Ford’s first mass-produced carbon fiber wheels

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To source the new lightweight track-capable carbon fiber wheels that are standard on the new Shelby GT350R Mustang, Ford partnered with Australia-based Carbon Revolution. Carbon Revolution first began delivering composite wheels in 2004 for Formula SAE campaigns.

Volkswagen Group appoints new heads of Global R&D, Group Design, Group Product and Modular Toolkit Strategy

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Having started his career at Ford, he was Head of Volkswagen Group Research from 2000 to 2003. He has been Head of the Design Department at Porsche AG since 2004 and was also given responsibility for styling the 2007 Porsche Cayenne, the Panamera and the 918 Spyder. Ralf-Gerhard Willner will lead Group Product and Modular Toolkit Strategy. Wolfram Thomas takes charge of Group Production.

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Ford puts the pedal down on performance … but not with electric drive technology right now

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The new Ford GT on display in the Ford stand at NAIAS. In December, Ford President and CEO Mark Fields said Ford would focus on five key areas of innovation, one of them being performance. Ford’s electric drive vehicle sales. Ford sees performance as good business.

EPA Reports Fifth Consecutive Annual Increase in US New Vehicle Fuel Economy; Up 9% Since 2004, Back to Levels of Early 1980s

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mpg, or 9%, since 2004. This positive trend beginning in 2005 reverses a long period of increasing CO 2 emissions and decreasing fuel economy from 1987 through 2004, and returns CO 2 emissions and fuel economy to levels of the early 1980s.

2011 Detroit Auto Show: Ford C-Max Hybrid & Energi Plug-In Concepts

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While Toyota dominates global hybrid production, Ford was the first company to launch a hybrid SUV: the Ford Escape Hybrid, in 2004. Now, Ford is pioneering another hybrid model: the small minivan, or as Europeans call it, the people carrier. Hybrid mini-minivan Between 10 and 10:30 am today at the Detroit Auto Show, Ford will pull the wraps off a

Ford Produces 100,000th Hybrid

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Ford Motor Company has produced its 100,000th hybrid SUV and used the milestone to restate its commitment to ramping up production of hybrid vehicles this year. Ford began sales the Ford Escape hybrid in 2004, followed by the Mariner Hybrid in 2005. The current models of the Ford Escape Hybrid SUV and Mercury Mariner Hybrid SUV deliver 34 mpg US city driving, 31 mpg US highway.

Ford unveils Fusion Hybrid research vehicle for autonomous driving

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Ford Fusion Hybrid automated research vehicle with four LiDAR sensors. Ford, in conjunction with the University of Michigan and State Farm, unveiled a Ford Fusion Hybrid automated research vehicle that will be used to make progress on future autonomous driving and other advanced technologies.

Kansas City Assembly Plant comes on line as second US plant building new Ford F-150

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Ford has begun production of the 2015 F-150 ( earlier post ) at Kansas City Assembly Plant, which joins Dearborn Truck Plant in building the first mass-produced light-duty pickup truck with a high-strength, military-grade, aluminum-alloy body. Combined, Kansas City Assembly and Dearborn Truck facilities will have capacity to produce more than 700,000 Ford F-150 pickups per year for availability in 90 markets globally. In 2011, Ford announced a $1.1

Ford investing additional $4.5B to add 13 new electrified vehicles by 2020; new fast-charging Focus Electric next year

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Ford is investing an additional $4.5 Although Ford is currently the second-largest vendor of electrified vehicles in the US, having sold more than 450,000 units since the introduction of its first hybrid (the Escape Hybrid) in 2004 ( earlier post ), it has not brought a new electrified vehicle model to its US showrooms since the Focus Energi plug-in hybrid in February 2013. infusion is Ford’s largest-ever electrified vehicle investment in a five-year period.

2011 edition of EPA Fuel Economy Trends report shows several advanced powertrain technologies making significant gains

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The preliminary MY 2011 data in the report are based on confidential pre-model year production volume projections provided to EPA by automakers during MY 2010 for the fuel economy label program. kg) compared to MY 2009, but the second lowest average weight since MY 2004.

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Severstal North America achieves up to 42% weight reduction in steel vehicle parts

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—Jon Powers, Manager, Advanced Engineering and Product Applications. Severstal’s stamping engineering team conducts computer simulations in order to achieve successful tooling designs for stamping processes that address unique challenges found in the production of thinner, higher strength automotive parts from new advanced high strength steel grades. In 1982, Ford Motor Company converted its Steel Division into Rouge Steel Company, a free-standing subsidiary.

