California ARB: GHG emissions fell below 1990 levels for first time in 2016; down 13% from 2004 peak; transportation emissions up 2%

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The California Air Resources Board (CARB) announced that greenhouse gas emissions in California in 2016 fell below 1990 levels for the first time since emissions peaked in 2004—a reduction roughly equivalent to taking 12 million cars off the road or saving 6 billion gallons of gasoline a year.

2018 104

Rivian introduces two quad-motor, AWD “Electric Adventure Vehicles”

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Vinnels was previously the Executive Program Director at McLaren from 2004 through 2017.

2018 129

Achates showcases 2.7L, 3-cylinder opposed piston gasoline compression ignition engine in F-150; estimated 37 mpg combined

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Achates has been developing diesel-fueled (compression ignition) opposed piston engines since its founding in 2004. Based on current testing, the engine is anticipated to be fully integrated into the vehicle and drivable in late 2018.

2018 130

EEA: increase in EU GHG emissions, mostly due to transport, hampers progress towards 2030 targets

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The slight increase prolongs a relatively stable trend in emissions observed since 2014, after a 10-year period of almost continuous reductions between 2004 and 2014. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across the European Union rose slightly in 2017, mostly because of the transport sector.

2018 112

Daimler invests in electric bus company Proterra; exploring electrification of Daimler’s Thomas Built school buses

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Proterra was founded in 2004 with headquarters in California and is a leader in the business with electric buses for local transport. Daimler Trucks & Buses is investing in the US company Proterra Inc. Martin Daum, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG with responsibility for Daimler Trucks & Buses, made the announcement at the 67 th IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hannover.

2018 92

China to expand production and use of ethanol; 2020 E10 mandate would make China 3rd largest ethanol consumer

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From 2004 to 2016, the average annual production growth rate was 16.8%, according to CARD. 2018 fuel ethanol production is forecast at 1.04

2018 90

Bloomberg NEF forecasts falling battery prices enabling surge in wind and solar to 50% of global generation by 2050

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Wind and solar power generation will surge to almost 50% of world generation by 2050 (“50 by 50”), supported by precipitous reductions in cost, and the advent of cheaper and cheaper batteries that will enable electricity to be stored and discharged to meet shifts in demand and supply, according to the new annual Bloomberg NEF New Energy Outlook (NEO) 2018. —Seb Henbest, head of Europe, Middle East and Africa for BNEF and lead author of NEO 2018. NEO 2018 sees $11.5

2018 77

EPA fuel economy report finds weight and power leveling off, footprint stable

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Since MY 2004, CO 2 emissions and fuel economy have improved in ten out of twelve years, and decreased only twice. For nearly two decades through MY 2004, on a fleetwide basis, automotive technology innovation was generally utilized to support vehicle attributes such as weight, performance, utility, and other attributes rather than fuel economy or CO 2 emissions.

2018 88

New phase of globalization could undermine efforts to reduce CO2 emissions

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It found that trade among developing nations—South-South trade—more than doubled between 2004 and 2011. The researchers used the latest available data on international trade and CO 2 emissions from 2004, 2007 and 2011 to track emissions related to both intermediate and final goods and services from 57 industry sectors that were traded among 129 regions (101 of which are individual countries). Gt in 2004 and 2.2 Gt in 2004 to 1.1

2018 65

Audi and Hyundai to partner on fuel cell technology

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The first test vehicle was the compact Audi A2H2 in 2004, followed by the Audi Q5 HFC in 2008. Audi AG and Hyundai Motor Group will partner on the development of fuel cell technology. The two companies plan to cross-license patents and grant access to non-competitive components. The agreement is currently subject to approval from the applicable regulatory authorities.

2018 77

California ARB awards $7M for ultra-low NOx heavy-duty diesel truck demo project with Achates opposed-piston engines

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Achates Power, founded in 2004, currently has a number of development projects underway spanning a variety of applications of its opposed-piston engine architecture, from light-to-heavy duty. At the 2018 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in January, Achates Power and new development parter Aramco Services ( earlier post ) showcased a Ford F-150 fitted with a 3-cylinder, 2.7-liter Opposed-Piston Gasoline Compression Ignition (OPGCI) engine.

