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Explaining how Honda Accord Hybrid system works: video

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The 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid mid-size sedan returned last year, ending a one-year hiatus for the model. Videos

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Honda introduces “Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem” at CES 2017; Honda Riding Assist, NeuV concept w/ AI emotion engine

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Further, as part of its effort to accelerate open innovation, Honda has established a new URL for areas including AI, Big Data and Robotics.

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Honda of Canada Mfg. to invest $492M in Ontario manufacturing plants; $83.6M in government grants

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Honda of Canada Mfg. HCM), a division of Honda Canada Inc., will invest $492 million over the next three years to allow the company to modernize its Ontario manufacturing facilities and to improve its manufacturing carbon footprint significantly—part of Honda’s global initiatives. Honda of Canada Mfg. billion.

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Honda hybrids, Prius Prime buyers misled, PG&E electric-car rebate: Today's Car News

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Today, Toyota Prius Prime buyers complain of uncooperative dealers, Honda announces a new dedicated hybrid model for 2018, and California utility Pacific Gas & Electric offers rebates for electric-car use. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Find out why Faraday Future's luxury electric car is called the FF 91. Today in Car News

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13 global companies launch Hydrogen Council in Davos; promoting hydrogen to help meet climate goals

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The Council is led by two Co-Chairs from different geographies and sectors, currently represented by Air Liquide and Toyota. trillion and 1.72


Honda hybrid minivan, SUV, or pickup coming; dedicated hybrid in 2018 too

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In recent years, Honda has announced that it planned to release advanced-technology green cars in the future—without mentioning even their names, let alone any details or specifications. Detroit Auto Show Future Cars Full hybrid

2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell to lease for $369 a month

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The 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell will be available through certain California dealerships before the year is out, its maker says. Honda. hydrogen Leasing hydrogen fuel cell

First 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell sedans delivered in California

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Well after Hyundai and Toyota launched their own fuel-cell cars in California, the first 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell sedans to be leased to retail customers were delivered yesterday in a small ceremony. There's a new hydrogen fuel-cell kid in town. California hydrogen hydrogen fuel cell

Honda leasing 2017 Clarity Fuel Cell at $369/month, including fuel

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Honda announced a competitive introductory lease price of $369 a month for 36 months (plus tax) for the Clarity Fuel Cell sedan, which is coming to dealerships in California by the end of 2016. Honda will further develop its dealer network as consumer friendly hydrogen fueling stations become available. Earlier post.). Brief

2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Sedan: Live Photos, More Details From Tokyo

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We got a first look at the 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell over a month ago, but major details--including the car's name--weren't released until the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show last week. Honda's production hydrogen-powered vehicle--now named Clarity Fuel Cell--will go on sale in Japan early next year, with a U.S. Its platform.

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Tesla wireless charging, Toyota hybrid sales, 2017 Honda Fit: Today's Car News

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million hybrids globally this year, and we have pricing information for the 2017 Honda Fit. Today, an aftermarket company plans to market a wireless-charging system for the Tesla Model S, Toyota is on track to sell almost 1.5 All this and more on Green Car Reports. Want to charge your Tesla wirelessly? Today in Car News

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2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell rated at 366 miles of range by EPA

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The Toyota Mirai has taken the lead in U.S. sales of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, though it was beaten to market early last year by the Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell. Through September, Toyota has sold 710 of its four-person Mirai sedan—though up to half of those sales came in August to employees and others connected to Toyota. We're close to.

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2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Priced 'Around $60,000,' CA Launch Before End Of Year

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As previously announced, the 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell will arrive in the U.S. Auto Show, Honda said it will begin leasing cars to retail customers in select California markets "before the end of 2016." It also said that the hydrogen fuel-cell sedan. later this year, but only in certain parts of California.

