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Intel creates new organization solely focused on ADAS and autonomous driving

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Intel has created a new organization called the Automated Driving Group (ADG), which will be solely dedicated to innovating the future of driving and designing the next generation of advanced driver assist systems and autonomous driving solutions. Earlier post.). Brief

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Daimler chief Zetsche: Daimler working toward swarm organization; mobility services, digitalization and e-mobility

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In an interview with Germany’s Wirtschaftswoche , Daimler CEO Dr. Dieter Zetsche said that the company is implementing swarm organization management techniques to enable more rapid development in emerging critical areas such as digitalization, mobility services and e-mobility. We will learn with them how far we can go in its application.

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NSF to award $13M to projects focused on electrochemical and organic photovoltaic systems

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The focus of this funding opportunity ( PD-17-7644 ) is on electrochemical energy systems and organic photovoltaics. For organic photovoltaics, the program emphasis is for fundamental research on innovative processes for the fabrication and theory-based characterization of future organic PV devices (OPVs).

UC Irvine study finds organic constituents of UFP play important role in heart disease; suggestions for more effective emission control

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technology for the removal of the organic constituents as well as the reduction of the number of particles. Particle scale. Click to enlarge.

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Harvard team demonstrates new metal-free organic–inorganic aqueous flow battery; potential breakthrough for low-cost grid-scale storage

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Quinones are naturally abundant, inexpensive, small organic molecules, and similar to molecules that store energy in plants and animals.

NREL modifies organism to produce ethylene via photosynthesis: alternative to fossil-fuel based ethylene for chemicals and transportation fuels

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PCC 6803—and demonstrated that the organism remained stable through at least four generations, producing ethylene gas that could be easily captured. The organism produced ethylene at a high rate and is still being improved. And it isn’t going to be a food buffet for other organisms. into a cyanobacterium— Synechocystis sp.

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New silica-organic hybrid absorbents deliver among highest performance yet reported for CO2 capture from air

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organic hybrid adsorbents—in a paper published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. Credit: ACS, Goeppert et al. The 1.74

Berkeley Lab developing novel metal-organic framework materials for high-capacity hydrogen storage

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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) is working to synthesize novel metal-organic framework materials with high hydrogen adsorption capacities sufficient to provide safe and cost-effective storage that could support a 300-mile (483-km) range on vehicles. Earlier post.) —Jeffrey Long, project co-leader. Hydrogen Storage

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Tohoku team develops rechargeable quasi-solid state lithium battery with organic crystalline cathode

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The cross-section of an organic crystalline all-solid battery. The cathode contains a room-temperature ionic liquid (RTIL) and organic crystals in a sealed environment. A pair of researchers at Tohoku University in Japan have developed a novel rechargeable solid-state lithium battery with an organic crystalline cathode. V–4.0

Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi and 6 other Japanese companies to establish organization for membership-based EV quick charging services

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Overview of Charging Network Development Organization, LLC charging service. are establishing an organization to provide membership-based quick-charging services for users of electric vehicles (EVs). Under the new membership service, quick-charger owners can register their chargers with the organization in a central database.

Chevrolet one of 16 organizations across US recognized by EPA for Climate Action; only automaker

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The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded 2015 Climate Leadership Awards to 16 organizations and one individual representing a wide array of industries from finance and manufacturing to retail and technology for showing what the agency said was exemplary corporate, organizational, and individual leadership in response to climate change.

New Center for Energy and Environmental Chemistry opens in Jena; organic radical batteries, redox flow batteries and high-temperature batteries

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CEEC Jena will focus on three types of batteries: organic radical batteries, redox flow batteries and high-temperature batteries (such as sodium-sulfur batteries), with applications for the latter two targeted at energy storage from renewable generation. Brief

Berkeley study identifies diesel as main source of vehicular secondary organic aerosols

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Organic aerosol (OA) in the atmosphere is detrimental to human health and represents a highly uncertain forcing of climate change. gC·L ?1

Anglo American Platinum invests in Hydrogenious Technologies; liquid organic hydrogen carrier technology for H2 storage

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South Africa-based Anglo American Platinum , the world’s leading primary producer of platinum group metals (PGMs), has invested in the first close of the Series A financing round of Hydrogenious Technologies, a company developing liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) hydrogen storage technology. Click to enlarge. Perhydro-N-Ethylcarbazole.

