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2011 Nissan Altima / Altima Hybrid

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The 2011 Nissan Altima is clearly more stylish than competitors like the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, and the line includes both a coupe and a hybrid. While it’s not quite as roomy inside as some mid-size rivals, the 2011 Altima has held up decently since its 2007 debut.

NYPD Adds 40 Altima Hybrid Patrol Cars to Fleet

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The New York Police Department (NYPD) has deployed 40 Nissan Altima Hybrids as the first alternative fuel vehicles to be used as marked and unmarked patrol cars in the Police Department’s fleet. The Nissan Altima Hybrids account for 40 of more than 100 total hybrid vehicles the Department is expected to deploy this year.

Nissan Announces Pricing for 2010 Altima Hybrid, On Sale Monday

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The all new 2010 Nissan Altima Hybrid will go on sale Monday with a base MSRP of $26,780. The vehicle will only be available in the same nine states that the outgoing model was offered in. The states include California, Connecticut, Maine, New York, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

One More For The Dead-Hybrid List: RIP Nissan Altima Hybrid

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Add one more to the list of hybrid cars that have been sent off to the great gasoline-electric graveyard in the sky. Nissan will end production of its Altima Hybrid sedan after the 2011 model year.

2012 Nissan Leaf: Heated Seats, Wheel & Battery As Standard

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While Nissan killed the Altima Hybrid, its sole U.S. hybrid vehicle, for 2012, the company has made a number of important upgrades to its Leaf battery electric car. For 2012, the Nissan Leaf will include as standard heated front and rear seats, plus heated steering wheel and outside mirrors.

Hybrid sales leap in the US

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The cash for clunkers campaign has given a massive boost to hybrid sales in the US, with a reported leap by 48.6 Overall sales of light duty vehicles in the US increased by one per cent to 1,261,997 units according to figures from Autodata, with reported hybrid sales representing 3.07 Sales of the Camry hybrid however, dropped by 38.8

A closer look at US auto sales in July

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per cent to 566,527 with hybrids having a particularly good month. The company had an exceptionally strong month with hybrid sales which leapt by 323 per cent year on year to 5,353 units. Sales of the Civic Hybrid plunged by 71.8 per cent to just 969 units while the Honda Insight Hybrid posted 2,295 units.

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Sales of hybrid cars increase in US

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After months of doom and gloom for the auto industry in the USA, there is finally a ray of hope courtesy of hybrid cars. Reported sales of hybrids in the US increased by 5.2 This meant that a total of 26,205 hybrid units were sold - some three per cent of all new vehicles, the highest monthly new vehicle share since April 2008.

Who is winning the green car race? The Green Piece

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When sales of the Civic Hybrid started to flag, Honda introduced the Insight Hybrid earlier this year. The green car race – the leaders.

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Infiniti Looking At Adding Hybrid Tech To Other Models

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The upcoming 2012 Infiniti M35h hybrid sedan will be the first vehicle featuring Nissan's own proprietary gasoline-electric hybrid system. If you don't recall, Nissan has sold a hybrid vehicle before, in the form of the Altima Hybrid, but this model relied on technology borrowed from Toyota.

Cities Want High-Mileage Hybrid Taxis; Judge Says It's Illegal

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If you've been to New York City lately, you may have noticed an increasing number of hybrid taxis on the roads: mostly Ford Escape Hybrid SUVs, but also Toyota Camry Hybrid and Nissan Altima Hybrid sedans, and a scattering of others too.

EPA 2010 Annual Fuel Economy Guide Now Available

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The Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan hybrid sedans come in second, at 41/36, followed by the Honda Civic Hybrid; Honda Insight; Lexus HS250h; Nissan Altima Hybrid; Ford Escape, Mazda Tribute, Mercury Mariner Hybrid; smart fortwo Cabriolet and Coupe; Toyota Camry Hybrid; and Lexus RX450h hybrid.

US Hybrid Sales in February Drop 29%; Lower Decline Than General LDV Market

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Reported sales of hybrids. Reported sales of light-duty hybrids in the US dropped 29% by volume in February year-on-year to 16,020 units.

Reported US Hybrid Sales Up 42% in December, Down 7.5% for CY 2009; New Vehicle Market Share of 2.8% for CY 2009

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Top: Reported sales of US hybrids in 2009 resulted in a 2.8% Bottom left: relative new vehicle share of hybrid and non-hybrid vehicles.

US LDV Sales Down 33.7% in May; SAAR Up to 9.91M; Reported Hybrid Sales Down 28.5%; Hybrid New Vehicle Share of 2.8%

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OEM-reported sales of hybrids in the month dropped 28.5% to 25,693 units; hybrids thus held a 2.8% Reported US sales of hybrids.

Chevrolet Cruze Eco achieves EPA-rated 42 mpg on highway

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The non-hybrid 2011 Chevrolet Cruze Eco delivers an EPA-estimated 42 mpg on the highway (manual transmission models), with city fuel economy of 28 mpg. Cruze Eco and select hybrids. Ford Fusion Hybrid. Nissan Altima Hybrid. Toyota Camry Hybrid. It goes on sale in January. Aerodynamics. Mass optimization.