2017 Honda Clarity Priced, Nissan Leaf Battery Plant, New VW Electric-Car Boss: Today's Car News

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Today, the 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell will start at "around $60,000" when it launches in California later this year, a U.K. plant prepares to build larger battery packs for the next-generation Nissan Leaf, and Volkswagen names a new electric-car boss. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Today in Car News

Honda Plug-In Hybrid, 2017 Acura NSX, Tesla Model 3 In China: Today's Car News

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Today, we have details on the 2018 Honda plug-in hybrid, full specs for the 2017 Acura NSX hybrid supercar, and the possibility that the Tesla Model 3 electric car could be built in China as well as the U.S. The 2018 Honda plug-in hybrid will have a 40-mile electric range, and share a platform with the. Today in Car News

2017 Honda Civic hatchback, VW T-Cross Breeze, electric-car range cost: Today's Car News

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Today, we're on the ground at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, where the Volkswagen T-Cross Breeze concept and 2017 Honda Civic hatchback prototype have already been unveiled. We also look at the cost of electric-car range and more, on Green Car Reports. Today in Car News

Honda to add new dedicated hybrid model with i-MMD in US in 2018; hybrid system to expand to light trucks

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Honda will produce a new dedicated hybrid model in the US for nationwide in 2018, as part of the Honda Electrification Initiative, which will expand the company’s portfolio of electrified vehicles. Honda also announced it will expand the use of its two-motor hybrid powertrain from passenger cars to its light truck lineup in the future.

Tesla Autopilot safety, 2017 Honda CR-V, Formula E relevance: Today's Car News

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Today, we take a closer look at the statistics used by Tesla CEO Elon Musk to defend the carmaker's Autopilot system, survey the upgraded 2017 Honda CR-V crossover, and look at how Formula E electric-car racing could make road cars better. Certain 2016 and 2017 Toyota Prius hybrids are being recalled to. Today in Car News

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2017 Honda Accord Hybrid on sale this spring with 48-mpg gas mileage rating

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The 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid mid-size sedan was unveiled yesterday, ending a one-year hiatus in the model that will now offer the highest EPA gas-mileage ratings in the Honda lineup.

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2017 Honda Fit priced, unchanged

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The 2017 Honda Fit hatchback went on sale in the U.S. last week with only minor changes. Pricing starts at $16,825 (including destination) for a base LX model with a six-speed manual transmission. DON'T. Pricing subcompact

2017 Hyundai Ioniq, Honda Accord Hybrid Hiatus, Intercity Fast Charging: Today's Car News

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Today, we have some details on the Prius-fighting 2017 Hyundai Ioniq hybrid, the Honda Accord Hybrid goes on hiatus, and the case for intercity fast charging for electric cars. The Honda Accord Hybrid is. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Today in Car News

Weekly round-up: 2017 Volkswagen Golf unveiled, Vauxhall turns up the heat and we drive Honda’s NSX supercar

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Love him or loathe him, it’s now official. The yellow-haired former reality TV star that is Donald Trump will soon be the western world’s beacon, and.

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2017 Honda CR-V crossover: more standard safety features, turbo engine

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The 2017 Honda CR-V compact crossover utility vehicle was unveiled today, featuring more fuel-efficient powertrains, evolutionary styling. That latter detail may seem minor, but widespread complaining about the lack of such a knob was one of the few criticisms of the otherwise well-received new Honda Civic last

All-new Honda Civic set for UK launch in 2017

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Honda has revealed the next-generation of Civic hatchback in America, with US-spec cars hitting the road in September this year. Honda Civic

Honda to begin leasing Clarity fuel cell vehicle in California by year end; targeting <$500/month

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Honda expects to price the Clarity Fuel Cell at around $60,000 with a targeted monthly lease under $500. At Washington, D.C.

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2017 Kia Niro Hybrid Crossover Utility Vehicle Debuts At Chicago Auto Show

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The 2017 Kia Niro "hybrid utility vehicle" revealed this morning at the Chicago Auto Show marks the South Korean brand's ambitious entry into dedicated hybrids. Chicago Auto Show Plug-In Hybrids

2018 Honda Clarity electric versions: first details, including 40-plus-mile range for plug-in hybrid

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The 2017 Honda Clarity will arrive in showrooms late this year with a hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain, one of three hydrogen-powered vehicles that will be sold in limited numbers in specific California regions that have hydrogen fueling stations up and running.

