Cummins Emission Solutions introduces next-gen aftertreatment system EcoFit Single Module

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Since 2004, more than 1 million EcoFit DPFs have been put into use. With key operations in the US, China, India, United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil and South Africa, Cummins Emission Solutions serves both OEM and engine first fit and retrofit customers. EcoFit Single Module.

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Sasol embarking on feasibility study on a US gas-to-liquids facility in Louisiana

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South African energy and chemicals group Sasol today announced that it has chosen the southwestern region of the State of Louisiana as the site for a planned gas-to-liquids (GTL) facility. A 2004 lifecycle analysis synthesis report prepared by Five Winds International for ConocoPhillips, Sasol Chevron and Shell International Gas concluded that: Total GHG emissions of the GTL system are between 12% less and 11% more than the refinery system, based on varying assumptions and data.

Global investment in renewable power reached $270.2B in 2014, ~17% up from 2013; biofuel investment fell 8% to 10-year low

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billion) and South Africa ($5.5 The structural challenges needing to be overcome are not simple ones, but are of the sort that have only arisen because of the very success of renewables and their more than two trillion dollars of investment mobilized since 2004.

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Urban transport | Two wheels good | The Economist

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Some 800,000 are also sold each year in South East Asia, he says, where they replace the noisy and smelly petrol scooters that are ubiquitous in many places.

Devil in the Details: World Leaders Scramble To Salvage and Shape Copenhagens UNFCCC Climate Summit

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February, 2009 : Record heat waves in late January and early February overloaded urban energy, water, and transport systems in the southernmost states of South Australia and Victoria and intensified hundreds of seasonal and man-made bushfires throughout the countryside, killing 374 people. by Jack Rosebro.

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