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EPA Trends on EVs and PHEVs; beginning of a “measurable and meaningful impact” on new vehicle fuel economy and emissions

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EPA Trends report. In the analysis, EPA uses overall fuel economy in mpg equivalent (mpge) and tailpipe CO 2 emission values.

Automaker lobbyist group predicts doom, gloom over CAFE

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and auto-industry lobbyists are now sparring over the future of Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards for 2022-2025. At the recent CAR Management Briefing Seminars in Traverse City, Michigan, representative of both the EPA and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (AAM) debated over.

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Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers comments on proposed MY2017-2025 LDV CAFE/GHG regulations

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In the comments, the Alliance outlined four specific concerns with the NOI and the accompanying Technical Assessment Report: The agencies should consider the critical role of fuel prices in ensuring public acceptance of more costly high-fuel economy vehicles. We look forward to reviewing those studies.

EPA annual trends report finds new vehicle fuel economy at record 24.1 mpg; new powertrain technologies rapidly gaining share

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The detailed data supporting the report were obtained directly from automobile manufacturers. Source: EPA. Fuel economy.

US EPA and NHTSA Jointly Propose New Fuel Economy and Greenhouse Gas Regulations for Vehicles

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Greenhouse gas and fuel economy levels under the EPA NHTSA joint proposed rulemaking. Click to enlarge. Earlier post.). 32902. Resources.

Auto Industry Weighs in Against Murkowski Amendment that Delays EPA Regulation of Stationary Source CO2 Emissions

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As manufacturers, we are sympathetic to the thrust of Senator Murkowski’s amendment that the Congress—and not simply EPA acting under the provisions of the current Clean Air Act—should determine how best to reduce US greenhouse gas emissions economy-wide. Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski proposed Amendment Number 2530 to H.R.

US House Members Introduce Bipartisan Disapproval Resolution to Block EPA Regulation of GHG; Mirrors Murkowski Resolution

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Executive branch agencies, like EPA, carry out the laws passed by Congress. When Congress passed the Clean Air Act, it never gave EPA the explicit authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions for the purpose of stopping global climate change. Congressman Skelton is the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. Earlier post.).

2014 Nissan Versa Note Tops Subcompact Gas Mileage; Clever Aero, Light Weight

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As automobile manufacturers strive for greater fuel efficiency, it''s the low-hanging fruit proving most effective for immediate gains. That''s why Nissan''s new 2014 Versa Note--replacing the old 2012 Versa hatchback--has improved by a full 5 mpg on the old car''s combined economy.

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Comedy CAFE Clowns Crack Me Up

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All I ever heard them do was badmouth the small Honda car I drive and complain about CAFE fuel economy standards. spokesman Greg Martin said.

NRC report finds significant number of near-term technologies could greatly reduce fuel consumption in passenger cars

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To address this request, the NRC formed the Committee on the Assessment of Technologies for Improving Light-Duty Vehicle Fuel Economy.

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Automakers Support Obama Administrations Development of National Program for Reducing Carbon Emissions and Fuel Consumption

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The US auto industry, via the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, is lining up to support a new national, harmonized program to reduce carbon emissions and fuel consumption that President Obama will announce on Tuesday, 19 May. —Dave McCurdy, president and CEO, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers. Earlier post.).

European, Japanese, and North American heavy-duty engine and vehicle manufacturers call for harmonized global approach to improve fuel efficiency

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Leading manufacturers of heavy-duty commercial trucks and engines called for a harmonized global approach and cooperation in efforts to improve fuel efficiency, with increased cooperation among European, Japanese and American regulators as a necessary key element. Earlier post.). Daniel C.

NHTSA Sets MY 2011 CAFE Standards; Estimates Industry-Wide 27.3 mpg

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The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has set the model year 2011 CAFE standards, which it estimates will raise the industry-wide combined light-duty vehicle fuel economy average to 27.3 Average Fuel Economy Standards Passenger Cars and Light Trucks Model Year 2011. million metric tons during that period.

Separate MIT, IEA reports both outline major expansion in role of natural gas; caution on climate benefits

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In a carbon-constrained economy, the relative importance of natural gas is likely to increase even further, as it is one of the most cost-effective means by which to maintain energy supplies while reducing CO 2 emissions. World primary energy demand by fuel in the IEA high gas scenario. Source: IEA. Click to enlarge. Source: IEA. Resources.

Proposal for a Vehicle-Level Test Procedure to Measure Air Conditioning Fuel Use

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PHEV Charge-Depletion electric range over the UDDS and USO6 drive cycles with and without A/C. Source: Rugh, 2010. Click to enlarge. Rugh, 2010.

NHTSA Modeling and Technology Projections Underlying the Proposed CAFE Target of 34.1 mpg by MY 2016

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The 250 g/mile of CO 2 equivalent emissions limit by EPA is equivalent to 35.5 These technologies are covered separately in the EPA RIA.


CRC study finds some adverse results from use of mid-level ethanol blends in MY 2001-2009 engines; DOE and ethanol industry say study significantly flawed

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Growth Energy, an ethanol industry trade group, petitioned the EPA in March 2009 to raise the limit on ethanol in gasoline from 10 to 15 percent.

National Research Council Study Finds That Available Technologies Can Result in Significant Fuel Savings for Passenger Vehicles Over the Next 15 Years, But at Higher Purchase Prices for Consumers

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Estimated price increases are based on current economic conditions and the concept of “incremental retail price equivalent (RPE) cost,” which represents the average additional price consumers would pay for a fuel economy technology. In contrast, fuel economy measures how far a vehicle will travel with a gallon of fuel. Resources.

EC proposes 95 grams CO2/km target for new cars by 2020, 147 grams for light vans; super credits for cars below 35g

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The proposals would amend two existing regulations establishing binding requirements for manufacturers to meet the 2015 mandatory target for cars and the 2017 target for vans. L/100km), if the vehicles were to meet this CO 2 solely through fuel economy improvements. grams in 2011 and a mandatory target of 130 grams in 2015. mpg (4.3

Waxman/Markey Bill Accelerates Infrastructure and Build-out for Plug-Ins, Calls for Harmonization of Motor Vehicle GHG Standards; 3% of Emissions Allowances for Cap-and-Trade Go to Auto Industry

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2454 , The American Clean Energy and Security Act—which establishes a cap-and-trade program also contains a number of provisions for accelerating the deployment of a vehicle charging infrastructure and the manufacturing of plug-in electric drive vehicles. Plug-in Electric Drive Vehicle Manufacturing. Advanced technology vehicles.

House Chairmen Waxman, Markey Release Draft of Energy and Climate Legislation; Among the Many Provisions Are Cap-and-Trade, Harmonization of CAFE and California Vehicle Regulations, and Low Carbon Fuel Standard

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The bill also directs the President to work with the relevant Federal agencies and California to harmonize, to the maximum extent possible, the federal fuel economy standards, any emission standards promulgated by EPA, and the California standards for light-duty vehicles. Manufactured Homes. Chairman Henry A. Offsets. Resources.

Perspective: US Needs to Transition to Hydrous Ethanol as the Primary Renewable Transportation Fuel

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The oil price shocks of the 1970s led the Brazilian government to address the strain high prices were placing on its fragile economy. The 1979 Iranian crisis and related oil price shock accelerated Brazil’s conversion of its gasoline supply and automobile fleet. In February, 2009, the US EPA granted Renergie, Inc. by Brian J.