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Afghanistan to power electric cars?

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Afghanistan could become the ‘Saudi Arabia of lithium’ an internal memo from the US Pentagon hints after new research revealed that the country has vast reserves of the valuable mineral. Tags: Electric cars Afghanistan lithium U.S

Why Buy Electric Cars? Iraq Vet Says: For National Security

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But not all of them have served three tours of military duty, including service in Iraq and Afghanistan. Tim Goodrich was posted to Afghanistan as an avionics technician, supporting the AWACS planes that feed aerial

ONR, USMC successfully demonstrate alternative energy systems at forward operating bases in Afghanistan

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To cut down on convoys trucking fuel to forward operating bases, as well as to implement the Department of the Navy’s vision for energy efficiency, the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and elements within the US Marine Corps (USMC) have successfully demonstrated their goal to reduce petroleum and energy usage in remote locations in Afghanistan.

Transmission Losses: More Oil Supply Trucks Bombed in Pakistan

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ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Dozens of tankers carrying fuel to Afghanistan for NATO troops were torched near Quetta in western Pakistan on Wednesday, the third major attack on supplies since Pakistan closed one border crossing to Afghanistan a week ago and the first at the only checkpoint that remained open. Source: NY Times

US Military going green

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The desert base acts as a house for the Army’s premier training centre for troops that will be deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars are consuming more fuel than any other wars in US history and so it’s understandable that officials are now reducing their consumption and embracing energy alternatives.

Serving My Country – My Patriotic Duty

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Robert Earl Bushweit (right) runs into his Detroit buddy, Percy, in a captured German town during WWII. And The River Opens For The Righteous.

Navy demo shows solid oxide fuel cell tactical generator could cut diesel fuel use by up to 44%

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The Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell Tactical Electrical Power Unit is aimed at reducing the need to transport fuel around the battlefield, especially in theaters such as Afghanistan, where enemies routinely target supply routes with homemade bombs. Many useful power and energy technologies have been developed in the last decade. Brief


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As the price per barrel goes beyond $97, one story in the NY Times reports : •Bombing in Afghanistan kills 64. Attack on pipeline in Yemen. Domestic oil inventory to fall. Severe weather forecast for North Sea. Oil platforms evacuated. Dollar weak. Severe weather shuts Mexican ports, disrupts oil supply to US.

Marine Corps Showcases Experimental Forward Operating Base; Focus on Water and Power Generation

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Logistics train in Afghanistan. Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James T. Source: USMC. Click to enlarge. The lab’s commanding general, Brig.

Groundbreaking in Turkmenistan for major synthetic gasoline plant; first full-scale Haldor Topsøe TIGAS facility

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Turkmenistan is one of the six independent Turkic states and is bordered by Kazakhstan to the northwest, Uzbekistan to the northeast and east, Afghanistan to the southeast, Iran to the south and southwest, and the Caspian Sea to the west. and the Turkish contractor Rönesans Turkmen to engineer and construct the facility. —Bjerne S.

Department of Defense releases new operational energy strategy; more fight, less fuel

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aircraft over Afghanistan, 8 Dec 2010. At least 80% of land convoys in Afghanistan are for transporting fuel to warfighters, Lynn said.

Lord Stern: A Good Chance for a Serious Deal in Copenhagen

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There is a long way to go, but I think we have a good chance of getting a serious deal in Copenhagen. Lord Stern.

Secretary of the Navy Sets Target for 50% of Total Energy Consumption from Alternative Sources by 2020; Role for Biofuels and EVs

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The Commandant of the Marine Crops, General Conway said it best during the Marine Corps energy summit a few weeks ago when he described the fully burdened cost of a gallon of gasoline delivered to a piece of equipment in Afghanistan. Navy Sec. Mabus. We do not have operational independence and we are tied to a vulnerable logistics tail.

MIT team finds lead levels higher in Indian Ocean than northern Atlantic and Pacific oceans

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Today, 185 countries have stopped using leaded gasoline; six others, including Afghanistan, Iraq and North Korea, plan to phase it out in the next two years. MIT researchers have discovered that lead concentrations in the Indian Ocean are now higher than in the northern Atlantic and northern Pacific oceans. Brief

Opinion: Is Russia Plotting To Bring Down OPEC?

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And this, given the Soviet experience in Afghanistan and Putin’s experience in eastern Ukraine, is far from certain. by Dalan McEndree for Live by Energy…. Energy is the foundation of Russia, its economy, its government, and its political system. percent of GDP in 2014. Russia supplied about 30 percent (146.6 mmbbl/day) in 2013.

Heard At The Show: Snippets from SAE 2009 World Congress

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Fuel becomes very expensive by the time it reaches the front line, ranging from $20/gallon up to $600/gallon when it is delivered by helicopter in Afghanistan. Where does all of the energy go? In a session on total vehicle energy consumption, several people shared similar pie charts showing the flow of energy within an automobile. Cycling.