Fri.Mar 17, 2017

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30 cities join to explore $10 billion electric-car purchase

Green Car Reports

While federal policies to reduce vehicular emissions of carbon dioxide are now back in the limelight, it's a different story on the state and local level. A group of 30 U.S. cities is discussing a major purchase of electric cars for their municipal fleets. The cities have jointly asked automakers for cost and feasibility estimates of providing.

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Year-long field testing finds electric buses with Toshiba wireless charger cut CO2 up to 60% compared to diesel

Green Car Congress

Toshiba Corporation announced the results of year-long field tests of electric buses charged with its wireless rapid rechargeable battery system.

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What Tesla hath wrought: bumper crop of luxury electric cars

Green Car Reports

It may have taken some time, but the auto industry is now reacting to Tesla in full force. More than four years after the first Tesla Model S was delivered, we are on the verge of a bumper crop of luxury electric cars. A mix of established automakers and startups looking to emulate Tesla's success are planning a growing array of new models, the.

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Porsche spent €2.2B on R&D in 2016; PHEVs, Mission E BEV, digitalization

Green Car Congress

In FY 2016, Porsche spent €2.2 billion (US$2.4 billion) on R&D to prepare for mobility of the future with an emphasis on plug-in hybrid vehicles; the battery-electric Mission E vehicle; and overall digital transformation. Digitalization is more than an investment in the latest technologies. FY 2016 was the company’s most successful. billion. Brief

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2017 Kia Niro: gas mileage review

Green Car Reports

However you choose to view the 2017 Kia Niro hybrid—Kia says it's a crossover utility, we call it a wagon—it's a good-looking and relatively capacious small car. The debate over segments comes because the Niro has neither the ground clearance of a utility vehicle nor available all-wheel drive, making it more of a wagon or "square.

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Trump on EPA emissions rules, $10 billion electric-car buy, Lexus UX: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, we have analysis of President Donald Trump's much-discussed appearance in Detroit, 30 cities plan to buy $10 billion worth of electric cars, and why the upcoming Lexus UX crossover may get a hybrid powertrain. All this and more on Green Car Reports. A female Tesla engineer is suing the automaker, alleging a "culture of discrimination".

Nissan and Yokohama launch car sharing service featuring Nissan’s ultra-compact EV

Green Car Congress

The service, “Choimobi Yokohama,” enables users who register online to pick up and return cars in 14 locations around Yokohama Station. Earlier post.)

Lexus UX small crossover may get hybrid version that Toyota C-HR won't

Green Car Reports

For better or worse, many Toyota models ultimately donate their underpinnings to the Japanese automaker's Lexus luxury brand. That may not give certain Lexus models the pedigree some purists desire, but it's a fact of life in the modern auto industry—and an effective way for Toyota to amortize development costs into higher-profit luxury.

Sumitomo Electric demoing ESS for power grid in California; US’ largest redox flow battery system

Green Car Congress

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. Background. These goals are the second-highest renewable energy integration goals after the State of Hawaii. Brief

Tesla engineer alleges 'culture of discrimination' against women

Green Car Reports

A female Tesla engineer has accused the automaker of widespread discrimination against women. In a lawsuit filed last year, AJ Vandermeyden alleged Tesla ignored complaints of "pervasive harassment" of female employees, paid her a lower salary than men doing the same work, and promoted less-qualified men over her, and responded negatively when she.

Diamond Green Diesel to boost renewable diesel capacity 80% to 18,000 bpd; Honeywell UOP Ecofining technology

Green Car Congress

Honeywell announced that the Diamond Green Diesel facility in Norco, La., Diamond Green Diesel, which is owned by Valero Energy Corp. Earlier post.)

Greyrock, Tsinhua U, DRI to assess potential of synthetic diesel to improve air quality in China

Green Car Congress

Greyrock Energy, a developer of a gas-to-liquids (GTL) process that produces synthetic diesel, will participate with Tsinghua University of Beijing, China and the Desert Research Institute (DRI) of Reno, Nevada to quantify the positive impact on air quality from the use of synthetic diesel fuels as compared with petroleum derived diesel fuels.

BIOX working with Forge Hydrocarbons to co-locate renewable diesel facility at Sombra site

Green Car Congress

BIOX Corporation, a renewable energy company that owns and operates biodiesel production facilities, is working with Forge Hydrocarbons ( earlier post ) to explore the co-location of a renewable diesel production facility using Forge technology on the existing BIOX site in Sombra, Ontario. BIOX owns and operates 287.5 Bio-hydrocarbons Biodiesel

Trump proposed budget cuts DOT funding by 13%

Green Car Congress

President Trump’s proposed 2018 Budget requests $16.2 billion for DOT’s discretionary budget—a $2.4-billion or 13% decrease from the 2017 annualized CR level. Restructures and reduces Federal subsidies to Amtrak to focus resources on the parts of the passenger rail system that provide meaningful transportation options within regions. Brief