Zero Waste Energy breaks ground on organic waste to CNG fuel facility

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Zero Waste Energy, LLC (ZWE) broke ground on an anaerobic digestion facility in South San Francisco, CA that will convert organic waste into compressed natural gas (CNG) and compost. The project addresses numerous AB 32 requirements, diverting almost 95% of the organic waste feedstock from landfills. South San Francisco Scavenger Co.,

Mitsubishi partners develop photovoltaic module

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The Mitsubishi Corporation has joined forces with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, as well as the Tokki Corporation, to develop a new Organic Photovoltaics (OPV) module. Tags: Green cars Latest news Mitsubishi Organic Photovoltaic module

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Konarka Technologies and Webasto collaborating on organic solar applications in automotive roofing systems

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a developer and manufacturer of flexible organic solar films, is collaborating with Webasto, one of the top 100 automotive suppliers, to integrate Konarka’s Power Plastic organic solar cells in Webasto’s automobile roofing systems. Konarka Technologies, Inc., —Dr. Brief

Study indicates warming Arctic is remobilizing persistent organic pollutants into the atmosphere

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A new study by researchers from Canada, Norway and China indicates that warming in the Arctic is revolatilizing persistent organic pollutants (POPs) that have accumulated in sinks such as water and ice. Their paper appears in the journal Nature Climate Change. —Ma et al. Resources. Nature Climate Change doi: 10.1038/nclimate1167. Brie

S. Korean organizations collaborate on development of near-supersonic (~1,000 km/h) Korean Hyperloop train

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Earlier post.) Top: HTX Hyper Tube Express (HTX) capsule. Click to enlarge. It is designed as a round three-dimensional platform capable of rotating.


Volkswagen brand restructures development organization; distinct BEV group

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The Volkswagen brand has restructured its vehicle development organization. The new organization bundles competencies into four series groups containing several model series: small; compact; mid- and full-size; and BEV. We have to ensure that the corporate responsibility for each vehicle project is clearly assigned. and e-Golf.

Siemens introduces new Organic Rankine module for waste heat recovery

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The new Siemens Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) module. In this case, however, organic silicone oils are used as the work medium. Brief

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Mercedes-Benz realigning global production organization for passenger cars; organizing by product architecture

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At the same time we want to permanently and sustainably strengthen our competitiveness with a high-performance organization ,” said Markus Schäfer, Member of the Divisional Board of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Production and Supply Chain Management, during a media event at the Mercedes-Benz Sindelfingen plant. billion) this year. Earlier post.).

Added molecules allow metal-organic frameworks to conduct electricity

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MOFs are three-dimensional crystalline materials with nanoscale pores made up of metal ions linked by various organic molecules. Resources.

GM restructures global engineering organization; focus on quality and safety

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General Motors is restructuring its Global Vehicle Engineering organization to form two new organizations—Global Product Integrity and Global Vehicle Components and Subsystems—to improve cross-system integration, deliver more consistent performance across vehicle programs and address functional safety and compliance in its vehicles.

Chiyoda successfully demonstrates liquid organic chemical hydride hydrogen storage technology

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Organic Chemical Hydrides (OCH) can store and transport hydrogen under ambient temperature and pressure. Click to enlarge. MCH has 6.1

Liverpool team develops better material for PEM fuel cells; porous organic cage solids with 3D protonic conductivity

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In the search for more effective PEMs, reseachers have looked to porous solids such as metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) or covalent organic frameworks. However, there are few examples of proton conduction in porous organic molecular solids. … We demonstrate this concept for a range of crystalline porous organic cages.

