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Dana presenting VariGlide beltless transmission technology at International VDI Conference

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Dana’s VariGlide technology features a unique planetary, coaxial configuration, which eliminates belts and pulleys used in conventional CVTs.

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Big Oil To 'Lose Control Of Auto Industry': Energy Conference

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It's not uncommon for media commenters to look at electric-car sales numbers, only to conclude that the segment is teetering on the brink of death. Electric cars will never become mainstream, they argue, because of fickle consumers who base their-car purchases on what the price of gas happens to be the moment they walk into a dealership. Yet while.

LowCVP conference to explore beyond the tailpipe

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Exploring the rise of alternative fuels and electric vehicles, the conference will focus on the increasin[.]. Green credentials

Renault-Nissan Alliance to provide 200 EVs for Paris climate conference

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The Renault-Nissan Alliance will provide a fleet of 200 all-electric vehicles as the official passenger-car provider for the United Nation’s COP21 climate conference in Paris later this year. The fully electric car fleet will shuttle delegates during the event from 30 November to 11 December. van, the Renault Fluence Z.E. Brief

LowCVP Conference attracts 200 delegates and leading speakers

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Andrew Adonis, making his first public speech since his promotion to Secretary of State for Transport, told delegates at the LowCVP Conference that climate change is an issue which defines this age. There are also links from here to the conference speech by Lord Adonis and press releases issued by the LowCVP and the Greater London Authority.

Ford targets 10-25 per cent electric cars by 2020

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Ford expects that between 10 per cent and 25 per cent of its overall volume will be in some way powered by electric vehicle technology by 2020, compared to just two per cent today-so said Ford’s director of electrification, Nancy Gioia at the Automotive News Green Car Conference on Wednesday. The recent conference at [.].

RIVE 2011 announces green car line-up

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The international event, consisting of two days of conferences and ‘green’ car trials, brings together the public and private sectors, to discuss and discover more about the world [.]. Green credentials Alès conference event France green car Renault RIVE trials

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Overflow crowd at DC plug-in conference

Plugs and Cars

News of oil by the barrel and gas by the gallon reaching new highs had been dominating TV and print, so it was perhaps not surprising that the Google/Brookings Plug-in Electric Vehicle Conference saw overflow crowds. One couldn’t help leaving the conference with the excitement of feeling part of an idea whose time has come.

DOE Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Program Annual Merit Review Awards

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Conferences and other events Fuel Cells Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Hydrogen Storage StandardsAt last week’s merit review meeting, DOE made awards to 13 engineers and researchers. Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program Awards. Schneider also recently received the 2015 James M. Hydrogen Production. Hydrogen Storage. Fuel Cells. Systems Analysis.

2015 13

Press Conference Announced

Plug In Partners

T he Plug In Partners Campaign will kick off on January 24th at the Press Club in Washington D.C. More to Come

Torotrak to present extreme engine downsizing solution at Dresden supercharging conference

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In comparison with the incumbent fixed-ratio positive-displacement supercharger on a 1.0L Click to enlarge. The V-Charge equipped 1.0L

MIA confirms showcase displays at International Low Carbon Conference 2012

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MIA has named the seven companies taking showcase displays at the 6th International Low Carbon Racing Conference. Europe’s leading conference for low carbon [.]. Latest news Birmingham low carbon MIA NEC

Conference confirms plug-in fever

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Once again, a conference on plug-in cars. The conference attendees heard the now familiar if increasingly impassioned representatives of the utility industry trumpet the benefits of electricity for transportation. Coming on the heels of the Google/Brookings event in Washington, D.C., I will pay nothing for my 300 mile road trip.)


Audi sponsors AI conference NIPS 2016, demonstrates how car develops intelligent parking strategies

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Audi is a sponsor this year of the annual Conference and Workshop on Neural Information Processing Systems ( NIPS ) and is showcasing its expertise at the conference on artificial intelligence for the first time. Following the conference, there are workshops which provide a less formal setting.

GM hybrid study reduces fuel consumption

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Tags: Green cars Hybrid cars Latest news general motors 2010 Direction in Engine Efficiency and Emissions Research Conference fuel consumption GM hybrid cars GM Hybrid System

Bring Back the EV1 Press Conference

Revenge of the Electric Car

City Council Member, held a press conference demanding General Motors apologize to the American people for destroying the automaker’s EV1 plug-in electric vehicle. This press conference was held at the very same GM facility where the EV1 Vigil took place during February and March 2005. said Holden. This dependency must end now!

Superstars of AB 811 Rock Palm Desert @ EcoMotion Conference

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Chairman of the AB 811 Conference & my new favorite Republicans. Some of the 133 conference attendees catching a break and networking.

Ohio State team wins EcoCAR2 competition with E85 series-parallel plug-in hybrid Malibu

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Conferences and other events Conversions Fuel Efficiency High Octane Fuels Hybrids Plug-ins OSU’s series-parallel PHEV. Click to enlarge. The US Department of Energy and General Motors Co. announced that the Ohio State University (OSU) team was the overall winner of the EcoCAR 2: Plugging In to the Future finals. Up front, a biodiesel GM 1.7L

Ford holding auto app developer conference; hackathon with LA data

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Ford Motor Company will hold an automotive app developer conference on 8 September as part of the Connected Car Expo taking place at CTIA’s Super Mobility Week at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas. Immediately following the developer conference, all developers are invited to participate in the 12-hour hackathon. Brief

German Government hosting international e-mobility conference; Merkel speaking

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The German Federal Government is hosting an international conference on e-mobility, “Electric Mobility Going Global” later this month (27-28 May) in Berlin; Germany’s chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel is scheduled to give a speech on the first conference day. The conference language is German, with simultaneous translation to English.

