California ARB: GHG emissions fell below 1990 levels for first time in 2016; down 13% from 2004 peak; transportation emissions up 2%

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The California Air Resources Board (CARB) announced that greenhouse gas emissions in California in 2016 fell below 1990 levels for the first time since emissions peaked in 2004—a reduction roughly equivalent to taking 12 million cars off the road or saving 6 billion gallons of gasoline a year.

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Study finds rates of LDV fuel consumption in US peaked in 2004; indications of peak motorization

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These rates are down 16% to 17% from their peaks in 2004, except that the rate per vehicle is down 13% (from its peak in 2003). This rate increased to a maximum of 474 gallons in 2004. The rate increased to a maximum of 698 gallons in 2004. The rate increased to a maximum of 1,240 gallons in 2004. 2001 to 2006. -5%. 2004. -9% 2004. -11%. 2003 to 2004. -13% Total amount of fuel consumed by light-duty vehicles peaked in 2004 at 138.8

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The Real Reason for USA based Economic Recessions.

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All of the recessions listed above were caused by oil except the early 2000 recession that was caused by September 11th, 2001. The Early 2000 recession was caused by the events of September 11th, 2001 and this was the mildest recession of any of the ones listed on this page. During 2006 Oil was trading around $60/Barrel for most of that year going up and down but for the most part the oil price had been trending up since 2004?.but The True Cause of Recessions: OIL.

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Toyota reveals all you need to know about fuel cell cars

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An SAE Research Report in 2001 stated that "several automakers have pledged the introduction of fuel cell vehicles, including buses, by 2003-2005." DaimlerChrysler, for example, predicted the industry would be selling 100,000 fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) by 2004. Much has been made of late of Toyota and other automakers claims they will commercialize hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in 2015. Of course, we've heard these promises/predictions before.

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Norwegian Investors Rally to Revived Think Electric Car

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This "smarter than Smart" city car was a revelation to me when I leased it in 2001. Ford ultimately followed the lead of the other automakers, and began to destroy the cars in 2004.

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Lillian Light Is No Lightweight - The Environmental Lioness of the South Bay is Fired Up, Ready To Go!

Creative Greenius

I began our interview by asking Lillian about the early days of EPN which she helped found in 2001. What was your environmental priority in 2001 and what is it today? Public Policy Conference on Clean Air - 2004. Earth - Environment - Economic - Election - 2004.

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2020 Ford Escape to offer hybrid and PHEV variants

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Escape debuted on North American roads for the 2001 model year; in its first full year on sale, Escape became America’s best-selling small SUV. Between 2004 and 2012, 114,000 Escape Hybrids were sold.

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Mahindra inaugurates EV plant, describes its vision of “future of mobility”

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Reva focused on creating affordable electric cars through advanced technology and launched its first model in India in 2001 and in London in 2004. Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd., a part of the US$15.4-billion Mahindra Group, formally inaugurated its manufacturing facility, the first platinum rated automobile facility in India. At the ceremony, Anand Mahindra, Chairman and Managing Director, Mahindra Group described the Group’s vision of the “future of mobility”.


Plug-In Hybrids (or Plugin Hybrids)

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A PHEV with only a 20-mile all-electric range is 62% lower (see printed page 95 in the 2004 study ). model in 2001 by the DOEs Argonne National Lab estimates hybrids reduce greenhouse gases by 22%, and plug-in hybrids by 36% (see table 2).

California ARB to hold workshop on future of Zero Emission Bus regulation

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Each transit agency was required to select a compliance path—either the “diesel” path or the “alternative fuel” path—by 1 January 2001. In June 2004, ARB staff proposed amendments to the demonstration project requirements.

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Paice files complaint against VW Group with ITC alleging hybrid patent infringement

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In the complaint against the Volkswagen Group, Paice said that from 2001 to 2004, Paice engineers spent more than 350 days in Germany sharing its patented hybrid technology with Volkswagen. Paice ( earlier post ), an early developer of hybrid vehicle technology, has filed a complaint against the Volkswagen Group with the US International Trade Commission (ITC).

