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Episode Of 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood' Features Electric Cars

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Fred Rogers covered many topics on his eponymous children's television show, and it turns out one of them was electric cars. Mister Rogers" test drove an electric car during an episode that originally aired in 1981. That was a long time before the rise of modern electric cars and substantial public charging networks, but there was still some.

UK Auto Industry Backs Diesel After Parking Surcharge In London Neighborhood

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Diesel cars have dominated Europe for decades, but recently a major backlash against them has started to brew. Politicians and advocacy groups in several European countries are taking strong steps to limit or eliminate older, dirtier diesels, over concerns of negative health effects from their particulate emissions. MORE: UK Official Says.

GreenTech Auto shutters its doors, closes Mississippi factory

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China neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) plug-in cars Startups GreenTech AutomotiveThe harsh reality of high costs and the inexorable heft of the auto industry have claimed another electric-car startup. It later struck a deal with Chinese automaker JAC Motors to develop an.

2017 24

Renault Twizy low-speed electric car comes to Canada

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Renault Canada neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) plug-in cars Quebec 2012 Renault TwizyThe Renault Twizy has always been an unusual vehicle, the sole low-speed electric vehicle to carry the brand of a major global automaker. Sold in a number of European countries, it's been tested here and there in North America.

Tesla Not Disruptive, Future Is Tiny Electric 'Golf Carts': Harvard Scholar

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Future Cars research neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) Tesla Motors plug-in carsFriday's the day we use for the stranger and more oddball stories in our lineup, and one of the more unusual we've seen in a while comes from Harvard University. Instead, he.

Cue Kandi Store Jokes: Small Electric Car Goes On Sale In China

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China neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) plug-in cars New Energy Vehicle Kandi Technologies Group operates a car-sharing service in China that dispenses electric cars from vending machines. But now it plans to move into retail sales. So it looks like the Kandi Machine will soon be followed by the Kandi Store.

2015 37

Neighborhood Electric Cars

Electric Cars are for Girls

Neighborhood electric cars like the Zenn, high-speed three-wheeled electric cars, and low-speed electric vehicles all fit here

China To Top U.S. Electric-Car Sales? Why Stats Don't Compare

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China sales neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) New car sales plug-in cars new energy vehicles Not all electric vehicles are created the same--and that''s an important point to keep in mind when you read stories about how China''s electric-car market is set to overtake that of the U.S.

2015 23

Wheego Electric Cars Fade From Market; China Is The Future, Company Says

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Wheego Whip neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Wheego Electric Cars Wheego LiFeWith hundreds of thousands of plug-in electric cars from established automakers (and Tesla) on North American roads, most earlier startup carmakers have now largely faded away. Wheego.

India's new four-door Mahindra Reva e2o electric car to be exported

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India Mahindra neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) plug-in cars revaIndian automaker Mahindra is little known in the U.S., but it is one of the larger players in its home market. Mahindra's Indian-market lineup is mostly made up of trucks and SUVs, but it also sells the tiny Reva e2o electric car.

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China to regulate, rein in low-speed electric cars used in rural areas

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China neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) plug-in cars transportation policyChina overtook the U.S. last year to become the world's largest market for electric cars. But a large portion of the vehicles included in Chinese new-car sales tallies are low-speed electric vehicles that would not meet U.S. standards for highway-capable cars.

Neighborhood Electric Vehicle: Dead or Alive?

Electric Cars are for Girls

Does the neighborhood electric vehicle have a place in today's high-speed electric car world? I think it does, and even has the potential to save lives

Elon Musk Opens New Tesla Store In London Mall: Live Photos

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malls west of the Notting Hill neighborhood. Last Thursday evening, Tesla opened another retail location in its push to expand electric-car sales outside the U.S. This one was in London''s Westfield Mall, built along the lines of high-end U.S.

Researchers Ask: If We Build Walkable Neighborhoods, Will People Walk?

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A team at the University of Alberta (Canada) is studying the factors that influence the decisions made by key stakeholders involved in neighborhood development. There are lingering tensions about what the end results of these neighborhoods might actually be; where the responsibilities lie in terms of public and private sectors.

EDI completes integration of plug-in hybrid electric drivetrain into Freightliner platform

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>Efficient Drivetrains, Inc. EDI) has completed the integration of its EDI PowerDrive technology into a new OEM platform, Freightliner.

2017 46

Marietta pedestrian convicted of vehicular manslaughter, while walking

National Green Transportation

By crossing a busy road in an unwalkable neighborhood of Marietta Georgia. How do you get convicted of vehicular manslaughter when you weren't even driving a car? Raquel Nelson, Marietta, was convicted today of vehicular manslaughter

Will Electric Cars Destroy Your Neighborhood Power Grid? No, But.

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Over the next 12 months, carmakers will introduce several new plug-in electric vehicles. One question that's frequently asked of many others too: Does recharging electric cars pose a threat to the electricity grid? The 2010 Fisker Karma and the 2011 Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrids, among other electric-drive vehicles, are

The Net-Zero Neighborhood: Advanced Energy Storage and Highly Efficient Photovoltaics Take Transportation Off the Gasoline Grid and Residential Off the Electric Grid

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The Net-Zero Neighborhood. Net-Zero Neighborhoods. An Energy Plan Only A Scientist Could Love or Net-Zero Neighborhoods or ?

The Greatest Solar Powered Music Festival in World History! SUNSTOCK JUNE 18 Los Angeles

Creative Greenius

Out of the darkness, comes the light! Be there and shine with us! Your Creative Greenius loves him some Cults. We feel you! The Wavves?

