74

NRC report finds Federal analysis to set LD CAFE and GHG standards generally of high quality; some technologies and issues should be re-examined

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Beginning in 2016, NHTSA and EPA will coordinate a mid-term review that must be finalized by April 2018.

2015 103

California ARB Backs White House Program for Medium- and Heavy-Duty and Next Phase of Light-Duty Vehicle GHG and Fuel Economy Standards; Looking for LDV Improvements on the Order of 3-6% Annually

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The process for developing new standards must begin now so that the automobile industry will have ample time to develop and implement the technologies needed to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve fuel economy. California Air Resources Board Chairman Mary Nichols issued a statement applauding.

2010 78

VW Chief Executive Says Company Will Introduce EVs Based on the Up! New Small Family in 2013; Cautions Against Electro-Hype

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Winterkorn made the remarks during a presentation at the 17 th Handelsblatt-Jahrestagung in Munich on 3 July, during which he outlined VW’s approach to future mobility in the current context of the economic crisis, pessimism about the industry and technology potential. Winterkorn noted that the industry is experiencing its worst crisis in decades, with a collapse in the global market of 18% in the first half of this year. And the auto industry doesn’t hold back on announcements.

2009 60