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EIA: distillate yields at US refineries are rising

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For all major products, only the distillate yield is higher now than it was in October 2001. Since 2001, distillate yields have followed an upward trend, peaking in December 2008 before falling back to an average of 27.5% times as much gasoline as distillate from each barrel of oil refined, up from about 2 times from the 1990s to 2004.

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Worldwatch Institute report finds global energy intensity increased in 2010 for second year in a row

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Between 2004 and 2008, global energy intensity experienced its sharpest decline in 30 years, with an average annual growth rate of 1.87%. From 2001 to 2010, the rate dropped to 0.03%. Global energy intensity, 1981-2010. Click to enlarge.

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Honeywell Set to Turbocharge 70% of US Diesel Light Truck Segment With Launch of Ford 2011 Super Duty Truck

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In addition to DualBoost, Honeywell also offers AVNT, a variable nozzle technology that was first introduced for light truck diesel engines in 2001. The enhanced turbo aerodynamics and a new center housing design have resulted in a new generation of AVNT turbos that enable the latest Duramax engine to deliver 18% more power compared to the 2004 engine while meeting the latest emissions standards that called for sharp reduction in NO x emissions.

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Cumulative worldwide sales of Honda hybrids passes 1 million units

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Honda Motor Co., announced that its cumulative worldwide sales of hybrid vehicles surpassed 1 million units as of the end of September 2012. This milestone was reached 12 years and 11 months after the start of sales of the first generation Insight in Japan November 1999, which realized fuel economy of 35 km/liter (82.3 mpg US, 2.86 L/100k m) on the 10?15 15 mode with a 5-speed MT vehicle—at the time the world’s highest fuel economy among all mass-production gasoline-powered vehicles.

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Audi’s diesel hybrid racer takes grid position one at Le Mans

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After 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2011, this marked the seventh pole position for Audi at Le Mans. The new Audi R18 e-tron quattro diesel hybrid ( earlier post ) will start the 80 th running of Le Mans from grid position one.

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US PIRG report finds reduced driving and rates of car commuting in most populous US urbanized areas

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fewer miles today than when per-capita driving peaked in 2004. Americans 16 to 34 years of age reduced their average driving miles by 23 percent between 2001 and 2009. VMT per capita has declined across the US (2006 to 2011).

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Plug In America - Links and Resources

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Westbrook, 2001 "Gasoline to Electric Conversion Manual: A Workshop Guide for High Schools", published by the Electric Vehicle Society of Canada, July 2005 "History of the Electric Automobile: Hybrid electric vehicles", by Ernest H. Romm, 2004 "Out of Gas, The End of the Age of Oil", by David Goodstein, 2004 "Hubbert's Peak: The Impending World Oil Shortage", by Kenneth S. Learn About Plug-ins What Are Plug-ins? Where Can I Buy One?

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Honda President Ito steps down, Takahiro Hachigo to replace him

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Hachigo went on to assume responsibilities as the person-in-charge of developing the second generation CR-V, Honda’s highly successful compact sport-utility vehicle for the worldwide markets, in 2001. From April 2004 to March 2006, Hachigo was stationed in the US as Senior Vice President of Honda R&D Americas, Inc., Honda Motor Co.,

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Canada publishes proposed regulations for criteria pollutants from locomotives

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1993–2004. 1973–2001. 2002–2004. The Government of Canada has published proposed Locomotive Emissions Regulations in the Canada Gazette, Part I. This marks Canada’s first regulation of air pollutant emissions from locomotives. The proposed regulations will criteria air contaminants (CACs), from locomotives operated by railway companies under federal jurisdiction through increasingly stringent emission standards and reduced idling.

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Mahindra Mahindra Takes Majority Stake in REVA Electric Car Co.

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Its REVA electric vehicle was first commercially available in Bangalore in 2001 and in London in 2004, under the G-Wiz brand. India-based Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. M&M) is acquiring a majority share in REVA Electric Car Co Ltd. Bangalore. REVA Electric Car Co Ltd. will be renamed Mahindra REVA Electric Vehicle Co Ltd. Under the new agreement signed today by both the companies, M&M will own 55.2%


Study of Sustainable Value in Automobile Manufacturing Finds Mixed Performance for Most OEMs, BMW and Toyota as the Clear Leaders

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Volkswagen only managed to create significantly positive Sustainable Value in 2001, 2002 and 2007. Sustainable Value Margin—the ratio of Sustainable Value to sales—for each of the evaluated manufacturers. BMW and Toyota are consistent leaders in sustainable value. Click to enlarge.