Ford Begins Manufacture of EcoBoost Engines at Cleveland Plant

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Ford Motor Company is resuming production at Cleveland Engine Plant No. 1, which becomes the first manufacturing site to build Ford’s new fuel-efficient EcoBoost engines. The plant, idled since 2007, is ramping up pre-production of 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 engines that will be optional on the 2010 Lincoln MKS, Lincoln MKT and Ford Flex and come standard on the 2010 Ford Taurus SHO. 1 opened in 1951 as Ford’s first engine plant in Ohio.

Ford Making Aggressive Push With EcoBoost and Technologies Such as Ti-VCT for Improved Fuel Economy; Roadmap for Future Generations of EcoBoost Highlights Role as Company Strategy as Well as Product

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As part of an aggressive deployment strategy for improving fuel efficiency across its product line-up in the near-to medium-term, Ford will offer its first-generation turbocharged, gasoline direct-injection EcoBoost engines ( earlier post ) in 90% of its product lineup by 2013.

Ford Bringing New 7-Seat C-MAX to North American Small Car Lineup in 2011

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All-new, 7-seat Ford C-MAX. Ford will launch the all-new, 7-seat C-MAX, introduced this past week at the Frankfurt Motor Show, in North America in late 2011 as a “whitespace” vehicle. Click to enlarge.

CAM/PwC name Volkswagen Group most innovative global automotive company, Mercedes-Benz most innovative brand

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CAM also selected Mercedes-Benz as the most innovative brand; BMW came in second, followed by Volkswagen, Audi and Ford. The CAM study emphasized that the trend towards networking is driven by the broader range of electric car products.

Norwegian Investors Rally to Revived Think Electric Car

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Many of Norway's tycoons and heirs are making significant investments in the company which is planning production of as many as 10,000 cars by 2009. My first electric car was a Think City, produced when the company was owned by Ford.

LG Chem to establish new electrolyte production plant in Michigan

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Granholm announced that LG Chem will establish a new electrolyte production plant in Holland in West Michigan, expanding the state’s battery supply chain. The new electrolyte production plant will be located near LG Chem’s $303-million battery cell plant in Holland which is under construction. The electrolyte production plant is in the design stage and the project will be presented to LG Chem’s board in the weeks to come. Michigan Governor Jennifer M.

Pike ranks Volkswagen Group as the global leader in clean diesel vehicles

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Peugeot Citroën (PSA); General Motors (GM); Mazda; Mercedes; Mitsubishi; Ford; Honda; the. Ford. Diesel’s share in new passenger car sales in Western Europe has been increasing since 1997, Pike notes, surpassing 50% of sales in 2004. Pike Pulse Grid for clean diesels.

Ford Unveils Next-Generation Global Focus at NAIAS; Features New 2.0L DI Engine with Powershift Dual-Clutch Transmission for NA Market

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The next-generation Ford Focus 5-door hatchback, revealed at the 2010 North American International Auto Show. The first of these will be the new Ford C-MAX and Ford Grand C-MAX—unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show—for launch in Europe in the second half of 2010.

EPA fuel economy report finds weight and power leveling off, footprint stable

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Since MY 2004, CO 2 emissions and fuel economy have improved in ten out of twelve years, and decreased only twice. For nearly two decades through MY 2004, on a fleetwide basis, automotive technology innovation was generally utilized to support vehicle attributes such as weight, performance, utility, and other attributes rather than fuel economy or CO 2 emissions. Car SUVs had the largest production share increase of any vehicle type in MY 2016, up 1.3

High Performance Computing key enabler for accelerating development of high efficiency engines

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Achieving these goals will require the transportation sector to compress its product development cycle for cleaner, more efficient engine technologies by 50% while simultaneously exploring innovative design space.

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DOE releases final report from 6-year national fuel cell vehicle demo; key targets met, with twice the efficiency of today’s gasoline vehicles

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The Learning Demonstration project began in 2004 when DOE competitively selected four automaker and energy partner teams. Daimler and BP; GM and Shell; Chevron, UTC Power and Hyundai-Kia; and Ford and BP.) The final report is the first comprehensive report to include all new or updated results (40 composite data products (CDPs)) published in the last two years; it recaps the highlights from the first five years and summarizes new results from the final two years of the project.

How to Get a Plug-In Hybrid

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Conversions are mostly for the Prius, with a few for the Ford Escape/Mercury Mariner hybrid SUVs. CalCars supports conversion programs as a strategy to increase awareness and support for PHEVs and thereby motivate automakers to build production PHEVs.