2018 80

Big Blue Bus investing $18.2M to upgrade bus fleet; Cummins-Westport Near-Zero NOx engines

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million in Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and California Proposition 1B Bond funds to replace fifty 40-foot New Flyer buses purchased between 2004 and 2006. Seven 30-foot Gillig buses are being placed in service now; an additional twenty 40-foot Gillig buses will be delivered and commissioned in October 2018. Big Blue Bus (BBB), a bus operator serving Santa Monica and the Los Angeles area, will invest $18.3

2018 73

Study: air pollution may shorten telomeres in newbornsa sign of increased health risks

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A study conducted before and after the 2004 closure of a coal-burning power plant in Tongliang, China, found that children born before the closure had shorter telomeres than those conceived and born after the plant stopped polluting the air. In May 2004, high levels of air pollution in Tongliang prompted the government to shut down.

2018 65

Mobileye unveils Gen4 system-on-chip EyeQ4; visual processing for ADAS and automated driving; design win for 2018

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The first design win for EyeQ4 in series production has been secured for a global premium European car manufacturer for production to start in early 2018. Series production is supported for early 2018 start of production. Mobileye N.V.,

2015 88

OXIS Energy and Lithium Balance partner on Li-sulfur battery system for China e-scooter market; targeting spring 2018

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OXIS and Lithium Balance are on track to have their battery systems in China by the spring of 2018. OXIS Energy has been involved in the design, development and now the move towards commercial production of Polymer Lithium Sulfur cells for electric vehicle battery systems since 2004. Li-sulfur battery developer OXIS Energy UK ( earlier post ) and Lithium Balance of Denmark are partnering to build a prototype Lithium-sulfur battery system primarily for the e-scooter market in China.

2016 60

Latest EPA automotive trend report shows MY 2017 fleet fuel economy of 24.9 mpg; new record

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Since MY 2004, fuel economy and CO 2 emissions have improved in eleven out of thirteen years. Since 2004, CO 2 emissions have decreased 23%, or 104 g/mi, and fuel economy has increased 29%, or 5.6 Preliminary data suggest further improvements in model year 2018.

2019 116

Volkswagen appoints Frank Blome to head Battery Cell Center of Excellence

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Blome will assume the newly created function with effect from 1 January 2018. Following various positions as project manager and development manager for electric drive systems with Continental AG, he became Head of Energy Management of Continental AG in 2004. Volkswagen has appointed Frank Blome, previously Chairman of the Management Board of Daimler subsidiary Deutsche ACCUmotive GmbH, to head the Battery Cell Center of Excellence of the Volkswagen brand.

2017 64

Study finds 12-30% fuel consumption gap between certified and real-world use in China

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Although the Chinese government set fuel economy standards in 2004, like many countries it does not conduct testing to confirm real-world FC rates comply with the standards. Maya Ben Dror, Lanzhi Qin, Feng An (2018) “The gap between certified and real-world passenger vehicle fuel consumption in China measured using a mobile phone application data,” Energy Policy , Volume 128, Pages 8-16 10.1016/j.enpol.2018.12.039.

2019 92

First driving behavior-based telematics automobile insurance developed for Toyota connected cars in Japan

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The service is scheduled to go on sale on 15 January 2018, while insurance liability is scheduled to commence in April 2018. In 2004, the company launched a distance-based automobile insurance that utilized Toyota’s telematics technologies.

2017 85

Alaska Airlines to buy sustainable biofuel from Hawai`i BioEnergy

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Hawai`i BioEnergy will ramp up production of the sustainable fuels within five years of regulatory approval, allowing Alaska Airlines to begin procuring sustainable jet fuel for its Hawai`i flights possibly as soon as fall 2018. Alaska Airlines has reduced its carbon footprint intensity by 30% (measured by revenue passenger miles) since 2004. Alaska Airlines and Hawai`i BioEnergy LLC signed an agreement for the carrier to purchase sustainable biofuel for its aircraft.

Qualcomm and LG bringing 5G and Cellular-V2X communications into vehicles

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Qualcomm Technologies and LG expect to showcase these next-generation wireless technologies through trials during the first half of 2018. This work builds on the long-established relationship between Qualcomm Technologies and LG since the two delivered their first telematics system in 2004.