UK TSB Awards 1.1M to Develop New Platinum-Based Catalyst Layers for Fuel Cells

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Between 2001 and 2004, in association with the University of Cambridge, Thomas Swan developed a manufacturing process for single and multi-wall carbon nanotubes. Further work with the University of Oxford focused on purification and dispersion of the nanotubes, and the product was launched under the Elicarb brand name in April 2004.

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FedEx Converts 92 Delivery Trucks to Hybrids, Expanding Hybrid-Electric Fleet by 50%

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The standard FedEx trucks used in the retrofit program were 2000 or 2001 models with 300,000 to 500,000 miles driven. Formisano applauded the California government for continuing to provide incentive funding for hybrid truck purchases, which allowed FedEx to place its first hybrid truck into service in the state in 2004 and continue to add hybrids to its fleet during the past five years. FedEx Corp.

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Annual Increase in Global CO2 Emissions Halved in 2008; Decrease in Fossil Oil Consumption, Increase in Renewables Share

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In China, oil consumption increased by 3% in 2008, according to BP data, which was down from 5% in 2007 and 8%, on average, since 2001. The declining increase in China’s emissions fits the trend since 2004, when its emissions increased by 17%.

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US Energy-Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions Declined by 2.8% in 2008; Transportation-Related Emissions Down 5.2%

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in 2001. in 2008, continuing a trend of falling industrial sector emissions since 2004. Energy-related CO 2 emissions declined by 2.8% in 2008. Source: EIA. Click to enlarge. US carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels decreased by 2.8%

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High Performance Computing key enabler for accelerating development of high efficiency engines

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diesel combustion by reducing temperature”, SAE Technical Paper 2001-01-0655, 2001.). Increasing complexity of vehicle design is driving the need for better simulation and more powerful computers. Wagner and Pannala. Click to enlarge.

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Researchers Finds Lake Tanganyika Has Experienced Unprecedented Warming Over Last Century

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The research grew out of two coring expeditions sponsored by the Nyanza Project in 2001 and 2004. Up to 200,000 tons of sardines and four other fish species are harvested annually from Lake Tanganyika, a haul that makes up a significant portion of local residents’ diets, according to a 2001 report by the Lake Tanganyika Biodiversity Project.

Peking University team develops method for modeling historical global black carbon emissions from motor vehicles with reduced uncertainty

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A subsequent emission inventory for Asia estimated total BC emissions from on-road vehicles in this region alone to be 294 and 446 Gg in 2001 and 2006, respectively. 2004) A technology-based global inventory of black and organic carbon emissions from combustion. Geographical distributions of global BC emissions from motor vehicles in 1976 (A) and 2006 (B). Country-based mean values are shown for 1976 and 1° × 1° resolution was used for 2006. Credit: ACS, Wang et al.

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EPA Posts Peer Review of Renewable Fuel Standards Lifecycle Analysis

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Winrock International determined the extent of land use change using MODIS imagery from 2001 and 2004 and estimating emission factors for each type of land use conversion for a number of key agriculturally producing countries around the world.).

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ICCT study finds increasing gap between rated and actual passenger car fuel consumption in Europe

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Looking at the unadjusted data reveals that, up until about 2003 the discrepancy between real-world and type-approval CO 2 values was consistently around 20%; from 2004 onward it steadily increased to about 35% in 2012.

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Tenneco and GE Transportation to Develop Hydrocarbon-SCR Technology for Diesel Emission Aftertreatment

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GE’s HC-SCR technology has been under development since 2001 at GE Global Research, the centralized research and development organization for all of GE. Moon Hyeon Kim and In-Sik Nam (2004) New Opportunity for HC-SCR Technology to Control NO x Emission from Advanced Internal Combustion Engines. Results from a 2007 GE study on HC-SCR showing %NO x conversion with 0 ppm H 2 , b) 1900 ppm H 2. Whisenhunt et al. Click to enlarge. Tenneco Inc.