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Electric car battery warranties, Honda Clarity Fuel Cell sales start, Mitsubishi electric cars: Today's Car News

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Today, we compare electric car battery warranties, the first 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell sedans are delivered to customers in California, and a report indicates Mitsubishi may share an electric-car platform with Renault. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Today in Car News

2017 Kia Niro hybrid SUV: are electric, AWD versions in the works?

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The 2017 Kia Niro, slated to go on sale late this year, will be Kia’s first dedicated hybrid, for which there's an entirely unique body style. Plug-In Hybrids

Honda targeting 2/3 of unit sales from PHEVs, HEVs and ZEVs by ~2030; PHEVs the core of electrification

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At a press event in Tokyo to lay out his future vision and direction for the company, Honda Motor President & CEO Takahiro Hachigo said that the company will strive to make two-thirds of its overall unit sales from plug-in hybrid/hybrid vehicles and zero-emissions vehicles such as fuel cell vehicles and battery EVs by around 2030.

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Toyota, Nissan and Honda agree on details of H2 station support in Japan

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and Honda Motor Co., Toyota Motor Corporation, Nissan Motor Co., Earlier post.) The partners envision funding support until around 2020.

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VW diesel agreement, 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid, Chevy Bolt EV: The Week in Reverse

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What do we know about the diesel-cheating settlement reached between Volkswagen and the EPA—and what's left to find out? And, which company's consultants will now be driving black-and-white Toyota hybrids? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse--right here at Green Car Reports--for the week ending on Friday, April 22, 2016. This week.


Chrysler To Join Honda In Selling Natural-Gas Cars.In 2017

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Ask anyone to name an alternate fuel, and natural gas is rarely the first one that comes to mind. Ethanol, perhaps, and increasingly electricity. But natural gas? Not so much. Yet in other parts of the world, as many as 2 percent of the vehicles on the road are fueled by natural gas, in countries as diverse as Brazil, India, and Iran.

2017 Hyundai Ioniq Electric MPGe, Tesla self-driving car, 2018 Toyota C-HR: Today's Car News

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Today, the 2017 Hyundai Ioniq Electric is officially the most energy-efficient car sold in the U.S., a new video shows how a Tesla self-driving car "sees" the world around it, and we have details on the 2018 Toyota C-HR subcompact crossover. The 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell will lease for $369 a month when. Today in Car News

2017 Honda Accord Hybrid, Clarity variants, Tesla Autopilot trial: Today's Car News

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Today, we have details on the 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid mid-size sedan, as well as battery-electric and plug-in hybrid versions of the Honda Clarity. Meanwhile, Tesla offers Model S and Model X owners a one-month free trial of its "Autopilot" system. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Today in Car News

Tesla Projections, 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid, Cheaper Toyota Mirai: Today's Car News

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Today, Tesla says it will sell 80,000 to 90,000 electric cars this year, we take a look at the 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid, and Toyota says a smaller, cheaper, Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell car may arrive by 2019. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Catch up on last week's news with our Week in Reverse feature and video. Today in Car New

GM, Honda to collaborate on next-generation fuel cell technologies; targeting commercial feasibility in 2020 time frame

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2011 Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle. This collaboration builds upon Honda and GM’s strengths as leaders in hydrogen fuel cell technology.

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Hyundai To Launch 400-Mile Fuel-Cell SUV By 2020: Report

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Unlike the Tucson, the 2016 Toyota Mirai and 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell ride. Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell crossovers were first delivered to customers in Southern California last year, and almost 100 vehicles have been leased since then. Green Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell hydrogen hydrogen fuel cell

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Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle landscape truly changed, says longtime expert

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The Hyundai Tucson and Toyota Mirai are on sale in certain regions of California, and will soon be joined by the 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell. Hydrogen fuel-cell cars are currently available to consumers, but only in small numbers. hydrogen energy infrastructure hydrogen fuel cell

Southern California customers take delivery of new 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell sedan

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Customer deliveries of Honda’s third-generation fuel cell vehicle, the 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell ( earlier post ), began on Monday at select Honda dealerships across Southern California. campus of American Honda Motor Co, Inc., The first deliveries of the Clarity Fuel Cell were celebrated on the Torrance, Calif.,