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Aura to introduce 10 kW hybrid APU

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Aura Systems, Inc. In 2006, Aura introduced a 5 kW hybrid APU for long-haul trucks. Aura’s integrated capability of providing and managing both AC and DC power simultaneously is a key to such a solution. Earlier post.). The AuraGen also acts as the starter motor for the internal combustion engine. Brief

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Aura received approximately $420,000 order for all-electric transport refrigeration

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Aura Systems, Inc. The customer selected Aura’s all-electric transport refrigeration after numerous tests and evaluation including comparison on actual routes with traditional diesel based solutions. received approximately $420,000 of orders for its all-electric transport refrigeration systems for midsize trucks from one customer.

Aura receives $370K order for electric retrofitting system for refrigeration trailers

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Aura Systems, Inc. The order calls for Aura to retrofit 20 existing Thermo King based trailer mechanical solutions with an electric solution and provide 15 tractors with 18 kW AuraGen generators. When shorepower is available the Aura solution will allow its use; the trailer will use electricity rather than the diesel. Brief

Aura Systems and Cyclone Power Technologies partner for renewable power generation

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Aura Systems, Inc. and Cyclone Power Technologies, Inc. have formed a technology development alliance to combine the all-fuel Cyclone Engine with the AuraGen induction motor and control unit ( earlier post ). Brief

Aura System’s Generator Incorporated into Azure’s Balance Hybrid for USPS

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Azure Dynamics Corporation incorporated Aura Systems ’s AuraGen motor/generator into its Balance Hybrid Electric vehicle delivered to the United States Postal Service fleet (USPS). In addition to hybrid applications, Aura is using its AuraGen and advanced power management system to support alternative energy solutions such as WePower Inc.’s

Wärtsilä supplying liquid bio-fuel powered main engines for new Finnish cargo vessel

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Wärtsilä’s LBF specification. Click to enlarge. Comparison of different fuels. Click to enlarge. Resources.

GM Suspending 2010 Malibu Hybrid Production; Next-Generation Li-Ion Mild Hybrid Expected for 2011

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The Malibu hybrid shares components with two other GM mild hybrids: the Saturn Aura and Vue hybrids. 2008 Malibu hybrid. Click to enlarge.

Bad bicycle parking at Whole Foods undermines green image

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Whole Foods is in a way emblematic of the Green Living movement. Yup, there's a lot of good things to be said about the company, its products, etc.

US Hybrid Sales in February Drop 29%; Lower Decline Than General LDV Market

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The Saturn Aura posted 23 units, representing 1.5% of all Auras sold. Reported sales of hybrids. Click to enlarge. Toyota. Honda. Nissan.

NASA satellite images highlight US air quality improvement with reduction of NO2

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After ten years in orbit, the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) on NASA’s Aura satellite has been in orbit sufficiently long to show that people in major US cities are breathing less nitrogen dioxide. New NASA satellite images released this week demonstrate the reduction of air pollution across the US. Schindler. Brief

US Hybrid Sales Down 45.5% in April

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31 units of the Saturn Aura hybrid, representing 1.7% of Aura sales. Monthly US sales of hybrids. Click to enlarge. Earlier post.).

Penske Seeking to Buy Saturn

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GM would continue production, on a contract basis, of the Saturn Aura, Vue and Outlook. General Motors Corp. and Penske Automotive Group confirmed details of a proposed transaction under which Penske would acquire the Saturn brand. Earlier post.) Financial terms of the agreement will not be disclosed at this time.

Reported US Sales of Hybrids Drop 31.2% in January; 2.3% New Vehicle Market Share

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19 Aura hybrids, representing 1.4% of all Aura sales. Monthly reported sales of hybrids in the US. Click to enlarge. Earlier post.)

GM Will Apply Plug-in Hybrid Technology To One of Its Remaining Four Core Brands, Delivery Still in 2011

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Prototype Saturn Vue PHEV plugging in to a Coulomb Chargepoint ( earlier post ) in San Jose, CA. Click to enlarge. Earlier post.). Earlier post.).

Study finds power law scaling relationship between urban population and NO2 pollution

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log relationship between NO 2 mixing ratios and the total population of urban areas for the four regions. Credit: ACS, Lamsal et al. Click to enlarge.

Reported US Sales of Hybrids Up 21% in November; New Vehicle Market Share of 2.7%

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The Saturn Aura sold 29 units, down 17%, for 2.0% of model sales. Reported US sales of hybrids. Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge. Toyota.

Hybrid Sale Of The Century?

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That all changed when GM restructured to focus on only four major brands, Saturn no longer being one of them. liter 4 cylinder engine.

Reported US Hybrid Sales Up 5.2% Year on Year in June; 3% New Vehicle Market Share for the Month

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Hybrid new vehicle market share by month. Click to enlarge. For the first half of 2009, hybrids held a 2.6% new vehicle share. million. Toyota. Honda.

US Hybrid Sales in March 2009 Down 44% Year-on-Year; Monthly New Vehicle Market Share of 2.5%

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26 units of the Saturn Aura hybrid (1.3% of total sales). Reported US sales of hybrids. Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge. Toyota. Honda.

NASA-led study identifies unprecedented depletion of stratospheric ozone layer above Arctic

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These included daily global observations of trace gases and clouds from NASA’s Aura and CALIPSO spacecraft; ozone measured by instrumented balloons; meteorological data and atmospheric models. The same ozone-loss processes occur each winter in the Arctic. Resources. Gloria L. Manney, Michelle L. Santee, Markus Rex, Nathaniel J. Brief

DISCOVER-AQ project to begin flights to enhance measurement of ground-level air-quality from space

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Studies suggest that discrepancies of as much as 30 to 50% exist between estimates of ground nitrogen dioxide inferred from the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI), an instrument on NASA’s Aura satellite launched in 2004, and measurements from ground-based instruments. DISCOVER-AQ instrumentation deployment strategy. Source: NASA. Resources.

Plug-ins to play part in GM future

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Currently Saturn sells two hybrid vehicles - the VUE and Aura with GM hybrid system - and was also scheduled to offer a two-mode hybrid Vue with a Vue plug-in two-mode hybrid version scheduled for 2011 to be used in a test fleet with the US Department of Energy.

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GM Previews First Two-Mode, Front-Wheel-Drive Hybrid Transaxle

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by Jack Rosebro. General Motors 2MT70 FWD two-mode hybrid transaxle, as seen from. engine side. Click to enlarge. Expanding The Two-Mode Portfolio.

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More information on hybrid sales slump

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General Motors: The company sold 1,534 units in April which consisted of: 523 two-mode SUVS (Tahoe, Yukon Escalade); 95 two-mode pick-ups (Silverado, Sierra); 547 Malibu hybrids; 338 Saturn VUE hybrids; 31 Saturn Aura hybrids. Yesterday we told you how hybrid sales continued their downward trend in the US. per cent year-on-year.

Perspective: A View Into the New GM

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HCCI represents a longer term solution. I was able to spend 10 minutes driving a Saturn Aura sedan with an (HCCI) engine system. by Bill Cooke.