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Global Bioenergies, IBN-One and Lantmännen Aspen partner on renewable isooctane for specialty fuel applications

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Global Bioenergies, IBN-One and Lantmännen Aspen, world market leader in alkylate gasoline for two- and four-stroke small engines, have entered into a partnership on renewable isooctane ( earlier post ) for specialty fuel applications. billion (US$3.8 billion). —Thomas Buhl, Head of business development at Global Bioenergies.

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UTRC and ANGP unveil first low-pressure conformable natural gas tank design

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Adsorbed Natural Gas Products, Inc. unveiled a full-scale mockup of UTRC’s conformable fuel tank for ANG vehicles. Earlier post.). —Dr.

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Where Do The Biggest SUVs Go From Here?

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Both the 2009 Dodge Durango and 2009 Chrysler Aspen will be ending production after this year. How far will big hybrid SUVs go?

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GM, Honda to collaborate on next-generation fuel cell technologies; targeting commercial feasibility in 2020 time frame

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2011 Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle. Click to enlarge. Earlier post.) GM’s hydrogen fuel cell product milestones. Click to enlarge. Earlier post.)

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ML450 Hybrid In ‘09 Looks Doubtful

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Only a few weeks ago, the hybrid Durango and hybrid Aspen went on the chopping block. which it claims will approach 30 m.p.g. with a gas V-6.

Fall Preview and Theatrical Launch

Revenge of the Electric Car

This summer has been a wild ride of festivals, terrific opening press and special event screenings across the country. The results are in! Baltimore.

CALSTART Small Hybrid Bus Working Group Selects StarTrans-Azure Dynamics for National Hybrid Bus Deployment

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The Azure Dynamics Balance chassis. Click to enlarge. engine and the 5-speed automatic TorqShift transmission.

Study finds autothermal reforming with WGS reactor preferred option for on-board reforming of biodiesel and bioethanol

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The paper by Stefan Martin and Antje Wörner, published online in the Journal of Power Sources , investigated steam reforming (SR) and autothermal reforming (ATR) options for the on-board conversion of bioethanol and biodiesel using the simulation tool Aspen Plus, with a special emphasis on thermal heat integration. —Martin and Wörner.

NREL report estimates gasoline produced from biomass could cost about the same as ethanol

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Current case design block flow diagram of thermochemical gasoline from biomass-derived methanol and the methanol-to-gasoline process. Source: NREL. Click to enlarge. This is a gallon ethanol equivalent on an energy basis (gee) price of $1.39/gallon ($0.37/liter). Gasoline has a higher energy content than ethanol.) per gallon ($0.41 Gasification.

Study explores energy balance of Fischer-Tropsch diesel via autothermal reforming of pyrolysis oil from biomass residue; spreadsheet offered as tool

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The estimated energy efficiencies computed with the spreadsheet are comparable to those obtained with Aspen software. Fischer–Tropsch (FT) synthesis of the syngas into diesel fuel. Modelled process for the conversion of biomass into liquid transportation fuel. Credit: ACS, Manganaro et al. Click to enlarge. —Manganaro et al. Resources.

Plug-in Manufacturers Grow

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I t wasn't that long ago that I remember a Chrysler ad that bragged about how its new Charger, with the big V 8, was a hybrid.

Researchers propose CO2 recycling to improve Fischer-Tropsch GTL efficiency and reduce total CO2 emissions

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The team developed two process models for CUGP mainly producing light olefins and Fischer–Tropsch (F–T) synthetic oils with Aspen Plus software. Overview of the CUGP processes. Credit: ACS, Zhang et al. Click to enlarge. 41.3% and thermal efficiency by 15.7?40.7%, 40.7%, with total CO 2 emissions reduced by 82.0?88.4%, to 36.2g Resources.

Update: ‘09 Saturn Vue Hybrid

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In any case, a 3 month delay was welcome news when compared to Chrysler announcing they would discontinue the Aspen and Durango hybrid SUVs.

On Again Off Again: Audi Q5

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However, as Audi saw other large SUV hybrids such as the Durango and Aspen fall off the market, they decided to remove the hybrid option from the Q7.

Hybrid SUV Future Looks Bright

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Where do we go from here? With all these hybrids being discontinued, readers may be wondering what the future holds for hybrid crossovers and SUVs.

UMass Amherst Licenses Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis Technology to Startup Anellotech to Produce Renewable Biogasoline

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Aspen Plus software will be used for process design simulation. Click to enlarge. Earlier post.). —George Huber. Resources. Torren R.

Plug-In Prius Goes Up to 12 Miles on Electricity Only -

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2009 Chrysler Aspen The Chrysler Aspen is Chryslers first attempt at a mid- to full-size SUV, and while it is. FREE, No obligations!

Two Genomic Research Projects in British Columbia Tackle Issues in Emerging Forestry Biofuels Industry

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Cumulative percentage (in 2008) of lodgepole pine killed by the pine beetle infestation in British Columbia. Source: BC Ministry of Forests and Range.

‘10 Hybrid SUV Prices

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Once you begin researching hybrid SUV’s you will notice a huge range of prices. 2010 Ford Escape Hybrid. Starting MSRP: $29,860.

Criticism for Government green car buys

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For example, 2,933 vehicles have been ordered from Chrysler despite the fact that the manufacturer does not include any hybrids in its line-up with the exception of the Durango/Aspen line. It seems like a great idea in theory - the US Government is backing up its calls for the public to move to green cars by buying some of its own.

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EPA Proposes New Regulations for Renewable Fuel Standard to Implement Requirements of EISA; GHG Reduction and Indirect Land Use Change Effects Included

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Example of results from EPA lifecycle analyses in the NPRM. Emissions for select fuel pathways for the two time horizon/discount rate approaches.