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Who is winning the green car race? Part II. The Green Piece

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The company had already delivered more than 700 vehicles by the end of September, 2009 (see article ). REVA: An Indian company that markets the G-Wiz in the UK.

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Are You Plugged In?

Revenge of the Electric Car

Here is the full text of the entire article, in case the link goes bad: [link]. Coda popped onto the electric-vehicle stage in June 2009 as an offshoot of Miles Electric Vehicles, a maker of electric light trucks in China. C: Reva Electric Car’s Revai. The top speed of the Revai, sold as the G-Wiz in the U.K., The Wall Street Journal assesses your EV readiness. Are You Plugged In? By Mara Lemos Stein.