2017 78

SwRI develops D-EGR demonstrator highlighting fuel-efficient, cost-effective engine; 10% and above fuel economy improvements

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At that time, PSA said it expected the new D-EGR engines, due to be available in PSA vehicles by 2018, would consume 10% less fuel than their predecessors across all uses. PSA has been a member of the HEDGE consortium (now at HEDGE-III ) since 2004.

2014 120

Volkswagen Group delivers more than 10M vehicles in one year for first time

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The Volkswagen Group achieved the first goal of its Strategy 2018 last year, with the delivery of more than 10 million vehicles in total, ranging from the the e-up! That is impressive confirmation we are vigorously implementing our Strategy 2018 despite challenging market conditions. This means the brand has doubled deliveries since 2004, and topped the six-million mark for the first time.

2015 82

OP engine developer Achates Power closes $29.8M Series D; OGCI Climate Investments comes onboard

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The vehicle will debut at the 2018 North American International Auto Show, in Detroit. Since inception in 2004, Achates Power has secured more than $136 million in investor funding and has established its market leading position with more than 200 issued patents and more than 200 pending patent applications.

2017 65

Pike ranks Volkswagen Group as the global leader in clean diesel vehicles

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Diesel’s share in new passenger car sales in Western Europe has been increasing since 1997, Pike notes, surpassing 50% of sales in 2004. in 2018—a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 5%. Pike Pulse Grid for clean diesels. Click to enlarge.

2012 108

ICCT paper finds $123B benefit to Mexico from tighter heavy-duty diesel emission standards

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At present, the Mexican regulation is based on the outdated EPA 2004 or Euro IV standards, which differ substantially with respect to both effectiveness and compliance costs. The new proposal would update NOM 044 to rely on EPA 2010 and Euro VI standards beginning in 2018, leapfrogging an intermediate step in the process.

2014 79

Mexico proposes new heavy-duty vehicle emission standards aligned with Euro VI and EPA 2010

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The current limit values in Mexico are equivalent to Euro IV or EPA 2004 standards. The new standards would require new heavy-duty diesel vehicles sold after 1 January 2018 to meet emissions standards equivalent to those in the United States (EPA 2010) and European Union (Euro VI). Net cumulative economic benefits to Mexico of the standard over the period 2018 to 2037 add up to US$123 billion.

2014 81

Hitachi Combines Hitachi Maxell and Hitachi Vehicle Energy, Ltd. in New In-House Company Focused on Industrial Li-ion Batteries

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was formed in 2004 as a joint venture between Hitachi, Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery Co. billion )in 2018, Hitachi said. Hitachi, Ltd. has established a new in-house company—the Battery Systems Company—to strengthen its battery business with a focus on the steadily growing lithium-ion battery market. The Battery Systems Company comprises two existing Hitachi companies: Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. and Hitachi Vehicle Energy, Ltd. Hitachi Vehicle Energy Ltd.

2010 71

California ARB to hold public workshop on new GHG and emissions standards for heavy-duty engines and vehicles

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The federal regulation is currently in the implementation phase, with compliance requirements beginning with 2014 model year and extending through 2018 model year engines and vehicles. In 2004, ARB adopted an ATCM to Limit Diesel-fueled Commercial Motor Vehicle Idling. The California Air Resources Board (ARB) will hold a public workshop on 11 March to discuss proposals for several regulations and regulation amendments related to on-road heavy-duty vehicles.

2013 71

Calif. ARB releases GHG scoping plan update; more ZEVs, “LEV IV”, MD and HD regulations; ZEV for trucks; more LCFS

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California’s vehicle GHG standards—authorized by AB 1493 (Pavley) in 2002, first approved in 2004, and extended in 2012—are delivering fuel consumption and CO 2 reductions. The California Air Resources Board released the draft proposed first update to the AB 32 Scoping Plan, which guides development and implementation of California’s greenhouse gas emission reduction programs. The Air Resources Board is required to update the Scoping Plan every five years.

2014 91

Audi highlights its range of electrification efforts; Q7 diesel PHEV, A7 fuel cell PHEV, BEV, 48V and more; 750 Wh/l by 2025

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Covered in greater detail in an earlier post , the battery-electric e-tron quattro concept provides a very close foreshadowing of the production model to follow in 2018.

2015 105