Researchers create first soluble 2D supramolecular organic frameworks

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We’ve demonstrated the first soluble single-layer 2D honeycomb SOF that combines the ordering and porous features of MOFs [metal-organic frameworks] with the solubility of supramolecular polymers. The other corresponding authors are Xin Zhao and Zhan-Ting Li, of the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry and Fudan University. Brief

U-M researchers nearly double efficiency of organic thermoelectric materials

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A research team from the University of Michigan has nearly doubled the efficiency of certain organic thermoelectric materials. These convert heat into electricity more than four times as efficiently as the organic semiconductors created to date. for organic semiconductors. in a compound known as PEDOT:PSS. Resources. Kim, L.

Scrap subsidies for biofuels, say agencies

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According to Reuters, the report, from the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the World Bank and the UN among others, adds to the growing opposition to biofuel targets and subsidies [.]. Biofuels biofuel government subsidy world bank World Trade Organization

Study reorders significance of fungal and bacterial decomposition of organic matter; impact on climate models

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In a 23-year experiment, a team from Lund University, Sweden, and the University of New Hampshire has determined that the common understanding of how organic material is decomposed by fungi and bacteria is fundamentally wrong. When a plant dies, its leaves and branches fall to the ground. —Rousk and Frey (2015). Resources. Brief

GM Creates New South America Regional Organization

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General Motors is creating a new regional organization to meet rising customer demand in South America. As part of GM’s global product operations organization, GM South America has product design and engineering capabilities, which will allow it to continue creating local cars and trucks that complement GM’s global product architectures.

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Biofuel trade organizations form Biofuel Producers Coordinating Council

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Eight biofuel industry organizations have formed the Biofuels Producers Coordinating Council to advocate jointly for a US-wide policy for increased energy security through domestic biofuel production. The members of the Council jointly pledged support for maintaining the Renewable Fuel Standard and continuing to achieve its goals. Brief

McGill team develops simple system for reversible H2 storage using organic cyclic hydrocarbons; alternative route to solar fuels

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The system easily switches between hydrogen addition (>97% conversion) and release (>99% conversion) with superior capacity of 7.1 —Li et al.

Mitsubishi and Partners Develop Highly Integrated Organic Photovoltaics Module

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Organic semiconductor materials are deposited on the substrate and then divided into several cells with the laser. Structure of the OPV.

Study finds lubricating oil the dominant source of primary organic aerosol from both diesel and gasoline vehicles

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Motor vehicles are major sources of organic carbon emissions, with implications for human health and air quality, especially in urban areas.

CTI organizing Vehicle Emissions Reduction Conference: Criteria Pollutants and CO2

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The Car Training Institute (CTI) is organizing a conference on vehicle emission reduction—including both criteria pollutants and CO 2 —on 16-20 May 2011 in Detroit, MI. The US EPA will follow, the organizers note. Regulators are requiring that. The new emission of concern is CO 2. Brief

Formula E electric-car race coming to New York City next July

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The Formula E electric-car race series is coming to New York City next summer, organizers announced earlier this week. electric race cars?

Chrysler Splits Dodge into Ram and Car Brand Organizations

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Chrysler has split the Dodge Brand into two separate organizations: the Dodge Ram Brand and the Dodge Car Brand. Diaz will also be the lead executive for the Sales organization in the United States. Gilles will continue to lead the Product Design organization of Chrysler Group which he joined in 1992. Fred Diaz Jr.

New organization pushing for fully electrified door-to-door multi-modal surface transport in Europe

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The group brings together eleven organizations from across industries and transport modes—Alstom, AVERE, CER, ETRA, EURELECTRIC, EUROBAT Going Electric, Nissan, Polis, UITP, and UNIFE—and is committed to the promotion of further electrification of surface transport on a cooperative and multi-modal basis. Brief

Researchers Suggest Organic Computing Approach to Traffic Light Control

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An organic computing-based approach to traffic light control, might help solve the problem of controlling road traffic in congested areas and avoid traffic jams and gridlock, according to research published this month in the International Journal of Autonomous and Adaptive Communications Systems. Organic Traffic Control Collaborative.