EPA annual trends report finds new vehicle fuel economy at record 24.1 mpg; new powertrain technologies rapidly gaining share

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mpg increase over the previous year and an increase of nearly 5 mpg since 2004. The report also noted that: Since alternative fuel vehicle production [CNG, PHEVs and EVs] has generally been less than 0.1%


First drive: Volvo XC90 T8 Drive-E Twin Engine PHEV sets a high bar for full-size luxury SUV plug-ins in US

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Combining Volvo’s new design language, advanced safety and in-car connectivity technologies, and the new strategic Drive-E powertrains, the XC90 is the first product based on Volvo’s new strategic Scalable Product Architecture (SPA).

What up with GM's Plug-in hybrid Volt?

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Just weeks after announcing production, perhaps, in 2010, the industry's hometown paper lets us know this is no done deal. DaimlerChrysler AG promised a production fuel-cell vehicle by 2004, but couldn't deliver despite spending $1 billion on the technology. Last year, Ford Motor Co. The story essentially asks whether the Volt is intended for production, simply a green gesture, or perhaps both.

DOE awards $1.5M to Gentherm (Amerigon) for thermoelectric-based energy recovery system for heavy-duty vehicles; expands existing LDV program

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With the addition of this project, Gentherm adds the US Army Tank Automotive, Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) to its passenger car key partners Ford and BMW. Stack-designed cylindrical TEG, built with TE cartridges, developed for LDVs in first project. Click to enlarge.

Last Chance Hybrid SUVs

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News that Mercedes will stop production of its ML-450 hybrid started coming in around September 2011 ( here ). The ML-450 was also introduced into the market in 2009 and will be ending production by 2012. Ford Escape Hybrid.

Mobileye unveils Gen4 system-on-chip EyeQ4; visual processing for ADAS and automated driving; design win for 2018

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The first design win for EyeQ4 in series production has been secured for a global premium European car manufacturer for production to start in early 2018. Series production is supported for early 2018 start of production. The products are also available in the aftermarket.

Study of Sustainable Value in Automobile Manufacturing Finds Mixed Performance for Most OEMs, BMW and Toyota as the Clear Leaders

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Ford has also languished in negative territory from 2001 onwards, and only temporarily showed signs of recovery in 2004 and 2005 (although still not managing to create positive Sustainable Value).


University of Michigan Report Finds Focus on Fuel Economy Would Be Very Profitable for Detroit 3; Says Rapid, Wide-Reaching Change in Business Models Required for Turnaround

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The key to a long-term recovery is executing an excellent portfolio of products, and we find that increasing fuel economy standards will lead to a portfolio of products that is more likely to raise the profits of the Detroit 3 automakers than to lower them. Build a Portfolio of Excellent Products: The path to long-term financial health of any company rests on having a great product portfolio. points of market share since 2004 (GM down 8.8 points and Ford down 5.4

Toyota Prius named WhatGreenCar of the Year

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mpg and CO2 emissions of only 89 g/km – a 14% improvement over the highly successful current model, itself the winner of many awards since its UK launch in 2004.

Plug In America - Links and Resources

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Plug In America makes no representations as to the workmanship, creditworthiness, or any other attributes of the companies listed or of their products or services. Romm, 2004 "Out of Gas, The End of the Age of Oil", by David Goodstein, 2004 "Hubbert's Peak: The Impending World Oil Shortage", by Kenneth S. Learn About Plug-ins What Are Plug-ins? Where Can I Buy One?

Perspective: US Needs to Transition to Hydrous Ethanol as the Primary Renewable Transportation Fuel

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The government assisted the shift by giving sugar companies subsidized loans to build ethanol plants, as well as guaranteeing prices for their ethanol products. Under the Proalcool Program, sugar companies were ordered to increase production and the state-run oil company, Petrobras, was required to make álcool (ethanol) available at its fuel stations. Both production and consumption of ethanol were basically flat for much of the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s. by Brian J.

How Carmakers Are Responding to the Plug-In Hybrid Opportunity

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In late 2008, BYD started selling the first production PHEV in China. Partnering with Alcoa, Duke Energy,, Johnson Controls Indiana startup plans to unveil vehicle May 2009 at EVS-24 in Norway; mass production in 2012. Ford Escape PHEV-40 around 2012.

CalCars and PHEVs Frequently Asked Questions

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Power and Associates 2004 report ]. At the moment, only 2004-2007 Priuses , and to a limited extent, the Ford Escape/Mercury Mariner Hybrids. Unfortunately you can no longer buy a new highway-capable production electric vehicle in the U.S.