Bosch launches eScooter sharing service under new Coup brand

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At launch, 200 connected eScooters will be available in the Berlin neighborhoods of Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, and Kreuzberg.

California Looks To Ensure Power For Electric & Plug-In Cars

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If enough residents in a given neighborhood convert to plug-in California has pioneered much of the clean-air legislation in the country, and it's leading the push for zero-emission electric and plug-in vehicles.

The Greenius Gets His Hands Dirty

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This was the Neighborhood Association’s 10th Clean Up Day, so they knew what to expect. So be it.

Peapod adds two LH hydraulic hybrids delivery trucks to fleet

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Peapod, the leading online grocer in the US, took delivery of its first two hydraulic hybrid delivery trucks this month.

GM’s Maven car-sharing reaches 1M miles driven in <4 months; Boston, Chicago, and DC joining lineup

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In addition to Maven City, Maven+ residential on-demand car sharing is available to residents of the Aqua luxury high-rise apartment community in the city’s Lakeshore East neighborhood. In less than four months, Maven, General Motors’ personal mobility brand ( earlier post ), has grown to five markets: New York City, Ann Arbor, Mich.,

Chrysler Ditches GEM Low-Speed Electric Cars, Goes Mainstream

All Cars Electric

But like the embarrassing cousin at the family reunion, Chrysler’s ownership of low-speed Neighborhood Electric Vehicle manufacturers Global Electric Motorcars isn’t something the automaker likes

Toyota to collaborate in research for the creation of H2-based society in the United Arab Emirates

Green Car Congress

This collaborative research program will explore the potential for hydrogen usage in Masdar City—a low carbon neighborhood in Abu Dhabi, which is built on the principles of sustainable design and stands as a commercially-viable “green print” for future urban development across the Middle Eastern region.

California ARB awarding $1.6 million to LA for low-income EV carsharing pilot program

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The grant will fulfill a key mandate of SB 1275, the Charge Ahead California Initiative, enacted last year to make clean transportation more widely available, particularly in low and moderate-income neighborhoods. Following a competitive proposal process, the California Air Resources Board (ARB) has offered $1.6 Earlier post.). Brief

BMW X5 eDrive Concept SUV

Hybrid SUV Blog

. In order to meet future fuel MPG standards, automakers are starting to adopt electricity en-mass. So the benefit to urban drivers is significant.

New interactive map tracks plug-in vehicle adoption in California

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The results can be printed on scales ranging from neighborhoods to the entire state. Click to enlarge. Brief

car2go launches North America’s first all-electric carsharing network in San Diego

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car2go N.A., car2go began deploying 300 smart fortwo electric drive vehicles Friday in San Diego, which are now in service and available for use.

Nissan LEAF available at Santa Monica Enterprise Rent-A-Car location

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Enterprise recently announced plans to add 500 Nissan LEAF EVs at select locations throughout its neighborhood network and through its WeCar car-sharing program throughout this year. Enterprise Rent-A-Car now offers customers the Nissan LEAF electric vehicle (EV) for daily and weekly rental at its 1702 Santa Monica Blvd. rental location.

Columbus, Ohio wins $40M DOT Smart City Challenge; $10M more from Vulcan, $90M from private partners

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Earlier post.) As winner of the Challenge, Columbus will receive up to $40 million from US DOT and up to $10 million from Paul G. Allen’s Vulcan Inc.

FTA awarding $55M to 10 projects deploying battery-electric and fuel-cell buses

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The circulator serves the city’s central business district, the Uptown area and historic Oak Cliff neighborhoods. Funding is provided through FTA’s Low or No Emission Vehicle Deployment Program (LoNo). Earlier post.). Grants from the LoNo program help transit agencies integrate more of these advanced buses into their fleets. Project sponsor.

Wrightspeed unveils new turbine range extender for medium- and heavy-duty electric powertrains; 30% more efficient than current microturbine generators

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Wrightspeed Inc., The new 80 kW Fulcrum is a radial inflow, axial turbine, intercooled and recuperated. Weighing in at 250 lbs (113.4 Click to enlarge.

2015 33

Battelle introduces Grid Command Distribution services and software for rapid modeling of smart grid distribution circuits

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Screen shot of a Grid Command Distribution “heatmap” analysis for a neighborhood. two in a two-PEV household) and then seeing what then happens to the transformers in the neighborhood, seeing what off-peak charging might do to usage patterns, and so on. Source: Battelle and AEP (data). Click to enlarge. Earlier post.) AEP gridSMART.

Grid 21

Polaris to buy Global Electric Motorcars LLC (GEM) from Chrysler

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The GEM e2 two-passenger vehicle features six 12-volt flooded electrolyte batteries and a range of up to 35 miles on a charge. Click to enlarge.

first testdrive!

DIY Electric Car

We got on a testdrive in our neighborhood, just to feel this great moment :-). Sunday our New Beetle rolled out of the garage on it's own!

Snapshot of the California Zero Emission Vehicle program credit balances

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Automakers’ California ZEV credit balances as of 1 October 2011. Thanks to the Prius (AT PZEV category), Toyota has a large credit bank.

SEAT develops Parkfinder app leveraging Barcelona iCity platform

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SEAT has developed the Parkfinder app, which indicates where there is available street parking thanks to data gathered via Barcelona's iCity platform.

New maps give Europeans close-up picture of air pollution from diffuse sources

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The new maps raise awareness about local releases of air pollutants, and allow citizens to zoom in on their own neighborhood. Click to enlarge.