Tesla Battery Biz Put on Back Burner, Th!nk To Get Energy Elsewhere

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nk Global for its revived City electric car. nk has settled on Lithium for all the new cars, it won't be producing until late 2008. Tags: ener1 think global think city enerdel tesla motors tesla energy now Back in May Tesla announced it would be selling batteries to Th!nk Seemed a great synergy at the time. Now CNet is reporting that Tesla won't be supplying Th!nk nk with batteries after all.

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Chrysler unveils new electric minivan for the US Postal Service

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Total sales worldwide in 2008 were 2 million vehicles. Outside of North America, 2008 was the second-best sales year in the last decade and the third-best ever for Chrysler International. In 2008, the Foundation gave approximately $21 million in charitable donations.