Dresser-Rand to display biogas engines at WISA conference

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Dresser-Rand will showcase its Guascor biogas engines—with ratings from 140 to 1240 kW—to visitors attending the Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA) Biennial Conference & Exhibition 2014. Dresser-Rand acquired Grupo Guascor S.L., a leading supplier of diesel and gas engines, in 2011. Brief

Summary of decisions from Durban climate conference

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The next major UNFCCC Climate Change Conference, COP 18/CMP 8, will take place 26 November to 7 December 2012 in Qatar, in close cooperation with the Republic of Korea. and to assist the Conference of the Parties. Durban Climate Change Conference - November/December 2011. as possible, but not later than 2015. future agreements.

Tesla debuts bigger PowerWall 2.0 battery, glass solar-roof tiles from SolarCity

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solar roof Tesla Motors plug-in cars youtube renewable energy Solar City

2016 41

Australia Hosts First Climate Change Adaptation Conference

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The first international conference held in Australia to discuss the science and options for adapting to climate change begins in the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Center, Queensland, on 29 June. Professor Palutikof.

Renault-Nissan Alliance to provide 200 EVs for UN climate conference; expecting 400,000 km of travel

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As the official passenger-car provider for the United Nation’s COP21 climate conference in Paris, the Renault-Nissan Alliance will provide 200 pure electric vehicles to the annual summit which runs this year from 30 Nov. to 11 Dec. The vehicles are expected to cover more than 400,000 km (249,000 miles) in total while shuttling delegates.

1st International Conference on Materials for Energy

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Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology), a non-profit scientific and technical society based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and partners are organizing the 1 st International Conference on Materials for Energy , to be held in Karlsruhe, Germany 4-8 July 2010. The DECHEMA Gesellschaft für Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie e.

LG Chem: GM to sell 'more than 30,000' Chevy Bolt EVs next year

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The executive was vice president Kang Chang-beom, and he spoke on a conference call for financial analysts on the topic of LG Chem's third-quarter earnings. A very brief article on a single sentence uttered on Tuesday by an executive at Korean battery maker LG Chem has reverberated around electric-car circles for most of this week.

2016 37

High-Volume Chevy Volt Dealer: How To Sell Successfully, Lessons Learned

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Recently the organizers of the EV2015VE electric vehicle conference in Canada invited Quebec-based Bourgeois Chevrolet, a two-time award winner for its plug-in car sales. Plug-in electric vehicle pioneers perennially proclaim that the electric driving experience is as pleasant as the dealership experience isn't.

2015 43

4th International Conference on Biofuels Standards: current issues, future trends

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Brazil, EU and the US are the three largest producers of biofuels; other countries where biofuel production and utilization is increasing are also expected to participate in this conference. Biofuels are finding expanded utilization in ground transportation systems, and more recently in aviation systems. Brief

Tesla's net zero energy Gigafactory will indeed be in Reno

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The press conference held in Carson City not only Nevada Gov.

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Tesla Autopilot: The 10 Most Important Things You Need To Know

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While an explanatory conference call on Wednesday afternoon lasted less than an hour, Tesla CEO Elon Musk packed plenty of information into his. Tesla Motors is now rolling out its much-awaited "Autopilot" software for the Model S electric car, and it has revealed a number of things about how the autonomous driving system is intended to work.

2015 47

Tesla Model 3 Unveil By March 31, Deposits Accepted That Day

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Tesla Motors held its quarterly conference call yesterday for its fourth-quarter and 2015 full-year financial results, and some of the numbers weren't great. But for eager buyers and Tesla advocates, the most important news concerned the upcoming Model 3, the company's third generation of electric cars.

2016 43

Expect A 500-Mile Electric Car By 2025, Says Tesla's Elon Musk

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The CEO of electric-car maker Tesla Motors told attendees at the Barron's Investment Conference that he expects 500-mile electric cars to be available in just 10 years. It was a relatively brief projection of the future from a man who's juggling a lot of balls in the present, but even Elon Musk's quick hits can be newsworthy.

2015 46

Elon Musk On Climate: Tax Carbon Appropriately, Tesla Founder Says (Video)

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The COP21 climate summit in Paris is now in its second week. Elon Musk global warming climate change Tesla Motors electric vehicles plug-in cars

2015 44

AMAP to host low carbon vehicle conference

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In collaboration with the The Energy and Environmental Industries Forum (EEIF), the conference and exhibition [.]. Green credentials AMAP conference event low carbon

More Data Confirms: Electric-Car Drivers Really Love Their Cars

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At the Electric Drive Transportation Association conference in Indianapolis, PlugInsights Research (via InsideEVs) unveiled new findings indicating that--three and a half years after the In the grand scope of automotive history, modern electric cars haven''t been on the road very long.

GM prototyping future autonomous robotaxi services

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At the moment the company is launching several

Tesla Model X Sun Visor Design: Genius 'Delight' Or Overkill?

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"I'm not sure anyone should have made this car," Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk said at a press conference just before the debut of the Model X crossover last month. That somewhat unusual remark referred to the features and complexity of new electric crossover utility vehicle.

Toyota sponsors Milken Institute Global Conference, advocates for fuel cell vehicles

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Toyota used the 2014 Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles—which it sponsored, becoming the first automaker to do so—as a platform to argue for fuel cell vehicles and the opportunities they represent. —Chris Hostetter. Brief

Fisker To Launch Two New Models At Los Angeles Auto Show

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The man after whom the now-defunct Fisker Automotive was named will appear at back-to-back press conferences at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show next week While new owner Wanxiang looks to restart production of the Fisker Karma extended-range electric sedan, the man who gave his name to the car--Henrik Fisker--seems to have plans of his own.