Reported US Sales of Hybrids Up 21% in November; New Vehicle Market Share of 2.7%

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Reported US sales of hybrids. Reported US sales of hybrids rose 21% year-on-year by volume in November 2009 to 20,003 units. Toyota.

Reported US Sales of Hybrids Up 11.4% in October Year-on-Year; 2.9% New Vehicle Share for the Month

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Reported US sales of hybrids. Reported US sales of hybrids in October 2009 rose 11.4% Camry Hybrid posted 1,407 units, down 49.6%

September Auto Sales Plunge in Aftermath of Cash for Clunkers; SAAR at 9.2M units, LDV Sales Down 41% from August, Hybrid Sales Down 48%

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Reported hybrid sales by month. Reported sales of hybrids in September dropped 4.1% Hybrid new vehicle market share by month.

Reported US Hybrid Sales Up 5.2% Year on Year in June; 3% New Vehicle Market Share for the Month

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Hybrid new vehicle market share by month. Reported sales of hybrids in the US increased 5.2% Reported US hybrid sales by month.

US Hybrid Sales Down 45.5% in April

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Monthly US sales of hybrids. Reported sales of hybrids in the US reported by Toyota, Honda, Ford, GM and Nissan dropped 45.5% Toyota.

US Hybrid Sales in March 2009 Down 44% Year-on-Year; Monthly New Vehicle Market Share of 2.5%

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Reported US sales of hybrids. US hybrids monthly new vehicle market share. Camry Hybrid posted 2,554 units, down 63.1% Toyota.

Reported US Sales of Hybrids Drop 31.2% in January; 2.3% New Vehicle Market Share

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Monthly reported sales of hybrids in the US. Reported sales of hybrids in the US in January dropped 32.2% of all Altima models sold.

The Beast in the Rumble Seat

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There is more to Dan Neil's recent LA Times column than a favorable review of yet another gasoline-only hybrid. He likes the Nissan Altima Hybrid well enough. Calls it a "Camry hybrid in tight jeans." More important, Neil says, is that it comes from an automaker that had scoffed at "hybridization." Fantasy?

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Reported Sales of US Hybrids Up 48.6% in August; 3.07% Market Share

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Market share of reported hybrid sales in the US. Reported hybrid sales represented 3.07% of new vehicle sales in August. Earlier post.).

US LDV Sales Down 34.4% in April; Hybrid Sales Down 45.5%

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Combined reported US hybrid sales (from Toyota, Honda, Ford, GM and Nissan) in April totalled 21,735 units, a 45.5% US LDV SAAR. in April 2009.

NYPD goes green

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Police Commissioner Raymond W Kelly and Mayor Michael Bloomberg have announced that the department is going green by sending hybrid police vehicles out on patrol. Around 40 Nissan Altima hybrids will be deployed across the five boroughs. In total there are around 3,000 unmarked and marked patrol cars used by the NYPD.

Cash for Clunkers Buoys US Auto Sales; Hybrid Sales Up 31.8% for Monthly New Vehicle Share of 3.55%

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Monthly new vehicle market share for hybrids. Hybrids had an especially good month, with reported sales jumping 31.8% Click to enlarge.

US LDV Sales Fall 37.1% in January; January SAAR Below 10 Million

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GM delivered a total of 923 hybrid vehicles in the month. Camry Hybrid accounted for 5.5% January SAAR dropped below 10 million. Toyota.

Huge rise in hybrid sales during October

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Hybrid sales in the USA enjoyed a significant leap during October, increasing by volume to 24,475 units – an increase of 11.4 However, with overall light duty vehicle sales remaining essentially flat over the month, there are clear signs that hybrid cars are developing into a more mainstream alternative. per cent and a 2.9 per cent.

More information on hybrid sales slump

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Yesterday we told you how hybrid sales continued their downward trend in the US. Overall, reported sales of hybrids dropped 45.5 per cent year-on-year to 21,735 even though it incorporated a full month’s sales for new vehicles such as the Honda Insight, as well as the Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan Hybrids.

Hybrid sales continue downward trend

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Green cars continue to be as badly hit as any during the on-going recession as sales of hybrid cars showed another dramatic year-on-year slump in April. Combined reported US hybrid sales from Ford, GM, Honda, Nissan and Toyota fell by 45.5 per cent share last year, which was hybrid cars’ highest monthly share to date.

US hybrid sales slump in September

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Hybrid sales were not immune from the troubles either. per cent compared to the previous year at 19,977 units (though they do not include sales of the Mercedes S400 Hybrid which went on sale in the USA at the end of August). Compared to August results, this meant that hybrid sales were down 48.4 Reported sales dropped 4.1

US vehicle sales show significant decrease

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Hybrids were not immune from the slump either as sales dropped by 28.5 Secondly, hybrids held a 2.8 Sales of the company’s hybrids totalled 3,906 setting three new sales records. A total of 1,739 GM hybrid vehicles were delivered - that’s a 39 per cent increase compared to the previous year. per cent.

The French are coming. The Green Piece

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The green car race: the French are coming. PSA Peugeot Citroen – one to watch. It has four doors, four seats and a compact length of 3.48m.