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EPA Proposes to Streamline Approval Process for Fuel Conversion Systems

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MY 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and < useful life mileage. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing to make it easier for manufacturers to gain approval to sell fuel conversion systems. Conversion systems allow vehicles to run on alternative fuels; most conversions involve switching gasoline or diesel vehicles to operate instead on a gaseous fuel such as natural gas or propane; an alcohol fuel; or electricity.

Norway-US Project Developing Diesel/Biodiesel, Cool Flame Reformer and Solid-Acid Fuel Cell APU

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2004) High-Performance Solid Acid Fuel Cells Through Humidity Stabilization. 2001) Solid acids as fuel cell electrolytes. Norway’s Nordic Power Systems (NPS) and California-based SAFCell Inc., in collaboration with Caltech, are testing the combination of a cool flame fuel reformer and a solid-acid fuel cell (SAFC) as the core components of a new electric auxiliary power unit (APU). The power supply unit can run on biodiesel as well as regular diesel.

Converting Oil Shale to Gasoline via Alberta Taciuk Processor Results in Full Fuel Cycle GHG Emissions 1.5-1.75 Larger Than From Conventionally Produced Gasoline

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This project was terminated in 2004 due to cost overruns and opposition on environmental grounds. To put these figures in perspective, emissions from all sectors in the state of Colorado equaled 24 million t of carbon in 2001.

2009 103

First drive: Volvo XC90 T8 Drive-E Twin Engine PHEV sets a high bar for full-size luxury SUV plug-ins in US

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Volvo had proposed an early version of the Crankshaft-Integrated Starter Generator (C-ISG) in 2001; that 42V system was intended for a mild hybrid application. The XC90 was the Nº 1 selling European luxury SUV in 2004.

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Envera LLC Nearing Completion of New Actuator Mechanism Project for Variable Compression Ratio Engine

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Analysis conducted by Envera in 2004 indicates VCR can provide fuel economy gains larger than 30% through optimized conventional combustion and/or homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI). A Report to the US Congress, April 2001 (DOE). The Envera VCR mechanism.

2009 78

SAE Hybrid Standards Committee: Works In Progress For 2009

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The utility factor uses driving statistics from a 2001 DOT national household travel survey, and is itself defined by SAE standard J2841, which was released on 27 March. J1711 was first approved in 1999, expiring in 2004, and had relatively little validation with plug-in hybrid vehicles.

2009 83

Study Highlights the Importance of Considering Climate Effects of Non-CO2 Emissions from Transport in Mitigation Strategies and Policies

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for the year 1995 (Olivier and Berdowski, 2001), and BC and OC emissions (which are not available in the EDGAR3.2 Radiative forcing from the global and US ORT and PG sectors. The CO 2 radiative forcing shown is for the 20-year time horizon.

2009 78

Gallup Poll Finds 51% of Americans Now Put Economy Over Environment; Energy Development and Environment Almost Equal

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The percentage of Americans choosing the environment slipped below 50% in 2003 and 2004, but was still higher than the percentage choosing the economy. The question, which Gallup has used in this format since 2001, asks Americans whether they favor protection of the environment at the risk of limiting energy supplies, or favor the development of US energy supplies at the risk of harming the environment.

FAA Awards Contracts for $125M to 5 Companies to Accelerate More Environmentally Friendly Aviation Technology; Renewable Fuels, Engines, Wings and Flight Management

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This flight-test program builds on the success of Boeing’s Quiet Technology Demonstrators, which successfully highlighted a variety of noise reduction technologies during test flights aboard Boeing 777 aircraft from 2001 to 2005.

2010 64

Devil in the Details: World Leaders Scramble To Salvage and Shape Copenhagens UNFCCC Climate Summit

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9 ] In addition, the complex, deliberate, and lengthy publishing cycle of the IPCC’s Assessment Reports—which have so far been produced in 1990, 1995, 2001, and 2007—has not kept pace with the abrupt acceleration of many key indicators of climate change. by Jack Rosebro.

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